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2024 Leo Horoscope will help you understand:

  • Major Astrology Transits that will impact you the most in 2024
  • What role 2024 plays in your soul’s journey here on Earth
  • What you are discovering about yourself in 2024
  • What you are discovering in your relationships in 2024
  • Your love life & intimacy in 2024
  • What the crucial lessons are for you through 2024

New: additions to our 2024 yearly horoscope

  • What transformations you will experience in 2024
  • Your Tarot card reading for 2024
  • Final words of wisdom for 2024
  • Sacred ritual for 2024
  • Important dates to remember throughout 2024
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Sneak peek at Leo 2024 Horoscope

Rate & Review


  • One of the best Horoscopes I’ve read for my sign in a long time. I also really appreciate the exercise you recommend with the Sun. Very grateful for your work and your IG that I’ve come across on Social Media. Thank you so much!

  • This was one of the BEST Leo horoscopes I’ve ever read! So many helpful and encouraging insights with thoughtful details. I have come back to re-read it throughout the year and I absolutely loved the closing Sun exercise so much I repeat it often. Thank you so much Moon Omens for blessing us with your gifts!

  • This is one of the most comprehensive Reports I have ever received. I need to have a lot of time to digest it. The detail and depth is astonishing. There are also invaluable insights on how to deal with different situations. I shall refer back to it constantly.

  • I never comment on these things – but when you go back and read your 2023 horoscope for the first time and it fits the past year to a T!! 😳

  • This is a must have. I purchased last year’s horoscope and it was so good. I had to get next year as well. It is like opening a present every month and year❤️

  • Helped gain a deeper understanding of yourself, navigate relationships, make informed decisions about your career and finances, and maintain your health and well-being and maintain an optimistic outlook on life.

  • I loved reading through my 2024 annual Leo horoscope. There’s so much detail and lots of insights have really resonated. I’m looking forward to seeing how the year plays out and revisiting the reading in real time. I love Nina’s bi monthly moon videos and all the work moonomens shares, it really helps to make sense of what’s going on in the skies and how it is reflected in my life and the world around us 🙏🌙💫

  • Very comperehensive, easy to read, understand and accurate! All the resources from are always to the point, accessible and well detailed

  • This is my 2nd year getting the yearly horoscope (Leo) and I absolutely love it. It helps me plan my year and allows me to reflect at the end of the year. I am so grateful Moon Omens takes the time to create these beautiful pieces.

  • This review felt amazingly on point – I am moving to a foreign country with my family in 2024 and the horoscope highlighted deep change both internally and externally – international experiences included – for me this coming year, which on a somewhat superficial level I knew, but what is exciting to to be able to tie that up with the inner shifts I realise are so vital for me now, and reading this makes it clear how the energies have been doing their work to get me anxious, dissatisfied and determined to make those shifts so that my life can rise up to meet the new path that has been destined. This is a really precious guide, giving me the tools, awareness and confidence to step into an important new phase of my existence

  • The brief preview I read of 2023. Was 100% accurate! It was a transformative year. I look forward to stepping it up in 2024

  • Such a beautiful and powerful horoscope I really loved how deliberate, yet easy to
    Read and digest it was ✨🌙

  • Really obsessed with Your post’s and look forward to read it everyday… I love your advice and positivity in every post.
    I always feel positive by reading it.
    Thanks for love and support

  • The yearly review resonates with me in a very big way. Thank you all so much for the effort you put into your studies. I really enjoy all the literature you produce. My best to you all🌄

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