article Gemini Season May 2020 – What It Means For You?
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Gemini Season May 2020 – What It Means For You?

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May 19, 2020

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The Sun will move into the sign of Gemini on May 20th-21st where it’ll remain for 30 days. This is also known as Gemini Season.

The sun gives life and changes the seasons of our planet; as it moves through the zodiac signs it shines a light on certain themes and brings the energy of that sign into focus. This means from May 20th until June 21st we will be getting a flash of Gemini energy.


Gemini Season: Fresh Air


Gemini is an air sign and like air it wants to be free, to move around. This energy is all about stimulation and being dynamic. It’s the breath of fresh air we appreciate on a hot sticky day. It’s the fullness of a deep breath. It’s when we give ourselves some space to air out.

gemini season

Air is in constant motion. It’s flowing in and out of our bodies and it’s moving from one place to the next. This element carries sound from one person to another. It’s the thoughts and ideas that flow through our minds. It’s the information we receive and what we choose to do with it.

Gemini energy is often represented by two twins. This can be paradoxical and even a little tricky. These twins represent that we all have many sides. We are the good and the bad. We are happy and sad. We are light and we are dark.


Exchanging Energy


We are constantly exchanging energy. This exchange could be between our lungs and the oxygen. It could be between ourselves and a neighbour. It could be between our minds and our realities. It could be between our positive attitude and our skepticism.

Gemini energy can be a trip and brings a chance of overthinking. It rules the air, intellect, information and communication. It can be hard at times to understand just how intertwined we all are.

We are exchanging energy at all times, even in unseen ways. Air carries many things and impacts every facet of our lives. For starters, it literally keeps us alive.

We’ve seen the world fight against an invisible enemy. We’ve known the impact words can make. When we are able to vent, and let out all our thoughts, we feel better. If someone says something hurtful we might remember it for years to come. When we are able to tell the truth we can feel relieved. We can definitely feel the power of a smile or positive message.

We’ve all experienced these energy exchanges. Throughout Gemini Season we are invited to become aware of the currents we are swimming in. Information is energy. Money is energy. Gemini Season is an invitation to look at how we are interacting with these streams.


Gemini Season: Keeping it Light


The element of air literally weighs nothing and Gemini likes to keep it light, instead of getting heavy or serious. Laughter, imagination and humour are central to this energy. Gemini is the trickster and laughter is the best medicine. During these times we are asked to get silly and have some fun.


Are we taking everything super seriously? Are we feeling weighed down? Can we lighten up? Can we do something that makes us laugh or smile?


Connecting to Our Imaginations


Gemini Season is a time to connect with our imaginations. What stories are we telling ourselves? Are they legendary, or are they scary?

J.K Rowling, Shakespeare and Scott F. Fitzgerald all had significant natal planets in Gemini. This means that when they were born, certain planets were in the sign of Gemini. Therefore they embody the themes of this energy. J.K Rowling has Jupiter and the North Node in Gemini. Shakespeare’s Venus and Neptune signs were Gemini and F. Scott Fitzgerald had Mars in Gemini.

What these people wrote impacted the world in a big way. It’s a perfect example of powerful communicators. Through them we see what’s possible when we let the Gemini winds take us away from reality and we venture into the realms of our imaginations. 


Being Spontaneous


Gemini Season is about letting ourselves be spontaneous and dynamic. It’s okay to feel distracted and daydreaming is encouraged. This energy wants us to take a detour or cancel our plans. It wants to be flakey and free. It’s okay to not always follow through; but it is important to become aware of the exchanges.

Let’s say we decide to cancel a call with a friend, because we know every time we talk to them we are left drained. In this case, the exchange with our friend leaves us feeling depleted.

Let’s imagine we were going to sit at our desks and work all day, but the sun came out and we decided to ditch our commitments for the sunshine. This exchange with the Sun leaves us feeling rejuvenated and full.


Becoming Aware


There are currents of energy and exchanges happening all around us. Some we are aware of, others we are learning to see. Gemini Season is teaching us to get honest with ourselves about the exchanges of energy we are making.


Currencies + Energy


Here on Earth money is a big way we exchange energy. The key is to remember that even though money can trigger and challenge many, at the end of the day it is still energy. Like a stream this energy needs to be able to flow and move. It’s interesting that the world “currencies” sounds a lot like currents.

In the modern world money itself is often invisible, like the element of air. We tap our cards, see our balances on screens and can send money electronically.

The way we exchange with each other is shifting and changing; therefore money as we know it must change too.


Gemini Season: Uranus in Taurus Natural Abundance


Uranus in Taurus from 2018-2026 is bringing change to how we define “wealth”. We are moving towards becoming a world of true value. Where nature’s natural abundance and prosperity is free to flow; instead of being blocked by human intervention. For more information about the history of Uranus in Taurus tap here to read our article.

Let’s think about a river. This river nourished its surroundings, it was crystal clean and provided water to many. Then humans came along and decided to build a hydro dam. They invented a way to manipulate the current in order to generate power. They trade that power for money and build an economy off of it.

During these years of Uranus in Taurus the river is ready to break down the dam. Nature cannot be regulated and managed by market forces. Doing so actually stops Earth’s natural flow of prosperity. We are living in a world that has damned the rivers of true abundance. Now is the time to change this.


Gemini Season: Jupiter in Capricorn Revamping the Systems


Jupiter in Capricorn from December 2019 until November 2020 is revamping the systems on earth. But in order to rebuild something needs to be taken down. This is not about quick fixes or pay outs. It’s about an overhaul of the system. The last time we saw this transit was in 2008. Back then establishments put some bandaids on the bullet holes of the economy. Due to many of the other astrological transits happening in 2020 this time it’s different. It’s clear that to move forward we have to think differently and be willing to change our perceptions. We don’t use astrology to predict the future but it can give us a behind the scenes look at what’s going on.


Monetary Systems + Astrology Charts


Since we are talking about money, let’s take a look at the astrology behind the Federal Reserve Systems and the International Monetary Fund.

The Federal Reserve System is the central banking system of the United States. “It was created on December 23, 1913, with the enactment of the Federal Reserve Act, after a series of financial panics led to the desire for central control of the monetary system in order to alleviate financial crises”. (

We can read the chart based on this date, and compare upcoming astrological events to get a sneak peak of some changes that could be on their way.

gemini season

For starters this chart shows that Jupiter was in Capricorn in 1913, when the Federal Reserve System was created. As we said, Jupiter is in Capricorn throughout 2020. When a planet returns to the sign it was in when a person was born, or an organization was established, it’s the start of a new cycle. The FED was created to control systems and alleviate financial crises, but as we face unprecedented challenges, is control the right approach? Could we instead see nature as our teacher and move towards more organic systems?

On June 21st 2020 there will be a Solar Eclipse occurring at 0 degrees Cancer. If we look to this degree in the chart of the FED we see that their natal Pluto is at that same degree. This means that the upcoming eclipse is going to activate the FED’s plutonic energy. This means transformation. Transformation means endings and new beginnings.

The International Monetary Fund was established on December 27 1945. “The IMF was born at the end of World War II, out of the Bretton Woods Conference in 1945. It was created out of a need to prevent economic crises like the Great Depression ( Again we see an organization created to avoid an economic crisis.

natal chart

From this chart we can see that the IMF has its North Node at 29 degrees Gemini. This point is also going to be activated by the Summer Solstice Eclipse on June 21st. This brings in a change of direction and rerouting. Just like the FED this upcoming Eclipse is activating changes for the IMF.

If we compare the chart of the FED and the IMF we can see some similarities. They are both Capricorn Sun signs, Sagittarius Mercury signs and Sagittarius Venus signs.

This is interesting because throughout 2020 the energy of Capricorn is being rebuilt. Capricorn rules the systems, control, authorities and how we organize. That’s all transforming thanks to the Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn transits in Capricorn throughout 2020 (read Jupiter Conjunct Pluto blog).

Instead of having external institutions of power who control the masses and avoid crises, could Earth opt for a system that empowers each person and shares opportunities among more than just the few on top?

Finally, on December 14th 2020 there is going to be a total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius which will activate the FED/IMF’s natal Mercury and Venus. Mercury is associated with messages, information and communication. Venus has to do with relationships and giving versus receiving. December’s Eclipse is shining a light on the FED and IMF’s communication and the information. Because of Venus’s presence this is something that will ripple out into the FED/IMF’s relationships. Since they control our current monetary systems, and we utilize those systems, we may experience these ripples.

This might feel like too much information for us, and if it leaves us feeling heavy it’s key to go back to the main theme of Gemini: lightening up.


Gemini Season: Laughter is the Best Medicine


This Gemini Season is a special one because we also have Venus retrograde (read Venus Retrograde article) and the North Node in Gemini (read North Node in Gemini article).

There is so much going on. At times all this info could weigh us down. When that’s the case remember the power of humour and not taking everything so seriously. Remember, laughter is the best medicine. 

We hope you enjoyed this article and you are already feeling the winds of change! We are always happy to read your thoughts guys, so please leave a comment below and let us know with what resonated with you the most. Also if you can please share this article with others and help us spread the message, thank you so much for your love and support! We love you 🙂


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