article Gemini Season 2023: Allow Curiosity to Lead
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Gemini Season 2023: Allow Curiosity to Lead

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May 20, 2023

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On May 20, 02:52 PM —

On May 21, 03:09 AM ET, the Sun leaves Taurus, and Gemini season 2023 begins. The Sun is going to remain in the sign of the Twins until June 21. The beginning of Gemini season is an invitation to allow our curiosity to lead us, keeping in mind that everyone has something to teach us and that every experience has a lesson in store for us if we are open to learning.

The Sun’s ingress into Gemini is a particularly relevant transit for those of us who were born with natal placements in Mutable signs. The individuals more strongly impacted by the beginning of Gemini season will have opportunities to gain a deeper awareness of their communication and thinking patterns, learn more about themselves and their relationship with their minds, and welcome change with a versatile and open-minded attitude.

Gemini Season 2023: Welcoming Change and Celebrating Diversity


Wherever the Sun transits, the light of our conscious awareness goes. Taurus season has been a time to deepen our relationship with our bodies and our senses, connect with a sense of self-worth independent of our productivity, review our value system, and tune into abundance. Gemini season brings the spotlight on our relationship with our mind, on the power of our thoughts and words, on the importance of conscious communication, and on the value of ongoing learning.

During this time of the year, the air is filled with curiosity. Gemini is the first Air sign of the Zodiac and the first Mutable one too. Both the element of Air and the Mutable modality are associated with versatility, change, movement, variety, and adaptability. While the Fixed Earth sign of Taurus is concerned with consolidating, structuring, and building foundations, Gemini is all about opening up to discover something new, embracing diversity, and learning more about ourselves by interacting with our immediate surroundings.

The beginning of Gemini season ignites our willingness to be out and about, explore life, engage in conversations, and have new experiences. It is a time of expansion of our network, of exploration of new social settings, of refinement of our communication skills, it is a time to simply experiment with being more open to interacting with others and see what happens from there.


Embracing Duality, Contradiction, and Our Multifaceted Nature


Everyone has something to teach us: this could be the motto of Gemini season. This time of the year invites us to open up to exchange energy with our environment and the people in it. Gemini, symbolized by the Twins, is connected with duality. Gemini season reminds us that we all have a dual nature, we all have parts and facets that are at odds with each other, we are all ambivalent, we are all paradoxical and multifaceted in some way. 

This season is an invitation to embrace contradiction and paradox and let these inspire our self-expression, rather than allowing these to become something we try to hide, fix, or correct. Exploring our multifaceted nature and letting all our parts have a voice, maybe through art, performance, and storytelling, can be an incredibly healing experience that can contribute to deepening our self-awareness and self-love.

Reflecting on the concept of duality can also be an opportunity to explore our relationship with space-time reality and the way we navigate the apparent duality between spirit and matter, between the body and the Soul, between the mundane and the spiritual realms. 

Gemini Season 2023

Gemini Season 2023: Upcoming Lunations


During Gemini season 2023, we are going to experience a Full Moon in Sagittarius and a New Moon in Gemini. The Full Moon in Sagittarius, happening on June 3rd or 4th according to our timezone, offers us an invitation to let go of beliefs and perspectives that no longer serve us and focus on expanding our intellectual and spiritual horizons. 

The Sun and the Moon are going to be square to Saturn in Pisces at this time. This configuration could highlight the weight of our fears and self-imposed limitations, and offer us opportunities to notice how much energy it takes to hold ourselves back from fully expressing our creativity and our emotions.

The New Moon in Gemini, happening between June 17th and June 18th, will begin a new learning cycle for all of us. This lunation will be colored by the energies of Neptune, in a very tight square to Sun and Moon, as well as Saturn, which is going to be stationary retrograde at that time.

The Sun and Moon’s square to Neptune in Pisces suggests feelings of confusion and disorientation, linked to an exponentially increased sensitivity to what is happening in our surroundings. As our psychic and emotional boundaries get more porous, we are encouraged to cultivate discernment, practice grounding, and establish an empowering relationship with our sensitivity.


Sun trine Pluto & sextile Mars: Opportunity for Greater Awareness


The Sun is entering Gemini while in a trine aspect to Pluto and a sextile aspect to Mars. Pluto and Mars are currently tightly opposite each other and they both square Jupiter in Taurus too. The energy of this configuration is intense, passionate, and reckless. The level of impulsivity and the potential to experience explosive moments of anger as well as incredibly consuming desires are high these days. 

However, the Sun’s harmonic aspects to both Pluto and Mars supports our awareness of the unconscious dynamics at play and act as a balancing influence that helps keep impulsivity and recklessness under control. The Sun-Pluto trine facilitates psychological insights and awareness of the true motives behind our desires and cravings, while the Sun-Mars sextile inspires us to take action decisively while, nevertheless, being aware of the potential impact of our decisions.

Gemini Season 2023

Gemini Season 2023: Exploring Our Relationship with Our Mind


Gemini season is a time to allow our curiosity to lead us and to focus on learning as much as we can, not only from books or courses but from what happens to us in our daily lives. Every experience has a lesson in store for us, and if we are open to learning.

During this time of the year, we are being encouraged to refine our relationship with our minds, to notice when we tend to get too caught up in rationalization, and to practice observing our thoughts rather than identifying with them. Gemini season brings our awareness to how the thinking patterns we entertain affect our state of being and invites us to explore how to be in an empowering relationship with our minds rather than letting our minds control us. 

These days and weeks, we will have chances to gain more awareness of our communication habits and their link to our thinking style, and to work on our mindset as well as on making more conscious choices in terms of the words we use, the tone of our voice, the way we initiate conversations, and how we share our inner reality with those around us.

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