article Strawberry Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – June 5th 2020
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Strawberry Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – June 5th 2020

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June 4, 2020

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June 5th at 3:12 pm EST we will experience a partial Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. A Lunar Eclipse is a Full Moon that connects to the North and South Nodes. The nodes of the Moon are points of alignment between the Sun’s orbit and the Moon’s orbit. Basically, Lunar Eclipse energy is like a Full Moon that is amped up and ready to roar.


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Growth and Expansion


Eclipses occur when the Sun, Moon and Earth align. This energy likes to get straight to the point. There is no ignoring or avoiding when we are in Eclipse energy. An Eclipse is like a high speed train that takes us straight to our destination. There’s no stops or layovers. This energy can be intense to say the least; but it also offers a massive opportunity to grow and expand.

Eclipse energy is a time of alignment. We can think about Eclipses as energetic chiropractic adjustments. The way a chiropractor aligns our spines, these transits streamline our energy. This means whatever is out of balance will become increasingly clear.

full moon lunar eclipse

Think about it, we usually go to the chiropractor when we are sore. This means it’s completely normal to feel bent out of shape right now. Eclipses are like a reminder to stand up straight and as this energy progresses there are a lot of us who are slouching.


Boldly Moving Forward


There is no shame in slouching right now. We’ve all been through a lot and the Universe is always transforming. However, if we are unwilling to honestly look at our experiences we may feel as though life is continuing to push us. The Lunar Eclipse is like a coach that encourages us to be better. Right now we are all asked to step up our game and boldly move into the future we are creating.

Life is moving on with or without us. We’ve got a ticket for this train and we deserve to claim our seats. But to do so we have to be willing to leave the station behind. This means opening our hearts and our minds to what’s possible, instead of staying stuck in what is.


Endings and Beginnings


Eclipses occur near the Nodes of the Moon. The Nodes have recently shifted from Capricorn and Cancer, into Sagittarius and Gemini (tap to read North Node in Gemini article). Since November 2018 we have been experiencing Eclipses in the signs of Capricorn and Cancer. Those lessons are wrapping up and we are opening a new chapter. This new chapter is the energy of Gemini and Sagittarius.

Before we look to the curriculum of this new chapter, let’s take a moment to look back. Since 2018 we have all been asked to get honest about how we feel. We have dredged through some intensely emotional waters and have been asked to take responsibility for ourselves. We have been learning that there is a strength in our sensitivities and that we can’t always be in control. We’ve been learning the art of surrendering.

full moon lunar eclipse

This has not been easy. Which is why it’s important to acknowledge the transformations that have occurred individually and collectively. As we close this chapter it’s crucial to give ourselves some credit. When we finish school we get a graduation ceremony. This is an ideal time to honour and acknowledge ourselves.


Eclipse Season Begins


Eclipses occur in sets or series. We can call this window of time Eclipse Season. During Eclipse Season there are 2 or 3 Eclipses in the span of approximately a month. This season we will have an Eclipse on June 5, June 21 and July 5. This means between June 5 and July 5 we are in Eclipse Season.

Eclipse season is a time when things may not happen in a logical way. Remember, it’s a time of the Universe lining things up and usually that doesn’t make sense to our human perceptions. Eclipse seasons are times of destiny or fate intervening. This does not mean that we get to sit back and avoid taking action. Instead, it means becoming aware of the Universe’s signs and messages and acting in alignment with them.

Let’s say we have a favourite childhood food that is not healthy for us and leaves us feeling sick. We have a connection to it and love to eat it, but deep down we know it doesn’t support our energy. Instead of fighting against what we know and continuing to eat the food, we can listen to the message and act accordingly. In this example that would look like choosing not to eat the food.


Optimism is Oxygen


We’re still in Gemini season and living in a way that leaves us energized is essential (tap to read our Gemini Season article). This Eclipse will show us where we are on track and where we need to redirect. This lunar eclipse is the kick off party for this summer’s Eclipse season. It’s completely okay to feel lost, limited or sore. We have space and time to work through it all; but the key is to notice what leaves us feeling expanded along with what leaves us depleted.

lunar eclipse

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is occurring in Sagittarius. This energy loves to expand, explore and envision. Optimism is oxygen for Sag and it thrives when there is hope. If we choose to stay the same we may feel limited and even hopeless. We have to be willing to expand our perceptions. During this time hope comes from learning. It is so important to look up to the expanse of the sky above us in order to find inspiration. We can then bring those ideas down to Earth and create something with them.


Eclipse Tunnel


The time between Eclipses is known as the Eclipse Tunnel. This first tunnel will be occurring from June 5 until June 21. Think about driving through a tunnel. We have to go with the flow of traffic. We can’t always see the other side. We can’t decide to turn around. We have to keep moving forward.

Eclipse energy can be disorienting and we can feel frazzled. Things can even get weird or chaotic but the point is to keep progressing.  We have to continue to look ahead instead of trying to go back to where we came from.

full moon lunar eclipse

This Lunar Eclipse holds so much potential. Even the word impossible says “I’m possible”. However, we have to commit to trying something new, relearning and repeating. Sometimes we will make mistakes and discover we were wrong. This is not a time to stick to outdated opinions or judgements. Acting like we have it all figured out will only leave us limited. When we admit that the only thing we know is nothing at all, then we open ourselves up to the magic of the Universe.


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse + Venus Retrograde


This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is connected to Venus Retrograde (tap to read Venus Retrograde article). The pot is being stirred and we can feel spun around. But we know we have to stir the pot in order to make a delicious soup. We have to let all the ingredients of our soul come together in order to live up to our potential.


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse + Mars in Pisces


This Lunar Eclipse is making a “T-Square” to Mars in Pisces. This aspect can create tension and requires flexibility. Mars in Pisces is preaching the importance of compassion and forgiveness. Pisces energy can get tied into duality and confusion. The world is an intense place for this gentle energy. Here is where we can remember that our sensitivities are our strengths.


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse + The Galactic Centre


This Eclipse Season will set the tone for the next 6 months. It will be 6 months until our next series of Eclipses in December 2020. What we choose to do now will make an impact over the coming months. December 2020 is a powerful time that includes a total solar Eclipse.

This is happening near the Galactic Centre which is levelling us up, we highly recommend to perform Full Moon Rituals such as meditation, journaling, yoga etc. You can find Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Ritual Tools (Guided Meditation Audio & Self-Reflection Journal) we created to help you harness this energy if you tap on the image below.

Guided Meditation and Journal

The Galactic Centre is at the 27th degree of Sagittarius. This energy brings in a cosmic consciousness to the planet. Earth is one planet that exists within an entire galaxy. There is ample information and evidence out there regarding our galaxy and the life we share it with.

The Eclipses in Sagittarius between now and January 2022 invite us to expand our understanding of who we are. We are learning to see ourselves not only as Earthlings, but as citizens of our galaxy.


Earth’s Initiation


June’s Lunar Eclipse is setting the stage for an initiation of Earth. This is not about giving our power away to external beings or being in fear. This energy is about bringing these higher vibrations down to Earth.

This is primarily an inside job. When we are able to honestly witness what is occurring on Earth, while also looking up to the vast potential of the Universe, we are embodying this energy.

There is no rush or pressure to perform. There is no right or wrong way to feel. This is an extremely passionate and fiery time. We all have to walk the path that is right for us.

Will we choose to keep our heads down and eyes fixed on physical reality? Or will we look to the Universe that exists outside and within each of us? Please comment your thoughts below, we are always very happy to read about your personal journeys 🙂


Global Live Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Meditation


A lot of you guys asked for global meditation lately to come together and unite during these difficult times. We have scheduled a Global Live Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Meditation on our YouTube channel and we invite you to join us. It is truly magical and powerful when we all come together as one.  Tap here or on the image below to join us and find our scheduled live global meditation. 

global meditation


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