article Full Moon in Virgo 2024: Chaos and Order
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Full Moon in Virgo 2024: Chaos and Order

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February 22, 2024

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On February 22, 02:44 PM —

On February 24, 07:30 AM EST, we experience a Full Moon at 5º22’ of Virgo. This lunation highlights the interplay between chaos and order, flow and discipline, and reminds us that whatever happens in our life is an integral part of our spiritual practice and an opportunity to go deeper into it.

The Virgo Full Moon is particularly relevant for those of us born with natal placements in Mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. The Virgo Full Moon will invite them to release idealism and perfectionism, strengthen their connection with the Earth, and refine their ability to discern how to balance effort and surrender in their life.

We invite you to watch our hour long video on our YouTube channel together with Nina where she walks us through the powerful energies of this Full Moon in Virgo.

Full Moon in Virgo: Finding Divine Order amidst Universal Chaos


Full Moons are the peak point of the lunar cycle: at this time of the month, the light of the Sun is fully illuminating the Moon, and the luminaries are exactly opposing one another from our perspective on Earth. This potent alignment offers us opportunities to gain more awareness about what is moving in our inner and emotional world, and information previously uncertain or hidden could be revealed at this time.

Full Moons always activate two opposing and complementary signs. This month, shortly after the Sun’s ingress into Pisces, the Full Moon peaks in the Mutable Earth sign of Virgo. The Virgo-Pisces polarity is connected with healing, service, and the integration of the physical and the spiritual. 

During Pisces season, a time centered around nurturing our relationship with the unseen, attuning to the flow of Life, and refining our ability to transcend the five senses, the Virgo Full Moon reminds us of the importance of maintaining a solid connection with the Earth and encourages us to connect with sparks of divine order amidst the vast universal chaos.


Practicing Discernment and Strengthening our Connection with the Earth


There are four planets in Pisces at the moment, and the Virgo Full Moon highlights the invitation to notice in what areas of our lives we need more discernment, better boundaries, and a stronger connection with the Earth. While Pisces season guides us into liminal spaces, inspires us to transcend the limitation of our physicality, and invites us to develop more sensitivity to subtle energies, the Virgo Full Moon reminds us that wisdom is always accessible to us when we are in the present moment, whether we are driving to work, preparing our morning coffee, buying groceries. This lunation reminds us that the mundane and the spiritual are one and the same and that our life is our spiritual practice, not an obstacle to it.

The emphasis on the Virgo-Pisces axis invites reflection on our relationship with both routine and flow, order and chaos, with discipline and surrender.  The Virgo Full Moon offers us chances to see where better standards may be needed, where we may be ungrounded or excessively idealistic, and what needs to be differently structured or organized for the sake of better functionality or health. This lunation also invites us to refine our capacity to discern between the whispers of our intuition and the voice of our fears and insecurities.

Full Moon in Virgo 2024

Full Moon opposite Saturn: Commitment and Vulnerability


The Moon in Virgo is opposing both Mercury and Saturn in Pisces. This configuration offers us opportunities to gain awareness of our relationship to emotional vulnerability, highlighting potential challenges that may emerge when we try to articulate or express our emotions, or when others share with us their emotional experiences.

The Moon-Saturn opposition, in particular, can bring opportunities to deal with resistance to vulnerability and disconnection from our own emotions. This aspect emphasizes the value of emotional self-awareness and invites us to be mindful of any tendency to bypass, repress, or invalidate our or others’ emotional experiences.

The activation of Saturn, the planet of commitment, responsibility, and maturity, also brings our awareness to the necessary sacrifices required when we decide to commit to a healing process, to living a life of service, and to prioritizing growth, spiritual and otherwise. Saturn in Pisces is highlighting our collective spiritual maturation journey, reminding us of the value of boundaries, and offering opportunities to observe how we deal with the limitations of the space-time reality and how we go about manifesting our dreams into tangible form.


Full Moon opposite Mercury and trine Jupiter: Blending Rationality and Intuition


Mercury, the planet of communication, learning, and problem-solving, is the ruler of the Virgo Full Moon and its condition gives us more insights into the energy and the message of this lunation. The activation of Mercury, now traveling in the early degrees of Pisces, points to the importance of finding agreement between our minds and our hearts.

When the Moon travels through Virgo, there is a tendency to rationalize and analyze emotions and a need to maintain order both in our inner world and in our external reality. Mercury is not very comfortable in Pisces, as its impulse to achieve logical understanding gets dissipated in an ocean of feelings, emotions, and sensations. Mercury in Pisces in opposition to the Moon in Virgo can correspond to a sense of confusion relative to the validity of what we feel, hear, sense, and perceive. With oppositions, we tend to take the side of one planet and fall into an imbalance as we either deny or project the other side. 

This configuration offers us an opportunity to improve our ability to discern between emotional information, factual information, sensory information, and energetic or psychic information and learn to better integrate all these different sources of information in our decision-making processes and our daily lives.

The Full Moon is also forming a trine aspect to Jupiter in Taurus, which facilitates the journey of recovering contact with intuitive, experiential ways of learning and processing information, as well as our ability to connect with the higher meaning and purpose of the emotional experiences we are going through.


Venus and Mars are conjunct and they both square Jupiter


Venus has just crossed Mars and the two relationship planets have just begun a new synodic cycle. The cosmic lovers have just met in the early degrees of Aquarius and are both still separating from their conjunction to Pluto, a potent configuration that invited renewal and renovation in our relational life, inspiring a passionate and intense approach to relationship matters. 

The Venus-Mars conjunction in Aquarius is offering us an invitation to revolutionize our way of relating to ourselves, others, money, sensuality, eros, and desire. This configuration challenges us to question the values and relationship paradigms we have been relying upon and inspires us to actively explore alternative ways of connecting, asserting our needs and desires, and relating to our bodies, senses, and impulses.

Both Venus and Mars are currently squaring Jupiter in Taurus. Jupiter’s activation inspires us to prioritize growth and expansion, to move beyond our comfort zone, and to be proactive in gravitating toward new experiences and horizons. Because squares are aspects of friction, these alignments offer us an opportunity to reflect on whether we may be expanding excessively, overextending ourselves, overdoing, overgiving, operating from a place of overconfidence, or taking unnecessary risks.

Full Moon in Virgo: Releasing Perfectionism and Idealism


The abundance of oppositions around the time of this Full Moon in Virgo highlights the need to resolve imbalances, connect with a deeper sense of harmony, and gain a better understanding of how, where, and when we tend to get polarized or tempted to adopt a “one size fits all” approach. As the sign of Pisces is especially emphasized right now, with four planets transiting there, it is an interesting time to observe our relationship to fantasy and idealism and consider whether our attachment to an ideal may lead us further away from what is true right now in the present moment. 

Both Virgo and Pisces have something to do with the endless search for perfection, the former being especially concerned with flawless functionality and the latter with the godly and the ideal. This lunation reminds us of the dangers of idealization, it reminds us that perfection is a trap, and also that remaining stuck in fantasy doesn’t allow us to appreciate and be present with what is already available to us. 

The Virgo Full Moon is a powerful time to release our attachment to ideas of how something should be, unfold, or look like, making sure we keep our feet on the ground, practicing self-compassion, and learning to love both ourselves and others in our humanness.


Crystal Pick for Full Moon in Virgo: Rainbow Fluorite


This Virgo full moon arrives to bring a balance of order, logic, and grounding through this nebulous creative blur of Piscean energy. Incredibly cleansing and clarifying, rainbow fluorite is a beautiful crystal to help you harness Virgo-like awareness and discernment, bringing structure, organization, and clarity to the mind.

Fluorite is primarily a stone of the mental realms to enhance your work, focus, concentration, and memory. It helps clear and open the mind, removing blocks and conditioning, allowing you to release your dogmas and old ways of thinking so that your soul may grow and expand. A stone of logic, it transforms delusion and confusion into order and structure.

If you’re floating too far off into the astral realm, too far into fantasy, fluorite can help you orient yourself back down to Earth, bringing your higher insights and intuitive wisdom down into the practical, everyday reality of Virgo life. It’s a beautiful stone to work with as you set your full moon intentions or to help you cleanse and clear any blocks in the way of you manifesting those big, idealistic, Piscean dreams!


Full Moon in Virgo Ritual Tools


Guided meditation and printable journal we crafted for this Full Moon and current planetary alignments is available as an offering within our Full Experience membership. This month you can sign up to Full Experience – first month free. Together with Full Moon ritual tools you will also receive, three monthly horoscopes for your three signs (sun, moon, rising), Pisces season workbook, your chosen crystal meditations and so much more.. Tap here or on the image below to sign up and receive it all now!


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