article Pink Full Moon in Scorpio 2024: Illuminating Shadows
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Pink Full Moon in Scorpio 2024: Illuminating Shadows

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April 17, 2024

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On April 17, 05:17 PM —

On April 23, 7:48 PM EST, we experience a Full Moon at 4º17’ of Scorpio: this emotionally intense lunation invites us to explore our resistance toward change, become intimate with our fears, recognize unacknowledged desires, and illuminate the shadows within ourselves. 

The Full Moon in Scorpio is especially relevant for those of us born with personal placements near the 4º of Fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. The individuals more personally impacted by this lunation will be able to access greater clarity about their emotional world and their habitual patterns of reactions. They will have opportunities to deepen their intimacy with both themselves and others, confront their inner demons, and uncover unconscious desires.

We invite you to watch our hour long video on our YouTube channel together with Nina where she walks us through the powerful energies of this Full Moon in Scorpio.

Full Moon in Scorpio: Truth Unveiled


Full Moons are the peak and maturation point of the lunar cycle. They happen two weeks after the New Moon and offer us opportunities to gain clarity about the process that we embarked on when the lunar month began. The current lunar cycle was kicked off by the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Aries, and the journey that began back then is now becoming clearer. This Scorpio Full Moon offers us more insights into the process unfolding for us, unveils potentially uncomfortable truths previously hidden from our awareness, and illuminates our path forward.

All Full Moons activate two opposing and complementary signs: this month, the spotlight goes on the Taurus-Scorpio axis. This polarity has to do with our relationship to sexuality and with the dance between our drive to preserve stability, familiarity, and comfort and the evolutionary imperative to keep changing, growing, and transforming. The Taurus-Scorpio axis also correlates with finances, resources, and possessions, and with how we balance relying on ourselves and our own resources and relying on others and their resources. All these themes are now in the spotlight.


Embracing Complexity and Intensity


We just entered Taurus season and experienced a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in the sign of the Bull, which is still very active. The energy has been shifting from the Yang, Fire, Cardinal sign of Aries to the Yin, Earth, Fixed quality of Taurus, which gravitates toward simplicity, comfort, and slowness.

During a time of the year centered on deepening our embodiment, cultivating self-sufficiency, and recovering contact with our inherent worth, the Scorpio Full Moon sheds light on our relationship with other people and their resources, values, and finances, as well as issues surrounding sexuality, enmeshment, and power.

This lunation highlights the invitation to embrace complexity and refine our ability to navigate emotional intensity while pointing to the need for radical raw honesty. Around this time, we can expect secrets to be revealed and power plays and manipulation attempts to be brought into the light.

This Full Moon offers us opportunities to face our shadows, to gain more insights into our unconscious and our psychology, and especially into how our repressed emotions, disowned needs, unacknowledged desires, and unprocessed pain are silently driving our choices and behaviors.


Full Moon Square Pluto: Transforming Patterns and Illuminating Shadows


Even if it is not an Eclipse, the Scorpio Full Moon is another emotionally intense lunation: besides being in the intense sign of Scorpio, it is also in a tight square with Pluto, the modern ruler of Scorpio and of this Full Moon.

Pluto, now transiting in the early degrees of Aquarius, is the planet associated with Soul evolution, death and rebirth cycles, and emotional and psychological transformation. Pluto’s energy is penetrative, intense, and visceral. This planet is associated with both our deepest fears and our true desires, with our unprocessed pain and with our unexpressed gifts, it encompasses all that lingers in the unconscious, in the shadows.

This configuration emphasizes the invitation to go beyond the surface awareness of the immediate emotions that arise and explore what is at the core of them, what is truly getting triggered, what parts are getting activated, and what is the connection to our past experiences. Around this time, we will have opportunities to see more clearly the automatic patterns of reaction we rely on by default, when they originated, what they are protecting, and what emotions we don’t allow ourselves to feel. 

The invitation for us on this Full Moon in Scorpio is to recognize the habitual coping strategies and defense mechanisms that we took on in childhood and work on transforming them. The Sun in Taurus reminds us that this experience must be somatic, not only intellectual, that emotional energy must be moved and released through the body.

Learning to Let Go When it’s Time


The Sun and the Moon square Pluto in Aquarius create a configuration technically known as T-square that is activating three of the four Fixed signs. This planetary alignment indicates a general trend of gripping onto what we have, of holding on tightly, of needing to feel in control, of finding it hard to surrender. The invitation for us is to trust that what is meant for us will remain, and of learning to let go when it’s time to do so. 

Leo is the only Fixed sign where planets aren’t transiting and this is a frequency we are invited to embody as a way to balance the current energies. This is an invitation to cultivate creativity and gravitate toward what makes us feel alive, what supports our vitality, what gives us joy, what helps us open our hearts and express ourselves authentically.


Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces: Releasing Untrue Desires


Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio and studying his condition offers us more insights into the energy of this Full Moon. As the Full Moon takes place, Mars is completing his cycle through the twelve Zodiac signs and meeting Neptune in the late degrees of Pisces. This conjunction has a strong energy of closure and brings us an invitation to surrender our attachment to egoic desires, to desires that are no longer true, desires that are not in alignment with our Soul’s path.

Transitions involve a lot of letting go, and around this time there may be some grief to process, there may be some sadness to feel, and some of us may experience some disillusionment too. This is a time to release old dreams, expectations, and possibilities, a time to make space for new desires to arise, for new impulses to arise. 

The Mars-Neptune conjunction in Pisces can correspond with a feeling of not knowing how to act, what direction to choose, what to do, and where we are going. Sometimes there is nothing to do, nowhere to go, sometimes we can only wait. Learning to feel comfortable in stillness, with emptiness, with not knowing can be a theme of this Mars-Neptune conjunction, an alignment that will inspire us to direct our attention downward and inward rather than projecting it forward and outwardly.


Mercury and Venus conjunct Chiron in Aries: Feeling Old Pain


As the Scorpio Full Moon takes place, retrograde Mercury and Venus are conjunct Chiron in Aries, close to the degree where the Eclipse took place two weeks ago.

Venus crossed Chiron already a few days ago, on April 21, and we are still feeling their conjunction is still active. Their alignment has been bringing our attention to wounds correlated with relationships, self-love, and self-worth as well as wounds that impact our receptivity and ability to manifest abundance and enjoy life. A new awareness about our healing journey, where we are at, and what we need, especially within relationships, is now accessible.

Meanwhile, Mercury is retrograde, also separating from a conjunction to Chiron, which was exact on April 15. The Mercury-Chiron alignment has been offering us opportunities to revisit past painful experiences and see them in a new light, and highlighting the invitation to tend to wounds surrounding communication, assertiveness, and learning. Mercury is also conjunct with the Lunar North Node, which highlights the importance of curiosity, open-mindedness, and speaking our truth honestly.

Pink Full Moon in Scorpio 2024

Full Moon in Scorpio: Exploring Resistance to Change


The current activation of the Scorpio-Taurus axis emphasizes the inner conflict we all experience, to some degree, between our drive to ensure survival by gravitating toward the known and the familiar, and our Soul’s desire to transform, grow, and challenge existing limitations. The Scorpio Full Moon reminds us of the necessity of letting go of something to allow evolution to take place. 

Representing the peak of a lunar cycle that started with the potent New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Aries conjunct Chiron, this event offers us an invitation to explore our resistance to change, understand where it comes from, become intimate with our fears, and shed a light into our unconscious.

While the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus is still very active, accelerating progress and innovation and fueling our movement toward the future, the Full Moon in Scorpio reminds us of the necessity of death, of endings, of loss, to make space for something truly new, truly different, truly unique.


Crystal Pick for Full Moon in Scorpio: Opal


This water-born stone is a beautiful pair to this watery Scorpio energy, to help you go within and connect with your emotional world during this powerful Full Moon. Opal ignites your inner awareness and insight to help illuminate the shadows that have been hiding in the dark, and bring light into the depths of your being so you can see yourself, your purpose, and your gifts in new ways. 

A very fragile, vulnerable stone, opal invites you to connect with your own fragility and vulnerability, to break down the walls and protective barriers you’ve built around your emotions and allow them to flow with truth and compassion. It’s a beautiful tool to lift you out of dark thoughts and feelings and reconnect you with the inherent light you hold within you.

You can use opal during this Full Moon to help you let go of deep patterns and emotional pain. It’s a tool for self-examination and transformation, helping you release outmoded ways of thinking and being, so you can reach your highest potential. Hold or wear it while journaling, meditating, or doing a Full Moon ritual to connect you with your intuitive knowing and reveal beautiful insights to encourage your growth.


Full Moon in Scorpio Journal & Guided Meditation is available as part of our Full Experience membership. Join Full Experience, receive everything we create monthly and support our work ♥

We are sending love and blessings your way.. Happy Full Moon in Scorpio!


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