article Full Moon in Sagittarius & Venus enters Gemini
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Full Moon in Sagittarius & Venus enters Gemini

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May 22, 2024

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On May 22, 11:11 AM —

On May 23, two significant astrological events are taking place, just a few hours from one another. At 09:52 AM EST, we experience a Full Moon at 2º54’ of Sagittarius, while at 4:31 PM EST Venus leaves Taurus and enters Gemini. Venus has a key role in this lunation as she opposes the Full Moon, together with Sagittarius’ ruler Jupiter, both on the last degree of Taurus.

Both the Sagittarius Full Moon and Venus’ ingress into Gemini are particularly relevant events for individuals born with natal placements in Mutable signs. The Sagittarius Full Moon will illuminate something they need to gain awareness of and offer them opportunities to recognize those subconscious beliefs and assumptions that hold them back. Venus in Gemini will remind them to value learning, connect with new people, and refine their communications within relationships.

We invite you to watch our hour long Full Moon in Sagittarius energy update together with Nina.

Full Moon in Sagittarius: Building Bridges between Logic and Intuition


Full Moons represent the culmination point of a cycle: when the sunlight is fully illuminating the Moon, more clarity is accessible to us. Full Moons are times of completion that bring our attention toward something previously unknown or unclear. During Full Moons, the Sun and the Moon are forming an exact 180º angle from our perspective on Earth, an alignment technically known as opposition. Oppositions highlight the tension between the two opposing and complementary energies of the two signs where the Sun and the Moon are transiting, in this case, Gemini and Sagittarius. 

The Gemini-Sagittarius axis is associated with learning, traveling, and making sense of reality. While Gemini, where the Sun is now traveling, is associated with early education, inductive learning, short-distance traveling, and gathering information and facts, Sagittarius is concerned with higher education, deductive reasoning, long-distance traveling, and our quest for truth and meaning.

During Gemini season, a time of the year focused on renovating our relationship with our rational minds, gaining awareness of our communication and thinking patterns, and seeing our surroundings with new eyes, the Sagittarius Full Moon reminds us not to lose sight of the big picture, invites us to build bridges between intuition and logic, and encourages us to release those limiting beliefs that prevent us from opening our minds and expanding toward new directions. This event reminds us that there is a difference between gathering information and data to feed our curiosity and reaching true embodied understanding.


Full Moon in Sagittarius: Releasing Limiting Beliefs


When the Moon is in Sagittarius, we have an opportunity to pay attention to how our beliefs and worldviews represent a source of emotional security. We have a chance to consider how our attachment to familiar beliefs and ideologies impacts our way of moving through life and making sense of our experiences. This event brings our attention to how our beliefs have been changing and reminds us to stay connected with our personal truth.

Full Moons offer us an invitation to let go of what is weighing us down, and this particular one is a powerful time to be intentional about releasing limiting beliefs and assumptions that don’t support our growth, that aren’t true, and that prevent us from embodying and expressing our authentic selves. 

This lunation brings the spotlight on our relationship to authenticity and invites us to look at those places where we may be out of alignment with it, where we lack transparency, and where we find it hard to speak our truthThe Sagittarius Full Moon reveals our authentic needs and invites us to express them clearly and be honest about them, both with ourselves and with others.


Full Moon opposite Jupiter and Venus


The Sagittarius Full Moon forms a sextile to Pluto in Aquarius, a trine to Neptune in Pisces, and an opposition to Jupiter and Venus on the anaretic degree of Taurus, the 29º, both still conjunct with Uranus at 23º of the sign of the Bull and sextile Neptune at 29º of Pisces. The opposition between the Full Moon and Jupiter, the planet of expansion and faith, is especially relevant, since Jupiter is the planetary ruler of Sagittarius and of this Full Moon.

The opposition between the Sagittarius Full Moon, Venus, and Jupiter highlights the need to grow past our comfort zone, examine our relationship with excess, and release our attachment to what makes us feel momentarily good, but doesn’t actually nourish us. 

The Venus-Jupiter alignment in Taurus is a very fortunate one, one that connects us with the frequencies of abundance, pleasure, and generosity, one that expands our capacity to love and enjoy what life offers us. However, one big shadow that is now highlighted is the drive to overindulgence and excess.

The Sagittarius Full Moon opposite Jupiter and Venus emphasizes how our drive to stay comfortable and feel momentarily good keeps us from being connected to what is true and ultimately prevents us from growing and creating a meaningful life, keeping us stuck in places that may be comfortable yet are not where we are truly meant to be.


Full Moon trine Neptune & sextile Pluto


The activation of retrograde Pluto in Aquarius, sextile the Full Moon, and trine the Sun, Jupiter, and Venus suggests that opportunities for empowerment and deeper self-understanding will be available these days. Since Pluto is retrograde, it is time to look inward and self-reflect: around the time of this Full Moon, new insights about our psychology, emotional nature, and needs are likely to emerge. Pluto’s harmonic alignment to the Sun and the Moon supports our transformation processes and facilitates an awareness of our and others’ true motives, desires, and intentions.

The trine between the Full Moon in the early degrees of Sagittarius and Neptune in the late degrees of Pisces. This is another harmonic aspect that supports our capacity to navigate an increased emotional and psychic sensitivity. The Moon-Neptune trine aids emotional healing, reminds us to trust our intuition, and reminds us to give space to what fills our lives with meaning and inspiration.

It is relevant to mention that Neptune is now at 29º of Pisces. The activation of the anaretic degree, also activated by the Jupiter-Venus conjunction, underlines that old cycles are coming to an end, known patterns are getting close to their breaking point, and we are traversing a period filled with closures. The 29º of Pisces is especially powerful, as Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, and Neptune’s presence here intensifies the feeling of conclusion, transition, and liminality. This is an interesting time to pay attention to what is coming to an end in our lives and decide what stories we are no longer willing to believe or tell ourselves.

Venus enters Gemini: Breath of Fresh Air


Just a few hours after the Full Moon peaks, Venus leaves Taurus and enters Gemini, where she is going to remain until June 17. Venus’ shift of signs brings a breath of fresh air into our social lives, invites us to gravitate toward unfamiliar environments, and inspires us to expand our circles with an attitude of curiosity.

While Venus was in Taurus, we had opportunities to deepen our relationship with ourselves and our physical bodies and focus on our embodiment and receptivity. This transit reminded us that we have the power to magnetize what we desire, challenged us to align our relationship choices with our core values, and inspired us to attune to the frequency of prosperity.

Venus’ ingress in Gemini marks a clear energetic shift: our focus goes from our somatic experiences to our intellectual experiences, from the feelings and sensations in our bodies to the ways our mind gets stimulated by other people and by the environments we are in. Venus in Gemini is an opportunity to renovate the way we tend to relate to our surroundings, to our close communities, to our neighbors and our neighborhood. This transit reminds us that opportunities for connection are endless: they are always available if we are open to them, or if we choose to pursue them.


Venus in Gemini: the Value of Connection


Venus in Gemini is the ultimate social butterfly, comfortable in a myriad of social contexts, able to adapt to all sorts of environments and connect with all kinds of people. During this transit, we are reminded of the value of relationships as learning opportunitieswe are reminded of the value of connection, intellectual exchanges, and human interaction. 

Venus’ journey through Gemini represents a great time to hone our social skills, try new hobbies, and connect with a variety of individuals, no matter how similar or how different from us they may be. This transit inspires us to refine our communication skills and observe how we are drawn to communicate within relationships. It motivates us to have conversations, to share what we think and feel, and to make sure we don’t forget to listen to others and their stories with an open mind and an open heart.


Venus in Aspect to the Sun, Saturn, and Neptune


It is relevant to mention that, during her journey through Gemini, on June 4, Venus is going to cross the Sun and begin the second half of her cycle, which started in August 2023. Around this time, a new awareness of our values, our relational needs, and the nature of our relationships is becoming available. The invitation for us is to release old relationship patterns and habits that represent a result of past wounds, a theme also connected with the current transit of the South Node through Libra, which Venus rules. 

Venus in Gemini is also going to square Saturn and Neptune in Pisces, respectively on June 8 and June 16. These squares will bring our attention to how issues surrounding self-worth, feelings of scarcity, and lack of self-love impact our relationship choices, underline the risks of getting lost in fantasy, and emphasize the importance of boundaries.


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Crystal Pick for Full Moon in Sagittarius: Blue Topaz


Highly activating and clarifying for the mind and your inner vision, blue topaz combines the abundance of Sagittarian energy with the keen intellect of Gemini energy to help you get crystal clear on what your bigger purpose is in life and then use your words to bring it into reality.

One of the most powerful crystals for manifestation, blue topaz energizes and empowers the magic of your thoughts to come into physical reality. Use it to activate your intentions, focus on what you want to manifest during this full moon, and help you release the mental and emotional blocks that may be in your way.  It brings clarity and calmness, like a crystal clear mountain lake, to help you find peace and stillness within yourself, and to rest in the beautiful heightened perspective and positive outlook that Sagittairan energy brings.

Use it during these days on and around the Full Moon to help you pierce through all the ideas floating around in your mind to focus on the most expansive ones and the best opportunities for growth and abundance. Blue topaz aligns you with the divine intelligence of the cosmos to help you bring it down to Earth and communicate your inherent wisdom and highest insights with clarity and confidence. 


Crystal Pick for Venus in Gemini: Chrysocolla


This gorgeous stone of flowing truth carries nurturing Venusian energy plus the clear flowing communication vibes of Gemini, making it a beautiful match for this transit. It opens your mind and heart bringing wisdom and understanding, allowing your ideas to be expressed with compassion creating an easy flow of communication with others.

It’s also highly grounding and cleansing, to help you root your ideas down to Earth, to calm and settle anxiety or nerves, and help you break free from any chains you may have around your self-expression. As Venus transits Gemini we’ll be given opportunities to find more value and self-worth in our ideas and the ways we communicate them, in what we want to learn, teach, and share with others, and in diversifying and changing our old ways of thinking.

Chrysocolla is a beautiful crystal to help you take advantage of this energy to cleanse old beliefs and ways of being and find new ways to express yourself more clearly, confidently, and from the heart. It unities the throat with the heart and then grounds those energies down into the Earth to help you speak to yourself and others with more openness, honesty, and supportive compassion during this transit.


Happy Full Moon!!


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