article Full Moon in Leo: Creation and Destruction
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Full Moon in Leo: Creation and Destruction

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January 22, 2024

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On January 22, 02:44 PM —

On January 25, 12:53 EST, we experience a Full Moon at 5º14’ of Leo, the first Full Moon of 2024. This Full Moon challenges us to join the cosmic dance of creation and destruction, transform our relationship to our emotions, and live our lives with our hearts open.

This lunation is especially relevant for those of us born with planets or angles in the first degrees of Fixed signs. Those of us personally impacted by the Leo Full Moon will have chances to experience creative breakthroughs and intense emotional releases. Opportunities for deep creative and personal transformation will be available. They will be invited to put their creativity in service to their community and to allow other people’s expression to inspire and motivate them.

We invite you to watch our hour long video on our YouTube channel together with Nina where she walks us through the powerful energies of this Full Moon in Leo.

Full Moon in Leo: Personal Creativity and Collective Evolution


Full Moons are the peak of the lunar cycle: at this time of the month, the light of the Sun fully illuminates the Moon, bringing an energy of closure, culmination, and release. The Moon, representing our subconscious and emotional world, is now completely visible from our perspective: this configuration facilitates clarity and awareness about something normally hidden or concealed.

Full Moons happen when the Sun and the Moon are at a 180º angle, technically known as an opposition, and they activate two opposing and complementary Zodiac signs. This month, the Leo-Aquarius polarity is being activated.

Aquarius season is the time of the year centered around embracing our uniqueness, exploring our role within communities, gaining awareness of collective issues, and questioning our relationship with technology and the internet. 

During a period of intense emphasis on the opposite sign of Aquarius, where Pluto has recently ingressed, the Leo Full Moon reminds us of the link between the development of personal creativity and the implementation of collective progress. 


Share Your Light with Others


The Full Moon in the expressive and bold sign of Leo is bringing us plenty of opportunities for creative breakthroughs and cathartic emotional releases. This lunation encourages us to put our creativity in service of something bigger than ourselves and reminds us of the value of sharing our light with others, as this will automatically inspire them, give them permission to shine, and motivate them to develop and invest in their own expression.

The Leo Full Moon invites us not to be afraid to invest in ourselves, in our passions, and in our creative expression, as the development of our personal voice and creativity will have a beneficial impact on both our close communities and the collective at large. 

Simultaneously, this lunation comes with an invitation to allow other people to inspire us, as it reminds us of how participating in conscious community exchanges and collaborations inspires us and fosters personal creativity and inventiveness.


Full Moon opposite Pluto: Emotional Transformation


The Full Moon in Leo is opposite to Pluto, conjunct with the Sun in the early degrees of Aquarius. This configuration reflects an increase in the intensity of our emotional experiences, as well as opportunities to reach an objective awareness of patterns and habits of reaction that keep us stuck and stagnant. 

Around this time, we have an opportunity to see our emotional landscape from a higher and detached vantage point, instead of identifying with our emotions and our subjective experiences, instead of getting lost in the intensity of our feelings without a real awareness of what is moving.

This lunation represents the culmination of a chapter of personal, creative, and emotional maturation. The activation of Pluto in Aquarius and his opposition to the Moon brings the spotlight on the need to transform existing ways of dealing with uncomfortable emotions as well as indirect, possibly manipulative ways we try to have our needs for attention, recognition, and validation met. 

While Leo and the Sun are about creation and life, Pluto is about destruction, decomposition, decay, and death. This lunation, directly facing the Lord of the Underworld, reminds us that in order to create we must be willing to destroy. The Leo Full Moon facilitates awareness about the cyclical nature of life, about the inevitability of death and loss, about the necessity to make space for creation by allowing something that already exists, something that we created, to die and break down.

Sun and Moon square Jupiter: Expansion and Excess


The Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo are both squaring Jupiter in Taurus. This configuration, technically known as a T-square, indicates friction between contrasting needs, as well as a high level of motivation to make changes that allow us to move past the tension we are feeling and solve it. 

The activation of Jupiter nurtures our creative fire, reflecting an increase in our desire to expand, grow, do, create and experience everything that life can offer. Jupiter squaring Sun and Moon facilitates an optimistic and generous approach to life, inspires us to connect with the meaning and the lesson behind our experiences, and increases our willingness to take risks with courage and confidence. 

At the same time, the strong Jupiterian energy is an invitation to be cautious of the risks of overindulgence, overconfidence, and overdoing, a clear reminder that “the dose makes the poison”. Around this time, it may be wise to ponder whether we have been expanding beyond our capacity and need to withdraw a bit in order to come back into balance.


Full Moon inconjunct Saturn and Venus


The Full Moon in Leo is forming two inconjunct or quincunx aspects to Saturn in Pisces and Venus in Capricorn. Inconjuncts are 150º angles that connect planets transiting signs that have nothing in common, as they belong to different polarities (yin/yang), modalities, and elements. When a planet, in this case, the Moon, is inconjunct with two celestial bodies that are forming a sextile between them, in this case, Saturn and Venus, we experience a configuration known as Yod. 

The Yod, also referred to as the “finger of god”, is a configuration reflecting intense tension and pressure, that forces us to reconcile irreconcilable needs, desires, and urges. Learning to navigate paradox, ambiguity, and complexity is essential when we deal with yods. 

The planet at the apex, the one forming the two inconjuncts, is experiencing the strongest pressure to transform: the Full Moon, in this case, is under great stress. Because of the involvement of the Sun, in opposition to the Moon, this yod is considered to be a “boomerang yod”. The planet opposing the apex planet represents an escape valve that can help us release the pressure and balance the stress generated by the inconjunctions. 

The Sun in Aquarius represents an energy we are encouraged to embody and refine: this is a call for objectivity, an invitation to avoid getting lost in our personal subjective experiences and gravitate toward a higher vantage point. These alignments invite us to strive to see the bigger picture, the higher meaning of what we experience, and connect with our Higher Self rather than getting caught in drama and pride and allowing our emotions to take over.


Mercury conjunct Mars, both square Chiron and the Lunar Nodes


As the Leo Full Moon peaks, we are experiencing another powerful configuration: Mercury and Mars are conjunct in Capricorn and both squaring Chiron in Aries and the Nodal Axis in Aries and Libra.

This configuration brings our attention to wounds, karmic blockages, and skipped developmental steps that impact our ability to confidently assert ourselves, our desires, and our ideas, affecting both our communication skills and our capacity to initiate, lead, and take risks.

Around this time, we have an opportunity to create space to confront insecurities, fears, and old wounds that hold us back from trusting our instincts and our desires, that cause us to question the validity of what we think and feel, and that prevent us from sharing our truth honestly and vulnerably.

Full Moon in Leo: Creation and Destruction


The Full Moon in Leo offers us a reminder of the importance of nurturing, developing, and expressing our creative voice. This lunation highlights the value of investing in our authentic expression, not only for ourselves, but also as a way to support and be of service to collective progress and evolution. 

Archetypally, Leo correlates with the full expression of Self, with the blossoming and unfolding of our innate creative potential. Pluto instead represents everything unconscious, everything we hide, as well as the necessary deaths, releases, and transformations that are also a part of life and of any creative process. This Full Moon brings our attention to the interplay between creation and destruction and offers us opportunities to reflect on what needs to be transformed in our lives to free up creative energy.

The opposition between the Full Moon and Pluto in Aquarius invites us to keep in mind that life and death are inseparable, creation and destruction are two sides of the same coin. This configuration challenges us to not let the awareness of the inevitability of loss, death, and endings hold us back from creating, loving, and living with our hearts open.


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  • Wow! I was led to read this and it’sEXACTLY how I’ve been feeling, thinking…as well as my boyfriend. Thank you for giving us guidance through this very powerful astral event. 💜🦄👸🏻

    • Hey Chelle! That’s great to know, glad to hear it resonates with you. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment 🙂

  • I always love the deep insights I receive from your work. I notice being inspired by others in my communities to shine my light too. And the opportunity to face old wounds and insecurities bringing them into the light to be healed It is so helpful to see these situations unfold


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