article Full Moon in Capricorn: Emotional Resilience
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Full Moon in Capricorn: Emotional Resilience

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June 30, 2023

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On June 30, 11:48 AM —

On July 3, 07:38 AM ET, we experience a Full Moon at 11º18’ Capricorn, an invitation to cultivate emotional resilience, practice holding space for our emotions, and assess where we are at in our emotional and personal maturation journey.

The Full Moon in Capricorn is going to be especially relevant for those of us born with natal placement around the 11º of Cardinal signs. The individuals directly impacted by this lunation could gain a new understanding of their emotional makeup and emotional wounds, as well as a clearer awareness of how Life is inviting them to grow and mature at this time.

We invite you to watch our hour long video on our YouTube channel together with Nina where she walks us through the powerful energies of this Full Moon in Capricorn.

Full Moon in Capricorn: Invitation to Mature Emotionally


The Full Moon is a time of culmination, revelations, and clarity, that often marks turning points and shifts in our awareness. As the lunar cycle comes to its maturation point, we reap what we sow and see the results of our efforts. The light of the Sun fully illuminates the Moon, offering us glimpses of clarity and insights into our emotional world. At this time of the month, our emotional energy increases and we feel everything more intensely.

During Cancer season, the Full Moon in Capricorn comes to invite us to explore a better balance between being excessively soft and excessively rigid, between being excessively self-indulgent and being excessively hard on ourselves, between relying on co-regulation and practicing self-regulation, between prioritizing attending to our emotional needs and attending to our responsibilities and commitments. 


Harmonizing the Cancer-Capricorn Polarity


Both Cancer and Capricorn correlate to our past, to our upbringing, to our childhood experiences, and to the conditioning we internalized as a result of what we have been through.

The Cancer-Capricorn axis illustrates how we go about creating feelings of security and safety in our lives. If this axis is out of balance and the energy of Cancer dominates, we are drawn to overly soothe ourselves by retreating into situations that promote comfort and feelings of being cared for. We tend to cling to familiar patterns and people and shy away from risk and responsibility. 

If, instead, Capricorn is more prominent, we are inclined to excessively focus on our ambitions, materialistic pursuits, success, and goal setting. We put aside self-care and self-nurturance, and we avoid emotional vulnerability and intimacy, both with ourselves and with others.

This lunation invites us to observe our relationship with the Cancer-Capricorn polarity. It encourages reflection on how we are taking responsibility to meet our emotional needs as well as our needs for material stability and security.


Cultivating Emotional Resilience, Becoming a Safe Space


The Capricorn Full Moon is bringing up any tension that needs to be addressed relative to how we have been balancing our professional and public commitments with our family and domestic responsibilities, as well as personal downtime and self-care. Around this time, we may reevaluate how we have been investing our time, energy, and focus, and make changes according to our true needs. 

This lunation is an invitation to cultivate a deeper emotional resilience and connect with feelings of internal steadiness and stability. It is an invitation to learn to be a safe space for ourselves, and practice holding space for our emotions without repressing them. If we tend to expect others to be a safe space for us, the invitation of the Capricorn Full Moon is to instead become the safe space we are drawn to seek externally.

Mercury opposite Full Moon: Mastering the Language of Emotions


Mercury is in Cancer, conjunct with the Sun and opposite the Full Moon. The Moon-Mercury opposition highlights the importance of finding a language for our emotions, a language that appropriately and clearly conveys what is going on in our inner world to others. This is also a theme of the current Mercury in Cancer transit, as Cancer is ruled by the Moon herself.

The Moon-Mercury alignment is an opportunity to refine and master our ability to communicate intangible, subtle, and subjective experiences in a way that allows other people to grasp what is truly going on for us. It is also an invitation to practice active listening in order to understand what is going on for others without the subjective filter of our emotional reality, assumptions, and expectations.

Around this time, we may experience polarization between acting according to our feelings and emotions and following what logic and rationality suggest to us. We may find it challenging to reach an agreement between our minds and our hearts. The Moon-Mercury opposition encourages us to work towards better internal communication between the different parts of our psyche that feel conflicted when making decisions.


Full Moon square Chiron: Tending to Open Wounds, Feeling our Pain


The Sun and the Moon are both squaring Chiron in Aries, creating a T-square configuration that is bringing to our attention the need to tend to open emotional and psychological wounds. In particular, these may be connected to fears of taking up space, of asserting our needs, and of allowing ourselves to be seen in our most spontaneous and natural selves. When Chiron is activated, we are encouraged to confront feelings of rejection, alienation, and being misunderstood, and follow the threads of our emotions back to their original source.

As always, what triggers us will provide us with valuable information about past wounds and traumas that need to be acknowledged, witnessed, and healed. Around the time of this Full Moon, opportunities for healing will be available, yet healing will require feeling the grief and the unfelt emotions that have been suppressed and remained hidden beneath the surface of our consciousness.


Venus & Mars square Uranus: Breaking Free from Stagnation & Making Necessary Changes


It is relevant to mention that, as the Full Moon takes place, Venus and Mars are conjunct in Leo, and they both square Uranus in Taurus. The Venus-Mars conjunction is not going to be exact soon, as Venus is about to station retrograde, nonetheless, this configuration is still felt and it increases the prominence of romantic and relational themes.

The two relationship planets, the cosmic lovers Venus and Mars are traveling together in the passionate and sensual sign of Leo, and they are in a tense alignment to rebellious Uranus. These squares bring a desire for change and novelty, particularly in our relationships, and a desire to detach from commitments and connections that no longer feel authentic. The alignment between Venus, Mars, and Uranus invites us to explore different relationship paradigms and break free of ways of relating that no longer feel aligned with our truth.

Full Moon in Capricorn

Saturn sextile Moon & trine Sun: Upgrading our Relationship to Responsibility


Saturn is the planetary ruler of Capricorn, and his condition gives us more information about how this Full Moon is likely to unfold. Saturn is currently in Pisces and in retrograde motion, encouraging a redefinition of our boundaries and a restructuring of our perception of both dreams and reality, while inviting reflection on what needs to be dissolved to create space for what we truly desire.

The presence of the Lord of Time and Karma in harmonic alignments to both the Sun and the Moon offers us opportunities to restructure our lives in a way that supports our capacity to tend to our emotional needs, improves our vitality, and allows us to feel connected to both our feelings and our creative purpose.

These Saturn aspects encourage reflection about our relationship to responsibility and invite us to make sure we discern carefully between the responsibilities that are ours to take and the responsibilities that aren’t ours to take. 


Full Moon in Capricorn: Self-Discipline and Self-Care


This Full Moon directs our attention toward our emotional maturation process and invites us to accept the responsibilities that are needed at this particular time of our lives.

Around this time, we may ask ourselves if an excessive focus on outcomes, ambitions, success, and professional aspirations is a way to compensate for something that’s lacking inwardly or to distract ourselves from painful feelings. Or vice versa, we may observe if we tend to be led astray by the ebbs and flows of our emotions, act on them without considering long-term consequences, out of integrity, pursuing immediate gratification and soothing rather than choosing to grow up.

This lunation facilitates new insights and awareness about what safety and security mean to us and how we go about creating these in our lives while inviting us to find more flow between our efforts to improve our self-discipline and necessary daily acts of self-care.


Crystal Pick for Full Moon in Capricorn: Garnet


This Capricorn birthstone will keep you strong and steady during the waves of Cancer season, helping you develop more emotional resilience and maturity.

As the full moon in Capricorn reaches its peak, garnet will help you stay grounded and focused on what you need to cultivate in your life to create more security and steadiness in your emotional and material world. It sparks ambition and responsibility, aligning you with the higher goals of the heart and helping you create the necessary boundaries to protect your energy and stay true to yourself.

It’s also an amazing crystal to help you process and release deep emotional wounds, especially those from childhood, your ancestry, and your past lives. It reaches deep into the unconscious to help you heal your roots and find more stability and safety in your own body, mind, and heart.


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Leave a comment below with what resonated with you the most and tap on the heart if you liked this article.. Happy Full Moon in Capricorn!


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  • The article of Full Moon Capricorn was very insightful and helpful. It applied directly to my natal chart and childhood experiences.
    Thank you Moon Omens🪷

  • I see astrology as a tool for better insight. This article is well written and free of flowery description that can dilute the purpose of the message. I understood what was written. Thanks

    • Thank you for you words Melanie, that is what I strive for, I’m glad the article resonated with you!

  • Good reading,everything makes sense..I’m goin to keep looking at this so I can try and work with it accordingly..🙂


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