article Full Moon in Capricorn 2024: Emotional Maturation
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Full Moon in Capricorn 2024: Emotional Maturation

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June 16, 2024

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On June 16, 11:22 AM —

On June 21, 9:07 PM EST, we experience the first of two Full Moons in Capricorn, happening at 1º of the sign, shortly after the Sun’s ingress into Cancer. This event, together with another upcoming Full Moon in Capricorn, shines a light on where we are at in our personal, spiritual, and emotional maturation journey. The Full Moon in Capricorn offers us an opportunity to gain awareness of how, at this time, we are required to mature, grow up, and take responsibility. It will also offer us chances to see how internalized conditioning is still impacting us, restricting us, and preventing us from connecting with our essence.

The Capricorn Full Moon is particularly impactful for those of us born with planets or angles in the early degrees of Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) or the late degrees of Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces). These individuals are likely to experience new realizations about themselves and their path: they may come across opportunities to make significant changes and gain a clearer understanding of how Life is asking them to mature.

We invite you to watch our hour long Full Moon in Capricorn energy update together with Nina.

Full Moon in Capricorn: Emotional Maturation


We are halfway through the current lunar cycle: Full Moons mark the midpoint of the lunar month and represent a moment of culmination and completion. When the Moon is Full, she is forming a 180º angle with the Sun from our perspective on Earth. In Astrology, this kind of alignment is technically referred to as opposition and is connectedwith polarization, dynamic tension, and a feeling of being pulled in two opposing directions.

At this time of the month, the light of the Sun, the light of our awareness, fully illuminates the Moon, associated with our subconscious and emotional world. More clarity is available to us and we have opportunities to access new insights and realizations, understanding something previously uncertain or unclear.

Full Moons bring into the spotlight the dynamic tension between the two opposing and complementary energies of two Zodiac signs and ask us to observe how we balance and harmonize these seemingly contrasting forces. This month and the next one, the Cancer-Capricorn polarity is taking center stage. Also referred to as the family axis, both Cancer and Capricorn are connected with our past, our upbringing, and the way we have been programmed or conditioned from our culture, our society, and our family of origin. The Cancer-Capricorn polarity correlates to our personal and emotional maturation journey and with how we create conditions of safety in our lives, both emotional and material.


Dismantling Outdated Inner Structures


Cancer is ruled by the Moon: both are connected to our inner child and our inner mother archetypes, with how we have been nurtured by our primary nurturing caregiver, and how we mother and nurture ourselves. Capricorn and its ruler Saturn are instead connected to our inner father figure and the adult parts of our psyche, which are connected with our relationship with our father or main authority figure of our upbringing, and with how we go out into the world and assert our presence.

For this reason, the Cancer-Capricorn axis has a lot to do with our self-parenting style, and this Full Moon in Capricorn, together with the upcoming one, will facilitate new insights into how we mother and father ourselves and offer us opportunities to see what works and what doesn’t, what needs to change, and what needs an upgrade.

Capricorn corresponds to the nature of the conditioning we internalized and how this created inner structures that keep us limited and disconnected from our true essence. This event is an opportunity to gain awareness of what structures need to be dismantled and what structures need instead to be created to support our growth and evolution, as well as our emotional health.

Because this Full Moon happens at 1º Capricorn, a very early degree, it indicates that we are just starting to access a new level of awareness which will progressively deepen during the timeframe between this Full Moon and the upcoming one, taking place on the last degree of Capricorn. 

The upcoming Full Moon, happening at 29º Capricorn on July 21, represents the completion of a personal and collective maturation journey deeply connected with Pluto’s transit through Capricorn, which started in 2008. Pluto at 0º Aquarius is going to be conjunct with July’s Full Moon in Capricorn, facilitating a new and objective understanding of what needs to be dismantled, destroyed, and transformed.


Sun and Moon square Neptune


The Sun and the Full Moon are squaring Neptune at 29º of Pisces. Neptune has been on the last degree of Pisces and of the Zodiac wheel for several weeks and is going to station retrograde there on July 2. Neptune’s current placement is connected with the pervasive feeling of liminality, closure, and confusion that we are experiencing. A cycle is ending and we don’t know what’s coming next: we have an awareness that something big is shifting but we can’t fully point out what this transition is about or what direction to take. 

Around the time of the Capricorn Full Moon, these feelings will be in the spotlight. Neptune’s activation indicates a stronger sense that things are about to change dramatically as well as a stronger sensitivity to what is happening around us and in the collective. The squares between Neptune, the Sun, and the Moon offer us opportunities to gain awareness of where we may need better boundaries, where more discernment on our part may be required, and whether we have been excessively naive or misled by our feelings.

Full Moon in Capricorn 2024

Full Moon opposite Venus and Mercury


The Full Moon at 1º of Capricorn is also opposing Venus and Mercury in Cancer. This configuration reminds us to be mindful of the difference between what we need and what we desire, what is necessary and what is enjoyable, what we think we need, and what we actually need. The opposition between the Moon and Venus, in particular, offers us chances to gain awareness of whether we may be excessively indulgent or caught in some kind of emotional addiction. 

The Moon-Mercury opposition highlights the tension between logic and emotions, between what is rational and what is not, and between what we think and what we feel. This opposition offers us an opportunity to gain awareness of what needs to change in how we perceive, think about, and express our emotions, inviting us to refine our communication skills and reminding us to accept that, even if we perceive something as irrational, it can still have value and can be valid.

These alignments bring our attention to how we relate to emotional and relational matters, expose patterns of addiction and codependency, and underline the importance of being able to discern a fact from a feeling.


Full Moon in Capricorn: Taking Responsibility for our Emotions


The Full Moon in Capricorn represents an opportunity to reflect on how we parent ourselves and find more harmony between prioritizing self-care, personal life, and giving space to our emotions, and prioritizing our social commitments and professional responsibilities out in the world. This event is an opportunity to gain awareness of how we have been conditioned to relate to our emotions, our vulnerability, and our need for care and tenderness. 

The Moon is traditionally debilitated in Capricorn, as she is at home in the opposite sign of Cancer: this is an invitation to observe in what ways we are used to not honoring our emotions, and what messages we received from our culture, society, or family around emotional expression, which is still often associated with weakness. Around this time, we have an opportunity to see in what ways we repress our emotions, we try to be strong when we feel vulnerable or scared, or we try to go on with our lives as usual when something impacts us emotionally and our inner child needs our attention and care.

The Capricorn Full Moon is an invitation to practice holding space for our emotions and taking responsibility for our emotions and our triggers rather than placing blame outwardly. Taking responsibility for our emotions might also mean allowing them to be seen and witnessed: if we are used to hiding, bypassing, or suppressing our emotions, our healing may require allowing others to hold space for us. This event is an opportunity to emotionally mature by recognizing what is out of balance in our relationship with emotions and moving toward the opposite end of the spectrum in order to restore harmony.


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Crystal Pick for Full Moon in Capricorn: Jet


This lightweight black stone is made from ancient petrified wood that was formed under extreme pressure, which makes it a perfect match to help address the inner shifts and internal pressure this Full Moon in Capricorn may bring. Jet is synonymous with the sturdy timelessness of Capricornian energy. It’s grounding and stabilizing to help you stay emotionally sturdy even during times of stress, transition, and inner growth. 

It’s also a good choice to help you release the beliefs and behavioral patterns that may be blocking you from feeling stable and secure within yourself. It will absorb and dispel any dense, heavy energies. Use jet to help you release and ground the old, decaying emotional patterns and toxic habits you’re holding onto, allowing them to become compost for new growth. 

It’s also a great stone for nurturing emotional responsibility and maturation, harnessing that Saturnian energy of Capricorn to bring more stability into the Cancerian world of our inner feelings. It can help you look at your emotions with a more rational, practical lens, acting as a raft to keep you from drowning when the waters of your feelings become overwhelming. Hold onto jet whenever you need to gain more ground in life and amplify your sense of self-esteem and inner security.


Happy Full Moon in Capricorn!


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