article Capricorn Season 2023: Path to Self-Mastery
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Capricorn Season 2023: Path to Self-Mastery

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December 21, 2023

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On December 21, 11:11 AM —

On December 21, 10:28 PM ET, the Sun enters Capricorn and Capricorn season 2023 begins. Capricorn season reminds us we are on a path to self-mastery: this time of the year invites us to practically apply the knowledge we gathered during Sagittarius season and work to build a reality aligned with our truth. The Sun is going to remain in Capricorn until January 20, 2024, when the Sun and Pluto are entering Aquarius together.

The Solstice marks the midpoint of winter and the longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, the midpoint of summer, and the longest day of the year in the Southern Hemisphere. An energetic portal celebrated and revered since ancient times, the Solstice marks a time of transition and an energetic shift felt by everyone on the planet, one that invites us to turn our focus inward and contemplate what is asking to be created and what is asking to be released. The Sun’s ingress into Capricorn marks the start of a new evolutionary phase for everyone on the planet.

The beginning of Capricorn season is particularly relevant for those of us born with planets or angles in Cardinal signs. These individuals will have opportunities to take decisive action to manifest a reality aligned with their true aspirations. To do so, they may need to confront what stands in the way of them taking full responsibility for their power and becoming the authority of their life.

From Sagittarius to Capricorn Season: Building a Reality Aligned with Our Truth


Sagittarius season has been a time to expand, explore, and experience everything life can offer. Our experiences and adventures offered us fertile ground for self-discovery and inspired us to strengthen our connection with our truth, clarify our visions, and reevaluate our relationship to our beliefs and life philosophy.

Capricorn season is a time to take conscious action aimed at building and manifesting an authentic life, a life aligned with our truth. As a Cardinal archetype, Capricorn initiates us into a new level of consciousness. This shift has to do with growing into an awareness of our karmic duties as well as of the link between power and responsibility. Capricorn season underlines the importance of being conscious of the law of cause and effect and mastering the space-time reality, its limitations, and its boundaries. Capricorn teaches us to manifest our visions into form and motivates us to commit to the work and the effort it takes to do so.


Building our Legacy


Capricorn season is an invitation to take responsibility for how we invest our energy and time and get clear about what legacy we desire to build, what we desire to be remembered for, and why we are doing what we are doing. This is the last Earth sign of the Zodiac wheel and, as such, has to do with the mastery of the manifestation process and with the tangible application of everything we have learned so far. As a Yin or feminine sign, Capricorn’s nature is intuitive, sensitive, and receptive. The Yin nature of Capricorn reminds us of the importance of acting according to the truth of what we are feeling and sensing, rather than following external productivity standards and bypassing our intuition, our physical needs, and our emotional state.

The Sun’s ingress into the sign of the Sea Goat offers us an invitation to bring our attention to our maturation journey and our relationship to responsibility. This time of the year reminds us that we are part of a larger collective and our actions, our thoughts, and the energy we send out directly or indirectly affect the collective frequency. Capricorn season reminds us to be responsible for our energy, to be responsible for our impact, and to get clear about what impact we aim to make through our work, and what role we aim to embody in our life and in the world at large.

Capricorn Season 2023-2024: Upcoming Lunations


During Capricorn season 2023-2024, we are going to experience a Full Moon in Cancer and a New Moon in Capricorn.

The Full Moon in Cancer brings the spotlight to our emotional maturation journey and could give us clues to better understand how our childhood experiences are connected to our current insecurities, challenges, and habitual emotional responses. Around this time, we are invited to learn to create feelings of internal safety rather than solely seeking safety externally, to become the safe space we may be looking for outwardly. 

On January 11, 2024, we experience a New Moon in Capricorn, widely conjunct with Pluto. The first New Moon of 2024 invites us to clarify our visions and intentions for the year ahead, asking us what we aim to build and what we are willing to commit to for the long term. This configuration intensifies our emotional experiences, emphasizes the need for urgent structural transformations, and reminds us of the role of change and destruction as catalysts for evolution, growth, and renewal.


On the Path to Self-Mastery


Capricorn season brings the spotlight on our journey toward self-mastery and self-responsibility. This time of the year invites reflection surrounding the impact we wish to make on the collective and reminds us to be responsible for how we invest our energy and time, for the legacy we are creating.

After Sagittarius season, a time of expansion of our horizons and our consciousness, a contraction must occur to restore harmony. Capricorn reminds us that perpetual expansion is neither sustainable nor natural: at this time of the year, we learn that contraction always follows an expansion. After a certain point, the energy that was expanding toward multiple directions has to come back to its center and structure itself coherently, otherwise, it will become scattered and lose much of its power.

For this reason, the Sun’s journey through Capricorn invites us to come back to our center, turn inward, notice in what ways our energy is scattered and unfocused, observe whether our external reality and internal reality are in alignment, and make tangible changes that help us move toward integrity.


Crystal Pick for Sun enters Capricorn: Aragonite


This Capricornian crystal is a builder stone, to help you create something new from what’s old. Aragonite is what many pearls, coral, and mollusk shells are primarily made of, a calcium carbonate that forms in marine and freshwater environments. With strong root chakra energy, it’s a beautiful marriage of the earth and water, which metaphysically means the merging of practicality with intuitive and creative intelligence.

This makes it the perfect pick for this season of the sea goat, as the Sun enters Capricorn and we learn to combine the trappings and structures of the material world with our inner knowing and gut instinct to reach new heights of success and self-determination.

Aragonite is grounding and balancing, promoting strength, growth, and vitality, releasing stress and frustration. It helps you keep your feet on the ground and stay rooted in logic and practical solutions as your consciousness and insights expand, so you can use that higher intelligence to benefit your real life for the better.  


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Leave a comment below with what resonated with you the most and tap on the heart if you liked this article.. Happy Capricorn Season!


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