article Awakening – An Upgrade to Your Being – the New Earth
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Awakening – An Upgrade to Your Being – the New Earth

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Moon Omens

December 4, 2019

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I am writing this blog at 04:53am. I woke up two hours ago and have spent this time reflecting and communicating with my guides. The last couple of months or so, the synchronicity in my life has been out of this world and all the signs I have received pointed to a massive energetic shift. I didn’t really completely understand what these signs were about at the time and I asked for guidance frequently. Things weren’t clear enough at first and I simply wasn’t ready to comprehend and receive it yet. But then it finally hit me – I asked for guidance with a sense of urgency and made bold statements with my intentions because I felt tired of receiving lots of signs but seeing little change. However, it turns out the wait was worth it because tonight I received an awakening through a dream that showed me the course of action I have to take and brought so much clarity and a sense of peace in the midst of all the chaos.

I very boldly requested guidance before I went to sleep and this was the result. I had an incredibly strange and scary dream which reflected my “reality” and the things I have been ignoring, avoiding, running away from, and taking for granted. This dream showed me all of my fears with such clarity that I felt afraid of my own fears and the layers of deep programming within me. I was afraid of my own being as the deep hidden pain inside of me was exposed. While I was dreaming I knew that this is it – the time has come and the shift I’ve been seeking is finally here and is accelerating. I woke up and I knew that it was one of those “awakening” dreams. It was one of those dreams that our guides and Higher selves orchestrate for us in order to simulate our “reality,” show us valuable insights and lessons, and equip us with the tools that we need to make sure that we don’t go down the same path in our “real” lives again, repeating the same old cycle.

The truth is..

Sometimes in life we have to feel lost. Sometimes we have to go through rough and uncomfortable situations. Sometimes we have to travel down paths that are scary, unfamiliar, and dangerous. Sometimes we have to go through mysterious labyrinths to get lost and then find ourselves again. We can all relate to this deeply because we are all in this together and helping to lead each other back home to where we all came from. Even if you can relate to this and you are aware that we have to have these necessary experiences in order to grow and ascend, you may still be asking the Universe, your guides, or yourself – why? Why do I have to go through all of this? Why it this all happening for me? Why do I have to experience all of this pain and madness in my own mind, life, and being?

I agree, sometimes life doesn’t make sense and seems unfair. Why do we have to go through all this discomfort and confusion? Sometimes we just get tired of wearing masks and trying to show the world how strong we are and how well we are doing when deep down we are lost and confused. But there is so much beauty in confusion and it offers us abundant room for growth.

Sometimes life is just trying to soften us and break us down so we can finally open up and be vulnerable. We have to learn to open up and show our true colors, our true nature, and the beauty that shines deep within us, like a long forgotten treasure that has been covered up and hidden for a long time ago. The truth is that there is no such thing as bad timing, only divine timing and the old version of the Earth that wasn’t yet ready for or prepared for that beauty, the grid wasn’t yet ready for this new vibration and for this new frequency.

We are here on our own individual unique hero journeys, but we are all connected and at the deepest level we are all one. As Earth is going through a massive shift, embracing its new way of being, and reconstructing itself to be able and ready to maintain this new frequency, collectively we are going through this transition and are being upgraded as well. Experiences we are going through are not random. We are being bombarded with a lot of “physical” world things and are being asked to deal with all of these things that are taking place in our lives. A lot of unresolved things from our pasts are showing up and we are being asked to take responsibility and to no longer hide in fear. The things we are going through are not random and are all happening to show us that while we are all here trying to conquer the world, we are really just trying to find a way back to ourselves again. By doing so, we are influencing this massive shift that Earth is experiencing right now. For us, as multidimensional beings, fitting into a three dimensional world with so many limitations has just become incredibly difficult, because we are all starting to remember who we truly are. It is time for a change. It is time because we are meant for more. Let me say that againwhile we are here trying to conquer the world, we are really just trying to find a way back to ourselves again, our way back home. This is the exact message that I received from my guides tonight.

The purpose of this confusion is to break down our egos and break down all the walls and barriers that we have created to protect ourselves from the outer world. We have to do the shadow work. But as Earth is shifting to its new version and our true selves can no longer be hidden, we experience collective shift. We are getting rid of the old that no longer serves us. Now is the perfect time to dig deep inside yourself and gain clarity, become crystal clear on the actions you have to take to find your way out of this labyrinth. The painful layers you have to peel to find your way back home to your true self and find your way to bring your true self into the daylight of this beautiful, loving, and ever evolving planet. It is time for an upgrade. It is time to upgrade your being and use all of your courage to face your shadow self, to conquer the ego, the fear and to show the world who you truly are. Do not be afraid; you are not alone. You may think that you are insignificant when looking at the whole, but you are the whole. Your growth and your transition into a transparent, vulnerable, and beautiful being of light in this moment is not only an upgrade for you, it is not only a ticket to more happy, truthful, and fulfilling life, but also an upgrade to the whole. Your personal hero’s journey has already required you to sacrifice a lot in this lifetime, but this quest is one of the most noble and beautiful journeys you will ever take.

Embrace the challenges that are taking place in your physical and spiritual worlds right now and emerge with grace and softness. Release that heavy energy that you have been holding inside for so long that it may have gone on for lifetimes. The time has come to give up your old ways of being and trust that by giving up the old, you are going to be gifted with a new upgraded way of being which will be smoother and more full of joy than you’ve ever felt before. Take full responsibility for completing old life tasks that you are being asked to complete right now in your life, because before we enter into the new cycle of life we have to complete our current cycle. Take responsibility and move through the end of this chapter of your life with softness and embrace vulnerability and transparency. By doing so, you will allow your light to shine brighter than ever before and set an encouraging example to others. You will allow yourself to enter this new Earth and shift to your new way of being with so much more inner peace and harmony.

Remember this is a noble deed and quest for you as a starseed, a ligthworker, a being full of love and light. Your courage during this time will not go unnoticed and it will echo in eternity. Your energetic shift will create a domino effect and serve to empower and inspire those around you to feel safe to embrace this shift as well, as we all enter this new way of being, the new Earth. I wish you a smooth transition.

I would like to know about your recent experiences and if you can relate to this too. Please share in the comments bellow & give it a heart if you enjoyed reading this blog 😉

Love & light,

Lukas Notes


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  • Hi! Thank you so much for this comforting blog. I am currently going through such a transitional phase and it is so confusing if I am honest. So much grief has emerged as I have recently quit my job of 17 years as a public school dance teacher to follow my heart as a yoga & Pilates and meditation teacher. But, as the old falls away and crumbles, I feel more and more alone. I feel a sadness that has taken over as the confusion of this time has left me wondering what to do next. Nothing in the old way feels like the right path anymore. I am hoping that the confusion settles and I can find my way back home and to trust that the path will illuminate soon. With such deep gratitude, Nicole

  • This was really powerful! Thank you for sharing this Lucas. It’s just wanted to I need to to hear. Sending love and light!


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