article Aries Season 2023: Take Risks and Begin Anew
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Aries Season 2023: Take Risks and Begin Anew

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March 20, 2023

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On March 20, 08:11 AM —

On March 20, 5:25 PM ET, Aries season 2023 begins. The Sun enters Aries, inviting us to deepen our trust in our instinct and desires, take courageous risks, and begin anew.

A sense of renewal and new beginnings permeates the atmosphere as the Equinox marks the start of a new cycle for everyone on Earth. This powerful energetic transition signals the start of a new season and a new phase of our growth. The beginning of Aries season invites us to release the old, embrace the new, take bold steps towards our goals, and seize opportunities for growth and expansion.

While the ingress of the Sun in Aries will impact everyone, those of us with personal placements in Cardinal signs will be affected more strongly by this energetic shift. These individuals are likely to experience a boost in motivation, determination, and vitality, as well as an increase in their capacity to take initiative, be assertive, and take new risks.

Sun enters Aries: Radiance, Vitality, and Courage


The Sun’s ingress into Aries blesses us with an infusion of radiance and vitality. Aries season is a powerful period of renewal and an invitation to align with the dynamic and enthusiastic energy available at this time of the year. In Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac wheel, the Sun is traditionally considered to be exalted, able to express with maximum potency.

As we transition from the introspective Pisces season, Aries season is here to boost our mood, uplift our spirits, and energize us. Both the Sun and Aries are Fire archetypes, associated with creativity, courage, and self-expression. Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, represents the primal force that begins life, the moment of birth, the cut of the umbilical cord. It is the spark that ignites passion, the trailblazer that pioneers a new path, the leader that walks ahead alone despite fear and uncertainty.

Aries is the sign connected to the Self and to the birth of individual consciousness. Ruled by Mars, the God of War, Aries embodies raw instinct, impulse, and desire. This sign is all about action and the instinctual exploration of our urges. A Yang, Fire archetype, Aries demands freedom, lives in the moment, and learns through trial and error.

The Sun’s journey through Aries encourages us to bring our focus and attention to our true needs and desires and motivates us to act on them. This season is an opportunity to strengthen our connection to our instinct and learn to relate to it more consciously, without being enslaved to or victimized by our impulses and without bypassing our instinct by relying solely on the mind.

Aries Season 2023 Moon Omens

Aries Season 2023: Transits and Lunations


During Aries season 2023, we will experience a Full Moon in Libra and, exceptionally, two New Moons in Aries, which is a very rare occurrence. The second New Moon in Aries is also going to be a Solar Eclipse and occurs at 29º of Aries. It is going to be the first Eclipse in Aries after 9 years and inaugurates a cycle of Eclipses happening on the Aries-Libra axis as the Lunar Nodes prepare to leave Taurus and Scorpio.

The first New Moon occurs on March 21 at 0º of Aries. This lunation, taking place on the Equinox point, represents a potent energetic shift that invites us to move forward and make bold changes in our lives. If we aspire to initiate new projects, make radical decisions, or pursue a new path, this is a wonderful moment to take the first step.

The Full Moon in Libra happening on April 6 will be opposing Jupiter and Chiron in Aries, tightly conjunct with the Sun. During this period, we may have opportunities to gain greater clarity about how our fears of rejection and wounds around self-confidence, self-trust, and self-assertion are impacting the way we show up in our relationships.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse at 29º Aries is taking place on April 20 and inaugurates the upcoming Eclipse season. There is a feeling of extremes about this New Moon as it happens on the last degrees of Aries: it signals the completion of a process and the need to integrate all the lessons learned so far. Radical shifts in our personal identity, self-expression, and desires are on the way, and the need for change will feel urgent and pressing. The Sun and the Moon will be in a tight square to Pluto in Aquarius, which maximizes the transformative potential of this lunation and highlights the need to wisely navigate the inner conflicts and challenges that come with any transformational process.


Aries Season 2023: Connect with your Eros


This season is an invitation to explore endeavors that feel exciting and motivating, discover uncharted territory, and connect with our passion, with our eros, with what makes us feel alive and vital. As we embrace the dynamic energy of Aries, we are invited to connect to our inner warrior and trust the wisdom of our body.

During the upcoming weeks, we will have opportunities to work on our relationship with our anger. We may notice how we express or repress anger, pay attention to how our anger tends to somatize, implode, or explode, and experiment how to relate with the energy of anger in an empowering and constructive way.

Aries season encourages us to see the unknown and the unexpected as an adventure, and practice being fully present in the moment and in our bodies without over thinking or worrying about the future. This time of the year is an invitation to trust our instincts, move forward despite our fears, and build confidence in our capacity to effectively deal with whatever comes our way.

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