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Dear Taurus,

2022 is a highly important year for you. Your key areas of life will be affected and you’ll get a chance to finally remove some things from your life that have been hard for you. You’ll be able to gain back your power and focus on your well-being. It’s time to build true self-confidence and real sustainability in your life. You honour passion and the senses, you want true feelings, you want the real deal, you want to feel the joy of life, you want to experience fulfillment and you don’t want to renounce any real feeling of being alive. Life is joy, life is pleasure and you want to celebrate these things even though you know that life also brings suffering and battles. You know that life eventually means joy and you’re fighting for it. You admire your strength, you know how much you’re worth, you never give up on yourself and these are the qualities that you’ll need throughout 2022. Use them consciously and constructively.


We have dedicated a lot of time to bring you this wonderful 2022 Horoscope: E-Book (91 pages, all about you) + Audio Book in which we are going to be guiding you through the energies of 2022 & how they will affect your life.


This horoscope is like no other. We really went all in with this one, like with every single one we create! It is very detailed, very deep and personalized. The guidance and information you will receive will help you understand your inner and outer worlds better, and why some things are happening the way they are. You will learn how to navigate energies and what to expect in 2022. We love you, and wish you magical, happy, abundant and transformative 2022!

2022 Taurus Horoscope Will Help You Understand:

2022 Horoscope E-Book + Audiobook

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