article December Solstice – Rituals And Everything You Need To Know
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December Solstice – Rituals And Everything You Need To Know

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December 19, 2019

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The December Solstice on December 21st at 11:19 PM EST / December 22nd at 05:19 AM CET will usher in an intense shift in the cosmos as the Sun stands still and season officially changes.


This Solstice marks the Sun’s transition into the earth sign of Capricorn and symbolizes the longest day of the year in the Southern Hemisphere and the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. In the Southern Hemisphere, the Universe showers us in a celebration of light, while in the Northern Hemisphere we enter into the darkness needed for deep soul-searching. No matter where you live in the world, this is a day when our heightened sensitivity allows us to tune in with and feel the radiating energy flowing through the Universe. The Solstice helps to lift the veil between our physical world and higher dimensions and when this happens, we are able to more easily tap into the celestial realm and powerful galactic energies. 

In order to fully understand and tune into the energies encompassing this December Solstice, we must understand what this shift means for the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere and what rituals can be performed to help harness the power of this day.


In the Northern Hemisphere, the December Solstice is the shortest day and longest night of the year.


These longer hours of darkness allow us to see into the darkest and deepest parts of our soul and present us with an opportunity to go within and become in tune with the most subtle stirrings within our beings. It is only by embracing this darkness that we can truly learn to feel comfortable to be ourselves. The bright sunshine can sometimes make us feel exposed and as though we have nothing to hide behind. This can make us feel the need to be or act in a certain way and can make us feel disconnected from ourselves. However, under the darkness of this Solstice, we have the freedom to dive deep within our core and realize our deepest personal truths. Who we are under the bright sunlight is our outward expression, but who we are under the darkest night is who we have always been and who we aspire to be.

When we allow ourselves to sit with just ourselves, alone with our thoughts, we hear the true vibrations of our souls. Every year, the Universe grants us an opportunity to move away from the spotlight, embrace the darkness, and allow our feelings and personal truths to shine through. You don’t need to justify or explain your truth to anyone around you. You don’t need to apologize for or tone down who you truly are.

The Universe is asking you to forget the labels and judgments of your mind and instead focus on the power of your heart and soul. When you sit in darkness, let go of your thoughts, and allow your being to truly shine, what feelings emerge? What discomforts rise up within you? What happens if you allow yourself to be just as you are?

In the Northern Hemisphere, this December Solstice asks us to let our emotional voice be heard. Allow your soul to surrender and find stillness and peace. Spend more time listening and less time doing. We are after all, human beings not human doings.


The shortest day of the year


On the shortest day of the year, your ritual should consist of sitting in darkness by yourself. See if you can sit with your eyes open and observe how your body, mind, and soul feel during this experience. There is power in just breathing. Allow yourself to practice being comfortable with simply sitting in your body. Allow any thoughts that float into your mind to pass without you actively engaging them. Push past any restlessness and angst that you may feel and practice the art of existing in the moment.

After getting comfortable with the darkness, your next step is to take a relaxing bath.  This will grant you the opportunity to cleanse yourself of any thoughts or feelings that no longer serve you and that you do not wish to carry with you into the new year. The main purpose of this darkness ritual is to allow your soul to rest. Be gentle with your being and spend this time away from the spotlight of the world getting in touch with you who truly are. 


In the Southern Hemisphere, the December Solstice is the shortest night and the longest day of the year.


It marks the start of the summer and is the season of light. The Universe grants us this day so that we may allow ourselves to shine. This is a time for removing your cloak of fears, putting yourself out there, and refusing to hold yourself back any longer. We are done playing small and are ready to leap forward. The December Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere is a final celebration of all hard work that you have put and all that you have achieved during this past year.

No matter what challenges we may face, this brightest and lightest day of the year is a reminder that there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel. Things may feel dark at times, but no matter how dark or deep our experiences are, it is all temporary. The sunshine offers us the clarity and vibrance to move through our lives, continue to radiate love, and realize what’s most important in life.

We are being asked to assess what our driving force is. What lights a fire in your heart and motivates you to not only continue forward, but to continue forward with purpose and steadfast ambition. Under the Capricorn Sun, this celestial shift is guiding us to align with our highest truths and the deepest calling of our soul.

The Universe is blessing us with the opportunity to see that which recharges our soul and fuels our spirit. The radiating Sun casts light upon us and serves to transform, nourish, and inspire us to move forward with confidence and a divine lightness of being. This is an extremely powerful time for us to spend time in nature and connect with the very energy of creation.


The longest day of the year


On the longest day of the year, your ritual should consist of you going outside and taking in the vibrant sunshine and bountiful energy being cast upon you. Find a beautiful location, sit with a journal and pen, and allow your feelings and thoughts to flow through your pen with ease. Stay in the moment and observe everything that exists around you, taking pause to truly witness each of these things.

Allow the energy of the Universe to fill your pages with writings and drawings and feel the creativity flow organically. You are limitless and the divine creator of your own life. This is an incredibly powerful day for setting intentions for not only yourself, but also those around you and the entire Universe.

Place your hand on your heart and feel it beating. What is it trying to tell you? Use this time to celebrate all that you are and allow your true self to shine through. The light of the Universe lives within you and you have it at your fingertips whenever you need it.


The December Solstice symbolizes the shortest and longest days for the Northern and Southern Hemispheres respectfully.


This powerful celestial energy is only felt twice a year and our heightened sensitivity allows us to feel the deepest pulses of the Universe radiating through our beings as we tap into the divine, connect with our true selves, and channel the galactic energy of higher realms.

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Love & Blessings,

The Moon Omens Team


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