article Virgo Season 2020: Self Improvement and Healing
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Virgo Season 2020: Self Improvement and Healing

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August 21, 2020

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Virgo season 2020 is starting: self improvement and healing will be the main themes. The Sun enters earthy Virgo on August 22, at 11:45 AM EST and the cosmic energy is going to ground significantly.

The shift is palpable: after the expansiveness of Leo season, we are likely to feel the need to introspect, reflect, and spend more time alone. As Virgo season begins, we will naturally shift our focus from the external world to our inner state: this will be particularly evident after Mars turns retrograde, on September 9.

During its transit through the sign of the Virgin, the Sun is going to form harmonic trines with Uranus in Taurus, Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn. All these planets in Earth signs are inviting us to build solid foundations for our future, to improve our daily routine and organization, and to concretely take care of ourselves.

During Virgo season, many of us may feel the need to write long to-do lists and implement practical actions to improve our health, diet, well-being, and work-life balance. Our ability to focus is likely to skyrocket if we use this energy wisely: we have the chance to make significant progress in our work, in our personal lives, and in our healing journey.


Virgo: Ongoing Self-Improvement


Virgo can be considered a transitional archetype: it represents the shift from a phase of evolution focused mainly on the self (from Aries to Leo) and the inclusion of other people in the picture (from Libra until Pisces).

For this reason, this sign has been traditionally associated with service to others: we learn to relate with people from a position of equality only through Libra. Learning to be humble and to serve is part of the function of Virgo, but it is not everything we are supposed to learn through this archetype. Its real purpose can be easily distorted if we see Virgo only through this lens.

The deepest mission of Virgo is committing to a process of ongoing self-improvement. Through Virgo, we strive to constantly get better, to develop the qualities and the skills we need to be able to relate as equals to those we look up to.

virgo season 2020

Virgo allows us to cultivate a devotional attitude towards discipline, to take full responsibility for what we take on, and to become the best version of ourselves, with the awareness that we are a constant work in progress too, that the work is never really over.


Sun in Virgo: Health and Healing


Virgo has a strong correlation with our physical body, in particular with our digestive system and with our diet: it is the sign related to health, healing, well-being, and wellness.

During Virgo season, we may notice we are developing hypersensitivity to our environment, or to what we eat: if we don’t honor our sensitivity, our necessity to rest and wind out, our need to eat healthily, to live in a quiet and neat space, we may be prone to all kinds of issues related to stress and overworking.

Virgo season represents an invitation to be careful about what we consume, not only in terms of food but also on a more subtle level: the information we take in, the people and the energies we surround ourselves with.

This is a great time to cleanse and purify our physical and energy bodies, taking a break from sugar and processed foods, from superficial social interactions or social media. Virgo season is also the best moment of the year to introduce healthier daily habits, to change our habitual diet, or to start practicing regular physical activity.


Mercury in Virgo: Practicality and Attention to Details


On August 19, at 9:30 PM EST Mercury entered Virgo, one of the signs it naturally rules. It will be traveling there until September 5, when the planet of logic and critical thinking enters Libra.

Virgo is related to the Yin side of Mercury: its functions are self-analysis, critical thinking, and the  organization of the information we possess. On the contrary, Gemini correlates to the Yang side of Mercury, correlated to communication, sharing the information we have, as well as accumulating and memorizing new data.

Mercury in Virgo is very down to earth, loves to focus only on what is essential, useful, and practical. This transit allows us to get rid of all redundant, superficial, or repetitive information that doesn’t have a concrete function or purpose.

virgo season 2020

During this transit, our intellectual abilities are highly supported: our mind is likely to be extremely active, sharp, and faster than usual. These are great weeks to reorganize our schedule, work on new projects, organize and plan, and improve our time management skills.

Mercury in Virgo enjoys accumulating knowledge that has practical applications, that has the potential of making everyone’s life easier. During the upcoming weeks, we can expect a quickening in all our thought processes, increased attention for details, a general tendency to be more analytical, and sometimes even more critical.


Mercury in Virgo: Don’t Overthink it


Overthinking might be a common issue during this transit: Mercury in Virgo is constantly analyzing everything, taking care of all details, taking notes, making lists, looking for what to upgrade: it is never completely satisfied with the way things are. People with Mercury in Virgo are highly attuned to details, their minds naturally notice what can be implemented and made better.

Mercury is forming a supportive trine to Uranus in Taurus on August 25: this aspect is likely to facilitate sudden insights that allow us to solve a problem easily and quickly, or innovative ideas coming out of the blue, that can represent the very beginning of a new and exciting project.

During the transit of Mercury through Virgo, we may develop the tendency to give unsolicited advice or be too honest and straightforward when we share our opinion with others: not everyone appreciates that.

Being too logical and rational is also something to watch out for. It can become a problem when we refuse to open up to different perspectives or we don’t listen to other people’s opinions because we automatically think that we always know best.


Virgo Season 2020: Letting go of Guilt and Self-Criticism


Self-sacrificing to the point of masochism, neglecting our own needs and desires, feeling guilty when we put ourselves first, or when we don’t help others in some way are huge shadows of Virgo. They represent distortions of the real mission of this sign we have to be aware of and try to keep in check during the upcoming weeks.

These attitudes can be exacerbated to the point of regularly doing too much for other people and too little for ourselves. Through Virgo archetype, we learn that sometimes helping others can have the opposite effect, as it may prevent them from helping themselves and learning their lessons.

Because of their need and desire for continuous self-improvement, Virgos are famous for being quite critical towards themselves and others. During Virgo season, we may lose contact with the awareness of the perfection of the present moment, with the unconditional acceptance of ourselves and of the way things are now, a theme related to the opposite sign, Pisces.

We are going to feel the conflict between these contrasting forces as Mercury and the Sun in Virgo are going to oppose Neptune in Pisces on August 30 and September 11, shortly before and after the Full Moon in Pisces coming up on September 2.

The invitation of the upcoming Virgo season is to consciously work towards letting go of any residual guilt and self-criticism, acknowledging both the work that we have done and the work that’s left to do.

Comment below with what resonated with you the most and please share this with others 🙂


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