article Vesta in Gemini March 21 – June 3
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Vesta in Gemini March 21 – June 3

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Moon Omens

March 29, 2020

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From March 21st until June 3rd the asteroid Vesta will be transiting Gemini.

To understand what this means on an individual and collective level let’s take a look at the archetype of Vesta and the symbolism of Gemini, which will be home until June 3rd 2020.

As we embark on this journey of understanding these energetic influences it’s key to remember that the planets are not doing anything to us, but instead they are currents of energy flowing all around us. When we know which way the current is flowing we are able to choose what direction to swim. To a certain extent we have the power of freewill. Having an awareness of these cosmic cycles can help us to decide what to do.


Vesta in Gemini is a Feeling


The asteroid Vesta is associated with the Goddess of home and family. When we read the word “home” we can of course associate this with the physical space we live in, but we can also imagine home as a place within ourselves. Throughout history this Goddess was often depicted as a fire within a temple. She is the place to commune, connect and honour each other.

Imagine a campfire with family gathered around it, sharing stories and singing songs. Roasting food and enjoying the temple that is nature. This scene very much depicts Vesta. She’s more than a physical place; she’s a sensation of warmth and feeling safe. 


She’s the center of ourselves; our inner fire. She’s the sacred place where we convene and connect to all aspects of who we are. We could imagine her within our hearts or within our core. She is that burning passion or that motivation that gets us out into the world.

The mythology of Vesta depicts her as a virgin which doesn’t necessarily need to be taken in a literal sense. We can think of the virgin archetype as one who is pure and committed to themselves. Vesta doesn’t reach outside herself of depend on anyone else. It’s about that inner connection and commitment. 


Vesta in Gemini is Finding Peace in the Paradox


From a collective sense, the energy of Gemini is like the wind. It’s a very stimulated air sign energy. It’s a short attention span or that feeling of a pinball machine. It’s seeing something shiney and getting distracted. Gemini energy activates our minds and intellect; in a lot of ways it makes our heads spin. 

That windy energy is blowing all over our planet and will continue to do so for some time. We are embarking on Gemini influenced times as the North Node will transit Gemini in May along with a Venus retrograde this spring. We are entering very stimulated and heightened times that call for a chance of some mind games. 


Vesta in Gemini May Have Our Heads Spinning


We are entering a season that is asking us to embrace a light hearted energy during some of the heaviest times. This is the paradox of life. We are embarking on a journey of finding the light within the dark, along with the dark amongst the light. We are living and breathing this paradox. This is a lot for our human selves and can have our heads spinning.

Vesta is setting the stage supporting us in feeling comfortable within our minds and being. She wants us to find that center within ourselves; to find that inner fire and cultivate it. 

When we think about the elements of fire and air we can see that they can work together really well. When we have a small fire in order to get it going we have to fan it. If we think about it, these winds of change can help to build up that fire within us. 

This dynamic can also spread like a forest fire and get out of hand; which is why it is essential to tend to that inner campfire. To become committed to our sacred home within. 


Our role is to build that fire inside ourselves, commit to finding our center and prioritize that space within us. This transit allows safety to grow and elevate our sense of self. However, like any fire we have to be hyper aware of where the fire is at.

Even though it may sound simple the energy of Gemini thrives when it prioritizes fun. When it is free to explore information. When it’s mind is open and curious. That’s the energy that will support our sense of safety and that home within ourselves. Doing what we can to stimulate ourselves intellectually can help to move this energy. Trying to stay the same and avoid a shift in our mindsets will leave us feeling afraid.


Vesta in Gemini Asks us to Find the Fire Within


We are asked to find a center which is intense amidst the chaos of these transits. We are asked to make light of things while still getting real and facing the facts. Information is the medicine. Finding the information, seeking the wisdom and remembering to check in with ourselves as to how the information has us feeling.

Energies are shifting. The external world is changing. Our inner selves have become amplified. We have so much power within us waiting to be harnessed. 

We all have a sacred fire deep down and now is the time to tend to it. 

Comment below with what resonated with you the most, and please share this with others. Sending infinite love & blessings your way! -The Moon Omens Team



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