article Venus in Sagittarius: Radical Authenticity
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Venus in Sagittarius: Radical Authenticity

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December 28, 2023

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On December 28, 08:51 AM —

On December 29, 3:24 PM ET, Venus leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius. Venus is going to remain in the sign of the Centaur until January 23, offering us an invitation to embrace radical authenticity in our relationships and encouraging us to invest in our personal and spiritual growth.

This transit will be more relevant for those of us born with personal placements in Mutable signs and especially for the individuals with natal Venus in Sagittarius, who will experience their Venus return. Those personally impacted by this transit will have opportunities to deepen their commitment to growth and allow their relationships to inspire them to evolve and expand.

Venus travels from Scorpio to Sagittarius: Relationships as a Teaching Ground


In Astrology, Venus correlates with how we relate to both ourselves and others, with our value system, our sense of self-worth, and our relationship with pleasure and abundance. Transits of Venus reflect our changing orientation toward relationships, shifts in our values and artistic taste, as well as changes in how we perceive and relate to wealth, abundance, and money.

While Venus was in Scorpio, we had time to explore our deepest feelings and catch the unconscious ways we indirectly try to get our needs met by others. This transit brought to the surface hidden power and control dynamics, shadows, and unspoken issues in our connections, and offered us opportunities to work on trust matters and deepen our ability to be intimate with both ourselves and others. 

Venus entering Sagittarius brings a clear energetic shift, one that inspires a celebratory approach to life, love, and relationships, and reminds us to see our relational experiences as opportunities for growth. While Venus is here, we are drawn to make sense of relationship issues through a spiritual or philosophical framework, and we value those connections and experiences that enrich us, teach us something meaningful, and help us move closer to our authentic selves.

Venus in Sagittarius

Investing in our Expansion


Sagittarius is a Mutable, Yang, Fire archetype and its purpose is to expand and grow in new, unexplored directions. This is the archetype associated with our search for truth and meaning and with our desire to embrace a guiding life philosophy, religion, or system of beliefs. Sagittarius inspires us to recover our connection to our authentic and undomesticated self, to the Natural Laws, and to our intuition.

During the transit of the Goddess of Love through Sagittarius, we are drawn to value freedom, authenticity, and honesty. We are inspired to invest in ourselves and in our personal development, as well as in all kinds of experiences and relationships that can inspire us, broaden our minds, and lead us closer to our true selves. This transit motivates us to commit to relate authentically and to celebrate the beauty of life, love, and connection. Venus in Sagittarius reminds us to value the growth that happens when we take new risks, when we challenge ourselves, when we invest in our expansion and embrace unfamiliarity.

Venus’s journey through the sign of the Centaur offers us an opportunity to find more harmony between our desire for freedom, independence, and adventure and our need for connection, affection, and intimacy. During the upcoming days and weeks, we will have chances to recognize how freedom and connection aren’t mutually exclusive, and we will be able to discover how to nurture both our need for intimacy and our desire for independent exploration of life.


Venus in Sagittarius square Saturn and Neptune in Pisces


During her journey through Sagittarius, Venus is going to square both Saturn and Neptune in Pisces. Squares are 90º angles between planets, and they are associated with tension, contrasting needs, and inner conflict, but also with a strong motivation to change. 

The Venus-Saturn square is already active, as it goes exact on January 1. This aspect invites us to observe whether we are drawn to rely on a scarcity mindset, both in our relationships and in how we manage our finances. This aspect highlights challenges surrounding self-love and self-worth, as well as feelings of isolation and lack, offering an opportunity to release subconscious beliefs of being unlovable or unworthy of healthy relationships and financial abundance. The activation of Saturn invites us to make more mature choices in how we connect, who we connect with, as well as how we gain, invest, and spend our money.

The Venus-Neptune square is going exact on January 19. Around this time, our fantasy life will be especially active, and access to a deeper artistic and creative sensitivity will be available. The Venus-Neptune square highlights the discrepancy between fantasy and reality, between what we wish to be true, and what is actually happening, particularly in the context of romantic relationships.

These days, we must keep in mind that truth can hurt, but always sets us free: any experience of disillusionment is a chance for liberation and inaugurates a new beginning. Being cautious about how we invest or spend our money is advised around this time. Channeling our feelings and our longing into art and creative expression will be particularly cathartic and healing.

Embracing Radical Authenticity


The journey of Venus through Sagittarius reminds us that every interaction with another can be a learning opportunity and a chance to practice being radically authentic. Every interaction with another can teach us something valuable about ourselves and the mechanics of human connection.

The ingress of Venus into Sagittarius reflects a growing desire to expand our social circles, get to know new people, and explore unfamiliar social settings. At the same time, it will inspire us to connect with ourselves more deeply. 

Venus in Sagittarius inspires us to invest in our personal and spiritual development: this transit motivates us to commit to growing and expanding our horizons. If we experience an inner conflict between a desire to invest in our relationships and a desire to invest in our freedom, it is a powerful time to find creative solutions to reconcile the two. This transit offers us an opportunity to create connections based on radical authenticity, connections that inspire us to grow, and connections that support individual freedom.


Crystal Pick for Venus enters Sagittarius: Garnet


Garnet is a beautiful stone for solidifying your strength and sense of self-worth, and for nurturing relationships during this Venus in Sagittarius transit. Deep red like the heart, garnet brings an intensity of passion, commitment, and heartfelt feeling, to help you express your truth in your relationships and release old wounds that may have held you back in the past.

This root chakra stone marries Sagittarian fire & Venusian desire to bring vigor, vitality, courage & forward momentum. Use it during this transit to help you connect with your true worthiness, boost your confidence, and take action on the yearnings and desires of your heart to make them real.

A garnet beats with the pulse of life. It feels regenerative and uplifting, lighting the fire in your creative drive. As challenges come up around your sense of self-worth or self-love, garnet will reorient you back into feelings of security, safety, and strength to move through, over, or past whatever obstacles may come your way.


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