article Venus enters Aquarius: Harmony between Independence & Connection
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Venus enters Aquarius: Harmony between Independence & Connection

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December 31, 2022

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On December 31, 12:37 AM —

On January 2, 9:10 PM ET, Venus leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius, where she is going to remain until January 26. Venus entering Aquarius brings our attention to the journey of finding harmony between our need for independence and our need for connection. 

Venus’ ingress in Aquarius offers us an invitation to question our existing values and motivates us to discover alternative ways to make an income, participate in relationships, and relate to wealth and abundance. This transit magnifies our desire to be part of communities of like minds and expand our relational horizons. Simultaneously, Venus’ journey through Aquarius brings the spotlight on further developing our relationship with ourselves and our individuality.

This shift will be more relevant for those of us with natal placements in Fixed signs Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius. Venus in Aquarius will inspire us to question and revolutionize our values, relationships, and patterns with money, while inviting us to develop a stronger connection with our individual essence and fearlessly embrace what makes us unique.


Venus from Capricorn to Aquarius: Breaking Free from Outdated Values


In Astrology, Venus rules over matters of the heart, finances, self-love, and receptivity. She is connected with our self-worth and self-esteem, she informs us of what we value and how we are inclined to connect with our senses, our bodies, and Nature. Her transits indicate shifts in individual and collective values, management of resources, and orientation toward relationships. The journey of Venus in Capricorn corresponds to a time of the year marked by an increased need for reliability, stability, and consistency in relationships and financial matters. It is a transit that inspires us to work on generating steadier financial security and to invest our money with a long-term outlook. 

Venus’ ingress into Aquarius brings up a need to break free from outdated values, ways of relating with others, ways of generating income, and ways of connecting with ourselves. This shift brings an energy of renewal and innovation in all Venusian realms: relationships, money, art, pleasure, receptivity, our senses, our values, and our self-worth. While Venus is in Aquarius, we are being encouraged to value our individuality, our independence, and our eccentricity: this is a favorable time to work on embracing and expressing all that we are. 


Venus in Aquarius: Harmony between Independence and Connection


As an Air sign, Venus in Aquarius has the desire to take things lightly and be free, to experiment and experience as much as possible. During this transit, we are curious about people, how they think, and what they do: we feel open to getting to know and interacting with others, no matter how different from us they may be. We gravitate towards forming intellectual rather than emotional connections, and we may be particularly interested in analyzing group dynamics, engaging in humanistic and humanitarian pursuits, and exploring collective ideals. The way we navigate friendships and community interactions is going to be in the spotlight during this transit, as these realms are ruled by Aquarius. 

venus enters aquarius

Venus in Aquarius seeks space, novelty, and experimentation, and aims to find harmony between independence and connection. A great part of our focus is on ourselves and our individuation journey, the outlook on relationships is objective and detached, and there is little to no judgment with respect to people who think or behave differently than us. We find all humans interesting and, even though we aim to establish alliances and connections with like minds, we are eager to listen to everyone.


Venus in aspect to Mars, Jupiter, and the Lunar Nodes


During her journey through Aquarius, Venus is going to align with Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, and the Moon’s Nodes.

Venus is currently forming a sextile with Jupiter, exact on January 4. This aspect increases our desire to be out and about, our generosity, and our willingness to expand our social networks and get to know people we inspire and admire. On January 9, Venus perfects a trine to Mars in Gemini, still in retrograde motion. The harmonic Venus-Mars aspect supports interpersonal communications and relationship matters, indicating ease in aligning our desires, passions, and needs with those of others.

Venus forms an exact square to the Lunar Nodes on January 11, an aspect that will be felt for a few days before and after that date. This alignment will highlight skipped steps in our relational development and will offer us opportunities to gain awareness of relationship dynamics that need to be transformed. Venus squaring the Nodes could also bring to our attention disempowering patterns surrounding the management of money, possessions, and other resources, and reveal to us what needs to be addressed in our relationship with ourselves and our physical bodies.


Venus square Uranus and conjunct Saturn


On January 14, Venus squares Uranus in Taurus. This aspect may bring inauthentic relationships to a breaking point and the need for change will be impossible to ignore around this time. The Venus-Uranus square can indicate an important urge to break free from relationships, jobs, and situations that aren’t supporting our growth, or transform them in a way that feels authentic and aligned with the changes in values that have been taking place.

Venus joins Saturn in Aquarius on January 22, inviting us to consolidate any new relationship or relationship paradigms we might have been experimenting with. This aspect invites sobriety and maturity in romantic, social, and financial matters and encourages us to commit to acting with integrity with the changes in values, beliefs, and ideals that have been taking place.


Venus enters Aquarius: Renewal and Renovation of Relationships and Values


Venus is currently separating from a conjunction with Pluto in the late degrees of Capricorn. During the last few days, this aspect has been bringing to light the necessity to radically transform how we show up in our romantic and social life, gain awareness of our patterns with money, and get to know ourselves more deeply. 

Venus’ ingress into Aquarius inspires us to discover alternative relationship solutions and familiarize ourselves with innovative ideals and values, with different perspectives and perceptions. During the entirety of Venus in Aquarius transit, we will feel inspired to focus on our individuation and self-actualization processes. We will have opportunities to discover and embrace more of what makes us unique and work on sharing more of our authentic selves with the world.

The upcoming weeks, and particularly the days around the Venus-Uranus square, have the potential to be a time marked by increased unpredictability. We may experience unexpected changes in our social life, love life, value systems, and finances. This aspect will invite us to explore new, innovative ways to show up and participate in life, particularly in relationships and business. 

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