article Venus direct in Leo: Relationship Realignment
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Venus direct in Leo: Relationship Realignment

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September 3, 2023

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On September 3, 01:16 PM —

On September 3, 9:20 PM ET, Venus stations direct in Leo after being retrograde since July 22, beginning a period of relationship realignment and offering us an opportunity to make choices according to the insights that Venus’ retrograde facilitated. Venus has been in Leo since June 5, she stationed retrograde on July 22, and is going to remain in the sign of the Lion until October 8. 

This transit is particularly relevant for those of us who were born with planets or angles in Fixed signs, who are likely to experience significant changes, particularly in their relationships and finances. Venus’s shift of motion will inspire them to take action aimed at aligning their lives and their relational choices with the new awareness that has emerged about their true values, desires, and needs.

Venus direct in Leo: Learning About Love, Abundance, and Creativity


In Astrology, Venus is a planet connected with our attunement to beauty and art, with the feminine as an energetic principle, with our receptivity, pleasure, and romance, and with how we attract what we desire. Transits of Venus mark shifts in how we show up in our connections with others, in our values, and in our relationship with ourselves. As this planet has also a correlation with finances, they bring our attention to our relationship to wealth and abundance.

Venus goes retrograde every 18 months for approximately six weeks. Her recent retrograde period has brought hidden matters to the surface, inviting us to question existing relationship choices, examine our wounds, analyze repetitive patterns arising, and aim at gaining a deeper awareness of the meaning of our relational experiences and of the values and beliefs that have been driving our actions and decisions.

Because Venus has been retrograding in Leo, questioning our relationship to art, creativity, and self-expression has been another core theme of this period. Throughout the past six weeks, we have had opportunities to redefine our approach to creativity, our beliefs about visibility and exposure, and our capacity to be led by the playfulness and enthusiasm of our inner child.

After forming a conjunction with the Sun on August 13, Venus began what is referred to as the “New Phase” of her cycle: the conjunction of the Sun and retrograde Venus has a similar energy to a New Moon. Venus had disappeared from the night sky for some time and is now a Morning Star: Venus is currently visible right before sunrise, getting brighter and brighter as the days go by. Venus is going to be a Morning Star for the next 9 months, and we have entered a phase of the Venus cycle marked by more spontaneity and openness to new experiences.


Venus’s Post-Shadow phase: time of Integration and Realignment


Venus is now entering the post-shadow phase of her retrograde cycle, as she is about to travel for the third time between 12º and 28º of Leo. Venus’ post-shadow phase is going to last until October 6. While the retrograde phase is an invitation to slow down, turn inwards, and observe carefully rather than take action, the post-shadow phase is an opportunity for active readjustment, integration, and realignment. 

During Venus’ retrograde period, we might have noticed if we tend to end up dealing with similar issues again and again, both in our relationships and in financial matters. We now have a chance to access a deeper understanding of what we need to do, how we need to act, and how we need to change in order to break free from repetitive patterns and end the cycles we seem to be stuck in.

This is a time to address any concerns, doubts, and challenges that emerged during Venus’ retrograde phase. Open and honest communication will lead to forming stronger connections with our loved ones, as our capacity to understand them and their reality will deepen. 

If we have been dealing with financial changes and uncertainty, it is now time to make conscious, confident, and informed decisions about money matters. Venus’ shift of motion in Leo could also mark a time of fruition of creative projects and ventures that were put on hold during the retrograde: as Venus moves forward, new ideas could emerge and new doors could open. More clarity is now available.

Venus square Jupiter & Venus square Uranus


During the remaining time of her transit through Leo, Venus is going to square Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus again, for the third time.

The Venus-Jupiter square was exact on June 11 and August 22 and is going to go exact again on September 17. This series of squares offered us a chance to observe our relationship with generosity, pleasure, excess, spending, and indulgence and to reflect on whether we may, unconsciously, rely on forms of manipulation that involve giving in order to get. 

The Venus-Jupiter alignment has also been an invitation to reflect on how we share our truth in our relationships and how we receive other people’s truth, especially when it is delivered in a way that is outside of our preferences. The last Venus-Jupiter square will provide more insights and understanding of the process we have been going through.

The Venus-Uranus square was exact on July 2 and August 9 and is going to go exact again on September 29. This series of squares offered us opportunities to reflect on our true, authentic values, and navigate any inner conflict between prioritizing and investing in our relationships and prioritizing and investing in our freedom, independence, and self-actualization. 

The last Venus-Uranus square could inspire many of us to make drastic changes in our relationships as well as in how we make an income. This aspect invites us to explore new ways of being in relationships and new financial paradigms and stop relying on ones that are no longer aligned with our authenticity and values. 


Venus stations direct in Leo: Relationship Realigning


After reflecting on our relationship with money and wealth, revisiting our priorities, rediscovering our relational needs, and renewing our connection to ourselves and our self-worth, it is time to make the changes that are necessary to align our external reality with our inner reality. 

Venus’ shift of motion encourages us to honor our true needs, desires, and values, reminds us to avoid settling for less, and invites us to firmly believe that we deserve the love we crave. This shift motivates us to embrace our full authentic expression and to stop making ourselves smaller in order to be liked, validated, or accepted by the majority.

Venus going direct in Leo begins a phase of realignment and refinement, particularly in our relationships with others, with money, and with creativity, but also in many other areas of our lives, as relationships are a key part of all areas of life. Ultimately, Venus’ shift of motion is an opportunity to recognize how our relationship with ourselves affects all our interactions with the world around us and to commit to the inner work needed to experience tangible changes in our external reality.


Crystal Pick for Venus stations direct in Leo: Rubellite


As Venus turns direct in Leo we’re all systems go in matters of love, and rubellite, a red tourmaline, empowers the heart, increasing that Leo-meets-Venus lust for life and passion for pleasure. This is the perfect stone to boost your self-confidence and courage and help you take action on what your heart desires most!

Now’s the time to move forward on the realizations and internal changes that happened during Venus retrograde, bringing them to life in the physical world. Rubellite increases your physical power and stamina while igniting your energetic hunger to create, find joy, and express what’s in your heart. 

Powerful and protective, rubellite increases your sense of self-worth and revitalizes your heart, emotionally and physically, engaging your zest for life and helping you make commitments based on love.

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