article Uranus Sextile True Node March 19th
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Uranus Sextile True Node March 19th

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March 19, 2020

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Uranus Sextile True Node March 19th 9:43pm UT

When it comes to interpreting the energies of the celestial bodies and the Universe through an astrological lens, it’s important to understand that nothing is happening independently of something else. In some way, shape or form there is an interconnection. 

On Earth, this shows up as a random act of kindness making a ripple effect into the world. Or perhaps it can look like someone causing harm by choosing to remain silent.

When it comes to the cycles of the cosmos this interconnection shows up through the aspects. Aspects are a way of understanding how planets are aligning and creating angles to each other. This conversation can get technical, because mathematics is a huge part of our Universe.


A Symphony Orchestra of Energy


We can think of the Universe as a symphony orchestra of energy playing together. The same way we have many instruments in a band, each Planet is bringing something unique to the song that is life. Today let’s look at an upcoming transit that’s sure to create some waves.


On March 19 the Planet Uranus sextiles the True Node


To understand what this all means we first have to break down the components. Once we understand this individual significance we’ll piece it back together and get a view of the larger picture.


Uranus Shakes it Up


Uranus is the planet of revolution. It’s radical change. It’s the mover and the shaker. It’s not here to fit in, be quiet or obey the status quo. It’s actually the exact opposite. It’s wanting to do things differently, rebel and change the world. We can think of Uranus’s energy as electricity. Electricity can be a good thing, it is a huge part of our lives and we don’t fear turning on the lights when the Sun sets. However, there is a volatile side to this energy which is important to be aware of.

First, let’s ask ourselves if we know where the power that lights our nights comes from? Are we aware of what we are using? Are we aware of the impact it could be making on our environment? This is not to say that we all have to go off the grid and give up our electronic lives. The point is simply to become aware so we are taking action and consuming from a place of understanding. Uranus energy comes in like a force. We see the light and we are blinded. It can be hard to take a step back and adjust our focus, but doing so can curb some of the volatility.

Secondly, we know electricity can shock us. This energy is shocking. If we put our finger in a broken socket we will feel the effects. Uranus energy must be free to flood through that open outlet. If we are not open to change, which includes seeing things in a different way, then we may have our stubbornness shocked. We have to be willing to adapt and change course.


Uranus in Taurus


Uranus is transiting Taurus from 2018 to 2026 and this is shaking up life on Earth to say the least. Taurus is associated with our physical realm, it’s the surface and our human experience. It’s our connection to the Earth and her resources. Taurus is connected with what we receive, consume and acquire.

During these years we are facing volatility and upheaval in regards to our connection with Earth. We are being asked to take a look at our lifestyle, consumption, habits and nearly every facet of our human lives. In many ways Uranus is here to lift the veil and show us what is no longer sustainable or acceptable.

Owning, acquiring and consuming are a huge part of being human; but they are not the only things. This energy is asking us to transform our priorities from solely our physical desires, and instead appreciate the simple things life has to offer. Instead of watching TV could we enjoy a moment of stillness with ourselves? Instead of buying something new do we own something we can reuse? Instead of throwing something away can we repurpose it?


Uranus Asks us to Be Open to Change. This energy is asking us to adapt and change, which is not always easy for humans. But there is hope that can come from thinking differently and learning new ways of being.

This is where we can talk about the True Node, which is also known as the North Node. This is not a physical body in the sky, but instead a point. It is the point where the Sun and Moon’s orbit intersect. It’s a spot of alignment where energy lines up.


Our True North


The True/North node is associated with the direction we are collectively heading. It’s the chapter we’re studying. It’s the lessons we are learning. Right now this energy is in Capricorn. This transit began in November 2018 and ends in May 2020.


True Node in Capricorn


Capricorn energy is associated with responsibility, authority and control. It’s the boss and who we believe we must obey. It’s the rules and regulations. During these times we have many planets transiting Capricorn and in a sense we are collectively rewriting our inner constitutions. A major theme is self responsibility. These are times of taking control of our lives, while still being open to the Universe’s flow.

We are learning to move away from the rigid expectations others or society have put onto us. We are learning that it’s okay to want to go in an alternative direction or do something untraditional. We are learning to give ourselves permission to be who we are.


Sextiles Create Harmony


These two cycles are joining together through the aspect of a sextile. A sextile occurs when a 60 degree angle is formed. Symbolically this is a positive aspect that provides harmony and growth. What this means is that Uranus in Taurus and the True Node in Capricorn are working together.

There are some surprise left turns in the forecast but we may discover these are the best detours ever. It’s that feeling when you have no idea where you are but feel a sense of adventure. This is about being open to a change of direction and not knowing where we are headed. To get to this point we need to be okay releasing control.


There is a force moving through us. This force is opening us up to the Universe and all sorts of experiences. But, if we think we are the only ones steering the ship, we may feel uncomfortable or stressed out. Not being open to change is what will leave us unsettled.


Becoming Aware of Our Impact


We don’t have to know all the answers but we do have to be aware of the implications of our actions. We need to take a look at the choices we are individually making and assess their impact. It’s overwhelming at times to see the ways we are living unsustainably. We might be seeing all sorts of leaks we want to patch up and fix. The point here is to notice what we want to change and then be open to creative solutions.


Living With Earth


This has everything to do with how we are living on Earth. Better yet, this has to do with how we are living WITH Earth. We are being asked to shift from a belief system that sees nature as something to own or claim and instead see her as our partner.

We might not know how to make the big changes needed to ensure our partner, Planet Earth, is respected but we can take responsibility for ourselves. What changes can we make in our lives? What can we use less of? Can we offer our energy towards serving the Planet instead of focusing on how we can be served?


Uranus and the True Node are Inviting us to Change


For some these may feel like heavy times. Others may feel roaring and ready to go. We are all individuals and it’s crucial to stay in our own lanes. Instead of pointing the finger in blame, may we look in the mirror and get clear on where we no longer want to stay the same.

We hope you enjoyed this article and found it valuable. Please share with us what resonated with you the most. Sending infinite love & blessings your way! – The Moon Omens Team



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