article The Jupiter Uranus Conjunction 2024: Investing in Our Visions
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The Jupiter Uranus Conjunction 2024: Investing in Our Visions

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April 18, 2024

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On April 18, 02:37 PM —

On April 20, 10:27 PM EST, Jupiter and Uranus perfect their conjunction at 21º49’ of Taurus offering us an invitation to invest in our visions and see our reality with new eyes. This alignment also reminds us to stay grounded and connected with our bodies during a time of accelerated growth, expansion, and revolutionary collective changes.

We have been feeling this electric energy for weeks and will continue to feel it for a while as Jupiter slowly separates from Uranus and moves into Gemini. 

While this alignment marks a relevant turning point for the collective, those born with planets or angles around the 21º of Fixed signs will experience it more personally. The individuals personally impacted by the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction are more likely to experience a shift in consciousness, receive new insights about their future and visions, and come across unexpected opportunities for growth and expansion.

An Overview of Jupiter-Uranus cycles


The moment of the exact conjunction between two planets can be compared to a New Moon, a fresh start that facilitates a shift in awareness and sets in motion a new evolutionary process.

Jupiter and Uranus have now completed the cycle that started in 2010. In June 2010, the two planets met at 0º of Aries, and then they met again twice in the late degrees of Pisces, in September 2010 and January 2011. That old cycle has come to a close: we have been asked to let go of what we started back then, of the beliefs and visions we had, of the desires and dreams we were pursuing. The closing phase of a cycle can bring feelings of disillusionment, linked to the realization that the dreams we have been following, the beliefs we have been orienting our lives to, or the ideals we might have been fighting for, are no longer true or relevant in today’s world.

Jupiter and Uranus are now starting a new 14-year cycle. The Jupiter-Uranus cycle that begins now in Taurus will generate very tangible shifts in our world, in the 3D reality, and in our beliefs. It will be centered around revolutionizing the financial systems, the global socio-economic structures, our relationship to money, how we meet our survival needs, our value systems, and our relationship to our bodies and Nature. This process is starting now and it is going to unfold for the upcoming 14 years, until Jupiter and Uranus meet again in 2037, at 23º Cancer. 

Jupiter Uranus conjunction

Jupiter in Taurus: Abundance is Our Birthright


Jupiter is the planet of luck, authenticity, and growth: he expands whatever it touches, for good or bad. Also referred to as the Greater Benefic, Jupiter always aims for more and tries to make everything bigger. This planet is associated with our ongoing search for truth and meaning, with our beliefs, our guiding life philosophy, and the ideologies we adhere to. The traditional ruler of both Sagittarius and Pisces, Jupiter is connected with faith, optimism, generosity, intuitive learning, and the Natural Laws.

Jupiter has been in Taurus since May 16, 2023, and is going to remain here until May 25, 2024. His transit through the sign of the Bull has been inviting us to attune to the frequency of prosperity, reminding us that abundance is our birthright. 

Jupiter in Taurus magnifies our need for stability, our appreciation for pleasure and comfort, and our drive to create conditions of material and financial security as a way to grant our survival. This transit has been inviting us to renew our existing beliefs about wealth, money, and abundance, and inspiring us to deepen our faith in ourselves, our confidence in our talents and skills, our connection with our physical body, and our awareness of our inherent value.


Uranus in Taurus: Radical Shifts in Collective Values and Socio-Economic Structures


Also known as the Great Awakener, Uranus’ function is to liberate us from conditioning, conformity, and stagnation, and help us get in contact with our unique, individuated self. This is the planet most attuned to the future, connected with the Higher Mind, the Akashic records, sudden flashes of insights, and revelations seemingly coming out of the blue. Uranus’ energy is electric, unexpected, disruptive, and shocking: for this reason, this is also the planet associated with sudden trauma and the process of dissociation. 

Uranus remains in the same Zodiac sign for approximately seven years and marks generational and collective cycles. The modern ruler of Aquarius, discovered by accident only in 1871, has been in Taurus since 2018 and is going to enter Gemini in 2025. His transit through Taurus is a reflection of the widespread social, political, and financial changes that are taking place, as well as of the shift in collective values and in our relationship to money, natural resources, the Earth, and our bodies.

Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Taurus: Finding Comfort in Change


Just a few hours after the Sun’s ingress into Taurus, Jupiter and Uranus meet in the sign, emphasizing the prominence of this energy. As a Fixed Earth archetype, Taurus has to do with what is tangible, solid, and long-lasting. 

This is the sign associated with survival instinct, with what is essential and irreplaceable, with the foundation of everything we build or create. Taurus has to do with food and energy supplies, natural resources and materials, with what is needed for life to continue, for society to keep running, and for humans to stay alive. Abundance and pleasure are keywords connected to this sign, which is associated with our relationship with our bodies, senses, and sensuality, as well as our relationship with Nature, the Earth, and natural cycles.

Taurus has a lot to do with simplicity, and this conjunction revolutionizes our relationship with simplicity as well as our beliefs about simplicity. During times of intense, quick, and destabilizing social, political, and economic changes, many of us are feeling the urge to come back to simplicity, to what is essential, in order to recover our connection with the present moment, with our bodies, with what is true.

We have already been experiencing the tension between the comfort and stability-oriented vibe of Taurus and the growth and change-oriented energies of Jupiter and Uranus. Around this time, these contrasting frequencies are being strongly experienced and the challenge for us is to find creative solutions to harmonize them and learn to find comfort in change.


Staying Grounded as We Expand


The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus underlines the importance of feeling safe within ourselves and making sure we stay grounded and connected with our bodies during periods of expansion, change, and accelerated growth. The current configuration emphasizes the value of having an ongoing connection with our physical experiences and an awareness of what is happening for us somatically and in our nervous system. Being grounded is a prerequisite to being able to navigate moments of increased stress, turmoil, and overall activation, even when we perceive the changes we are experiencing as positive, stimulating, or exciting.

Uranus is connected to electricity, Jupiter to expansion, and Taurus to our physical bodies. Around this time, we can expect to feel more electric energy in our bodies and more intellectual dynamism. More energy is available to us, which many of us could mistake for anxiety or perceive as an ongoing feeling of restlessness and scatteredness. To make the most of the opportunities for expansion brought by the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, we need to feel safe in our bodies as we get accustomed to the shifts in energy and keep our feet on the ground as we integrate the quantum leaps that are taking place.

The Future is Present


Taurus is very concerned with what is tangible, with what we can touch, feel, and perceive right now, while both Jupiter and Uranus can get lost in the world of ideas, ideologies, and future possibilities.

What Jupiter and Uranus have in common is that they are projected toward the future yet, while Jupiter is connected with earthly wisdom, Uranus has access to wisdom coming from higher realms and different timelines and dimensions. Their alignment in Taurus helps us integrate the two, bring this wisdom down to earth, and apply it in a way that changes our lives in very practical and tangible ways. This combination of energies offers us an invitation to do the necessary work to manifest our visions in 3D reality.

The current planetary configuration reminds us that the future is present, that our future is built in the present, and that our present choices create our future. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction offers us an invitation to commit to doing what it takes to manifest our future visions and dreams, one step at a time.

Simultaneously, the Jupiter-Uranus alignment in Taurus invites us to see the present with new eyes and helps us recognize those paths and possibilities that have been available for a while but we could not see because of our conditioning, limiting beliefs, or lack of trust in ourselves, in our capacities, and in Life.


Collective Shifts in Economy, Markets, and Supply Chains


From a collective and mundane standpoint, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction marks the beginning of a 14-year cycle that is going to be colored by very tangible and lasting shifts in the socio-political climate, in the global economy, in financial markets, in the use of energy and natural resources, and in the systems of food production and distribution. 

Around this time, more unexpected changes in these areas are likely, as the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is asking for a radical revolution of the systems and structures at the very foundation of our society and economy. 

It is relevant to mention that Uranus is now the ruling planet of Pluto, currently in the early degrees of Aquarius. For this reason, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is magnifying and accelerating the global shifts already catalyzed by Pluto’s ingress in Aquarius.

From an evolutionary standpoint, we can say that the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is inviting the collective, and each of us as individuals, to liberate ourselves from limiting beliefs, and assumptions about ourselves, about money, about pleasure, about our bodies, about survival, and about abundance. The Jupiter-Uranus alignment configuration inspires us to be visionary and explore new, unusual, unconventional paths to make a living, generate financial security, manage our resources, and ultimately be able to live our lives in alignment with our true values.

This is also a time to collectively reflect on and make changes in our relationship with Nature, the Earth, and natural resources. Extreme and unexpected natural events are possible around this time and, if they occur, they will force us to recognize how we have been out of alignment and make necessary adjustments.

The Jupiter Uranus conjunction: Be True to Who You Are


The Jupiter-Uranus alignment increases our desire for freedom, independence, and authentic self-expression. It inspires us to honor our uniqueness, to embrace our quirks, and to not be afraid to stand out from the crowd. In Taurus, this alignment reminds us that our visions have value and that we shouldn’t be scared to invest in them and ultimately invest in ourselves.

Both Jupiter and Uranus are concerned with authenticity: they both inspire us to honor our uniqueness and be true to who we are. Many of us may not even be sure of who we are at our core, and this alignment offers us a wonderful opportunity to start finding out and begin to develop a new relationship with ourselves by committing to dismantling our conditioning, layer by layer. This powerful conjunction inspires us to acknowledge how we aren’t in alignment with our authentic selves and begin to restructure our lives according to our personal truth.


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