article Taurus Season 2023: Stability Amidst Chaos
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Taurus Season 2023: Stability Amidst Chaos

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April 19, 2023

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On April 19, 11:11 AM —

On April 20, 04:14 AM ET, just a few hours after the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries, the Sun moves into Taurus, kicking off Taurus season 2023. Because Taurus season and Eclipse season are starting simultaneously, we can see the ingress of the Sun into Taurus as an invitation to cultivate a solid connection with our center, to find a feeling of inner stability amidst the chaos, and access a sense of inner security while we navigate disruptive and intense times.

The beginning of Taurus season is a relevant event for everyone, and it is going to be most impactful for those of us who were born with planets and angles in Fixed signs. Those of us more strongly impacted by this season will have opportunities to deepen their connection with themselves and their physical body, work on becoming more self-resourced, focus on aligning their priorities and their values, and explore any resistance to change that may come up.

From Aries to Taurus Season: Consolidating What We Started, Learning to Receive


While Aries is a Yang, Masculine, and Cardinal Fire sign, meant to initiate and lead following the pulse of desire and instinct, Taurus is a Yin, Feminine, Earth, and Fixed sign, meant to learn to receive, build, magnetize, and materialize. 

Taurus has to do with matter, with form, with flesh. While Aries corresponds to the moment of birth, Taurus corresponds to the moment of realizing we are alive and we have a body, and we need to create conditions that allow our body to survive, that allow life to continue. For this reason, Taurus is connected to the physical aspect of sexuality and procreation, as well as to the ability to use one’s resources to generate abundance and create a foundation for life to thrive upon.

Through Taurus, we learn to receive what the Universe provides us, we learn to hold and cultivate abundance, we learn to generate new resources by wisely harnessing the ones we have. This archetype is connected with our relationship with money, abundance, and wealth, with our capacity to materialize our visions and consolidate what we have started thanks to the fiery impulse of Aries. 

Taurus season brings the spotlight on our relationship with our bodies and with pleasure. It is an invitation to renew our connection with our unique gifts and talents and explore how we can apply our skills to generate resources. This time of the year is also a moment to reflect on our core values, notice whether our life choices are aligned with them or not, and establish adjustments when needed. This theme is going to be emphasized by the upcoming Mercury retrograde cycle in the sign of the Bull, starting on April 21.

Taurus Season 2023

Taurus Season 2023: Aspects and Lunations


Taurus season 2023 is starting simultaneously with the beginning of Eclipse season. During the upcoming weeks, we are going to experience a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio and a New Moon in Taurus.

The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio is happening on May 5 and the Full Moon will be conjunct with the Lunar South Node. This is a potent event that is going to bring a strong feeling of culmination and release. The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio will shed light on something we have been working on during the entire Eclipse cycle in Taurus and Scorpio, highlighting issues related to attachment, change, sexuality, intimacy, and finances. This Eclipse represents a time of deep purging, a time to close cycles, to let go of toxic attachments and disempowering patterns, and remove what doesn’t work in our lives.

The New Moon in Taurus on May 19 is the lunation that closes the Eclipse portal, the first New Moon that is not an Eclipse after Eclipse season started. Every New Moon contains the promise of a fresh start, and this New Moon in Taurus begins a lunar cycle centered around coming back to basics and rebuilding our foundations after the intensity of Eclipse season. However, the Sun and the Moon are going to be in wide conjunction with Uranus, which signals the potential for some more unexpected changes unfolding throughout the following weeks.


Sun in aspect to Pluto, Saturn, and the North Node


The Sun is entering Taurus in a square aspect to Pluto at 0º Aquarius. We are going to feel this one for the next few days. The Sun-Pluto square invites us to look at those places where a desire for power and control arises, and we feel tempted to overpower others or establish dominance over our environment, maybe through indirect means. It is a good time to explore our relationship with power and with feeling powerful, and notice what fears or wounds may be related to our desire for power or our fear of it.

The Sun joins the North Node on April 24. This alignment is an invitation to shine and let our talents and skills be seen. The Sun conjunct the North Node in Taurus brings the spotlight on our personal and collective evolutionary journey and invites us to let go of beliefs and coping strategies that don’t allow us to build secure and stable foundations for our lives.

The Sun in Taurus forms a sextile to Saturn in Pisces on April 25. This aspect supports a pragmatic, productive, and effective use of our energy and creativity. The Sun-Saturn sextile is a favorable time to renew our commitment to what we are in service to and focus on creating a structure, a foundation that supports that.

Taurus Season 2023

Sun in aspect to retrograde Mercury, Uranus, and Neptune


On May 1, the Sun and retrograde Mercury meet in Taurus, forming what is known as the inferior Sun-Mercury conjunction. Mercury is said to cleanse and purify itself in the heart of the Sun. This event corresponds to a time of fresh ideas, clarity, and new understandings, and can be a time when subconscious content emerges into our conscious awareness.

The Sun is going to cross Uranus in Taurus on May 9. The Sun-Uranus conjunction indicates a time of revolutionary and electric energy. This aspect increases our desire for independence and freedom, supports creativity and innovation, and inspires us to experiment with new ways of expressing ourselves, creating, and showing up in life.

On May 18, the Sun forms a sextile to Neptune in Pisces. This alignment increases our sensitivity and our capacity to connect with and express universal feelings. The Sun-Neptune sextile will inspire us to explore non-linear channels of expression and dive deeper into our spiritual practices. 


Taurus Season 2023: Becoming Self-Resourced


The ingress of the Sun in the sign of the Bull brings our focus to our relationship with ourselves, our physical bodies, and our senses. Taurus season is an invitation to reflect on what is valuable to us, explore our value system, notice our relationship with self-worth, and pay attention to the value we attribute to our time, our energy, and our resources.

This time of the year puts the spotlight on cultivating self-value, on respecting ourselves, on knowing our worth and making decisions accordingly, even when it’s painful, challenging, and inconvenient. This theme will continue to be relevant for many months, as Jupiter enters Taurus on May 16 and is going to remain in the sign for one year.

Resourcefulness and being self-resourced are also themes connected to Taurus and in particular to the transit of the North Node in the sign. The invitation to become more self-resourced, to learn to meet our own needs instead of expecting others to meet them, will be in the spotlight during the upcoming weeks and in particular around the time of the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. Around this time, we will have opportunities to see our attachment and resistance patterns more clearly and commit to begin making different choices.

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