article Super Full Moon in Pisces Season – March 9th
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Super Full Moon in Pisces Season – March 9th

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March 5, 2020

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This Super Full Moon is occuring on March 9th 2020 at 5:46pm UT. The Sun will be transiting the constellation of Pisces and the Moon will be in Virgo.


What is a Super Full Moon?


A Super Full Moon occurs when the Moon connects to “the perigee”, which essentially means the point of the moon’s orbit that’s nearest to the Earth. A Super Full Moon means that we will have a stunning display in the sky. The Moon will have a larger than normal presence in the sky at dusk. Basically, this a chance to get up close and personal with the Moon. 

march lunar calendar

What if the planets weren’t “doing” anything to us, but instead we saw them as currents of energy flowing all around us?


When we know which way the energy is flowing, we can choose which way we want to swim. Having an awareness of the cosmic currents is an opportunity that connects us to this exciting journey playing out in our Universe and simultaneously on our Earth.


We can think of the Celestial Bodies, the Constellations and their astrological significance as a gateway to understanding the divine plan or matrix.


It’s not only that these energy centres are outside of us, since we too are energy, let’s imagine that they are reflections of movements, motions and shifts occurring within each of us.  Some people are going to choose to become aware, others will not. Through embracing energetic astrology, a thought form that sees astrological happenings as energetic currents playing out around and within us; we can receive clarity during intense times. 


A Super Full Moon is an opportunity to bridge our physical and non physical senses.


Just looking up at the super full moon shining in all her glory is powerful. It’s something none of us can deny, because we see her rising in the sky. It’s a fact and it’s a meeting point.

Now when it comes to understanding the energetic significance of a Super Full Moon there is no one right or wrong way. This is because within each of us is a deep knowing, a primal force and an interconnection with all that is. If we spend time during a full moon sitting under her light or listening to her within ourselves we can receive our own artistic understanding of her energy. However, there are also some collective highways of energy to jump on.


Super Full Moon in Pisces Season: Being the Bridge


This Super Full Moon is happening as the Sun transits Pisces, these 30 days which began on February 18 and ends March 19th, is also called Pisces Season. During every Full Moon the Sun and Moon are in opposite sides of the sky. Essentially, the Sun is shining a direct spotlight on the moon, which illuminates and builds her up in the sky. This Full Moon is in Pisces’ opposite sign, Virgo.

To understand the collective message for this Full Moon let’s first look at the significance of Pisces and Virgo. Pisces is spiritual energy. It’s our sensitivities, our intuitive sensations and our inner knowings. Pisces energy does not make any logical sense. It’s felt and experienced; not thought out.

Pisces is about connecting to our innate abilities and aligning to the force of life. We could experience this as a spiritual energy by meditating or creating a sacred space for ourselves. Or we could feel this cosmic pulse by acknowledging the magic that keeps our hearts beating and the sun Rising.

yoga full moon rituals

Virgo energy is the exact opposite. Virgo is all about the rational, logical and realistic sides to life. It’s the plan, the details and where we are investing our physical energy. Although Virgo energy is grounded in physical reality, it has an innate ability to heal. When we are able to assess the details, diagnose the situation or face the reality of things; we are then able to transform. Ignoring the facts may feel comfortable for the time being, but at the end of the day it will not support us on our individual or collective evolution.


This Super Full Moon is inviting us to get real. To take our spirituality to the streets. To embody and align with Source Energy, the Divine.


In many ways Pisces is representative of the heavens, the dreams, the astral and the magic. Virgo is connected to 3D reality, matter and what is playing out right now in a literal sense. Since the Sun and Moon will be opposite one another this can create a contrast. It could feel like a tug of war between the Sun’s energy, which represents our conscious awareness and the Moon’s energy which is connected to our feelings. We might feel uncomfortable if our actions and feelings are not on the same page. However, if we are embracing our emotions and acting upon them in a grounded way this Super Full Moon can be very empowering. 

This Super Full Moon is inviting us each to become the bridge between the cosmos and Earth. As humans we are this sweet spot of physical and spiritual energy. We have tangible bodies, we eat and are grounded on the planet; while at the same time we have dreams, intuitions and non physical senses.


Now is the time to bridge the infinite potential of the cosmos down-to-Earth. Astrology is a tool that helps us achieve this.


We don’t have to know all the details and understand all the terms. All we need to have is a willingness to look up at the moon, open our minds and feel. Bonus points if we can then take action on those feelings. Moving from our hearts and making a ripple of impact out into the world is what this is all about.

There are some other guests attending this Full Moon party. Mercury retrograde, Neptune and Black Moon Lilith are all in the constellation of Pisces adding their unique flavour to this Full Moon’s energy. The Universe is like a symphony orchestra with many instruments playing notes which come together to make the song. The following themes are unique tunes adding to the music ringing through the collective.


Mercury Retrograde: The Potent Power of Perception


Let’s start with Mercury Retrograde. This gives us a chance to rethink the bridge between heaven and Earth. It’s giving us an opportunity to see where we are escaping and where we are choosing to be down-to-Earth. 

Yes, things are foggy and potentially unclear, but there is magic in this. Mercury retrograde is showing us that all is not as it seems, sure this can be frustrating, but it can also leave room for surprises. It’s important to be aware of the stories we are telling ourselves and remember these narratives may not be happening exactly as we think. At the core, this transit is teaching us that our perceptions either connect us to the force of life (aka Divine/Spirit/Goddess/whatever-we-want-to-call-it), or disconnect us.

mercury retrograde

The latter will feel uncomfortable but separation is a part of life on Earth. Our words and thoughts are magic and this time period is inviting us to get real with how we are using that power. What kinds of webs are we weaving? The invitation here is to be open, be compassionate and mostly importantly be kind. Read more about this Mercury Retrograde, tap here


Neptune in Pisces: Discovering our Deep Selves


Neptune is in Pisces from 2011 until 2025 and this is an era of connecting to our deep selves. We no longer have to think of the divine as something outside of us.  There is a lot of delusion, confusion, mixed messages and outdated versions of power floating around. The key is to embody a down-to-Earth approach to spirituality. Using buzz words, following a guru and only keeping things positive chains us to the shallow self. These are years of embracing our inner mermaids and mermen; diving deep into the waters of ourselves and embracing our unique path which is unlike anyone else’s. 


Black Moon Lilith in Pisces: Unleashing Our Creative Capabilities


Finally, we have Black Moon Lilith in Pisces. Technically speaking she is the “apogee of the moon” which is a fancy way of saying the point where the moon’s orbit is the farthest from Earth. Symbolically she represents the repressed divine feminine. She’s the parts of us who have been told we are too much. It’s the place where we have been silenced or told to obey.

black moon lilith

This Full Moon is igniting her, unleashing her and asking us to embrace every corner of our powerful, potent and innate creative capabilities. It’s important to note that she is not meant to be pretty. She is angry, she is sad, she’s in ecstasy. She’s the full spectrum of emotions. She’s always changing. 


Ebbing and Flowing like the Tides


When we are able to allow our emotions to flow, just like the tides of the ocean, becoming aware of the highs and the lows; then we are living the current astrological transits. We do not have to understand, but we do need to remain open and willing to transform. This Super Full Moon, along with the influences of the other Celestial Bodies, are showing us the power of energetic awareness.

The power of a world that aligns and then acts. The power of individuals who are synthesizing with these changing times. The power of those who choose to grow. The power of those who are connecting to their deep selves and transmitting their magic to Earth. There is no expectations or one size fits all. 

All we have to do is become willing to look up at the Super Full Moon, look within ourselves and listen. 

Comment below if you can feel this wonderful energy too and please share with others 🙂 Happy Super Full Moon! Sending infinite love and blessings your way ~ The Moon Omens Team


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