article Super Full Moon in Aries: Choosing Ourselves
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Super Full Moon in Aries: Choosing Ourselves

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September 26, 2023

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On September 26, 09:46 AM —

On September 29, 05:57 AM ET, we experience a Full Super Moon at 6º00’ of Aries, an invitation to move toward authentic relating and choose ourselves before we try to be chosen by another. This is a Supermoon, as it is happening closer than usual to the Earth, as well as the last Full Moon that is not an Eclipse before the Eclipse season begins, on October 14. The Aries Full Moon comes with a potent energy of change.

This lunation will be felt more strongly by those of us who were born with planets or angles in the early degrees of Cardinal signs. The individuals more strongly impacted by the Aries Full Moon are more likely to experience changes in their relationships as well as a clearer awareness of their desires and needs. They will be invited to recover their connection with their courage and channel the energy of anger in an empowering, creative way.

Full Harvest Moon in Aries: Balancing “Me” and “We”


Full Moons represent the culmination of the lunar cycle and come with an energy of release, closure, and maturation. The second half of the lunar month is a time to slow down, release our efforts, and focus on letting go rather than on building, doing, and achieving.

The Full Moon closest to September’s Equinox is also popularly known as the Harvest Moon and comes with the harvest season in the Northern Hemisphere. These days, we have opportunities to reap what we sow and witness the results of our work. 

On a Full Moon, the Moon is completely illuminated as she is exactly opposite the Sun from our perspective on Earth and the luminaries occupy opposite degrees of opposite Zodiac signs. The light of the Sun brings more clarity about our inner, emotional world, offering us chances to reach a deeper level of awareness.

At this time of the month, we feel the natural tension between the two opposing and complementary signs activated by the Sun-Moon opposition, in this case, Libra and Aries. The Aries-Libra polarity is the relational axis, and it is connected with the journey of balancing “me” and “we”, self and other.

With the Aries-Libra axis in the spotlight, we have an opportunity to find a better harmony between investing in ourselves and investing in our relationships, between concentrating on our desire for independent self-actualization and fulfilling our need for connection and belonging.

During Libra season, a time of the year especially focused on mastering relationships, attuning to others, and refining our social skills, the Aries Full Moon invites us to make sure that we aren’t neglecting ourselves, our needs, and our desires.


The Power of Anger as a Creative Catalyst


Aries rules sharp objects and cuts, and this Full Moon in the sign of the Warrior could inspire many of us to cut or lovingly release cords, attachments, and relationships that have run their course, that are no longer aligned with our highest good, that are no longer true.

The Aries Full Moon invites us to ask ourselves what is worth fighting for, what is worth protecting, and also to reflect on what fighting means to us. Around this time, our relationships may rearrange, shift their form, or upgrade, as we get clearer and more confident about what we truly need and desire.

When the Moon is in Aries, we have a great opportunity to connect with our passion, with our courage, and with the creative potential of our anger. Anger is not only destructive, it can be a creative catalyst when we know how to channel this energy rather than getting carried away by it. 

Anger tends to be demonized, judged, and feared. However, it is necessary to have an empowering, conscious relationship with our anger to progress in both our individuation and our healing journeys. This Full Moon offers us an opportunity to recover our connection with the power of our anger and harness this energy to generate positive changes in our lives.


Mars conjunct the South Node and opposite Chiron


Mars is the planetary ruler of the Aries Full Moon and his condition gives us more information about the energy that the Full Moon brings. Mars is in the sign of Libra, conjunct with the South Node of the Moon, and opposing Chiron in Aries.

When planets are close to the South Node, their energy gets magnified and tends to be expressed in an unconscious, instinctual fashion. During this time, many of us are likely to feel triggered and act out old, repressed, and unexpressed anger, which could get activated by present events and situations. As always, reflecting on what triggers us will give us opportunities to learn more about ourselves, break repetitive patterns, and heal old wounds.

The activation of the South Node of the Moon always offers us an opportunity to release, purge, and let go of the past. However, if we follow the path of least resistance, we are likely to keep perpetuating old cycles: different choices are needed at this time if we aim to write a different story. 

The Chiron-North Node conjunction in Aries is a clear invitation to prioritize our healing, especially healing wounds that prevent us from confidently asserting ourselves, setting boundaries, honoring our desires, and making courageous choices that support our independence and individuality.

Oppositions facilitate clarity and awareness, and the Mars-Chiron opposition in Libra and Aries is bringing these wounds into the spotlight for us to see more clearly. These days, we have chances to observe where we are drawn to pleasing others at the expense of our desires, where we withhold our truth to be liked and accepted, where we find it hard to assert ourselves and share what we want with confidence, where we have troubles taking initiatives and taking risks, where we feel uncomfortable about owning our desires, our anger, and our sexual expression.

Mars is also forming a sextile to Venus in Leo. The harmonic aspect between the relationship planets will remind us of the value of communication in relationships and support us in the journey of harmonizing our needs and desires with the needs and desires of others.

Super Full Moon in Aries

The Venus-Uranus Square: Time for Radical Changes


As the Full Moon peaks, Venus in Leo exactly squares Uranus in Taurus for the third time. This aspect reflects an urge to break free from relationships, jobs, and commitments that aren’t true, that aren’t nourishing, that aren’t aligned with our values, purpose, and Soul’s path, that aren’t supporting our authentic expression.

Venus and Uranus already squared each other twice in the past weeks, as Venus recently ended her retrograde period. The two previous squares took place on July 2 and August 9, and this third one is bringing the process that started back then to completion. Turning points are likely around this time: many of us will feel drawn to make drastic changes and take radical decisions according to the process they went through while Venus was retrograde and in the post-shadow phase.

The Venus-Uranus square offers us an opportunity to explore different relationship paradigms and release our attachment to ways of relating that no longer feel resonant. This aspect indicates an urge to seek excitement, stimulation, and new experiences, as well as a higher likelihood of feeling attracted by people, situations, and opportunities that are somehow unconventional, unusual, and outside the norm.

The Venus-Uranus square indicates a tendency to gravitate toward high-sensation experiences, to live in the moment, and to follow sudden, electric attractions. Make sure you aren’t chasing excitement in an addictive fashion and that you are following authentic desires.


Full Moon in Aries: Moving Toward Authentic Relating


The Aries Full Moon offers us an invitation to get in touch with our strength, our power, and our courage, and to adjust how much energy and focus we are directing toward nurturing our relationships with others, and how much energy and focus we are directing toward nurturing our relationship with ourselves, our needs, and our desires.

Around this time, we have an opportunity to assess the balance between independence and interdependence in our lives. This lunation reminds us that we can’t relate to others authentically if our own needs and desires are unacknowledged, or if we don’t even know what we need and what we want.

These days, we have an opportunity to come into deeper contact with ourselves and our desires: the Aries Full Moon invites us to fill our own cup and to make sure we are choosing ourselves, caring for ourselves, and respecting ourselves, before we try to be chosen, cared for, and respected by another.


Crystal Pick for Super Full Moon in Aries: Sardonyx


For this powerful Full Moon in Aries, you need a powerful Aries stone like Sardonyx to help you harness your strength and integrity, ground into your body, ignite your passion, and tap into your innate instincts. 

This gorgeous stone in bands of red and yellow strengthens your lower chakras, igniting your courage, confidence, and capacity to move into action to pursue your goals. Protective and uplifting, its energy soothes stress, anxiety, and fear, settles chaotic and heightened emotions, and allows room for optimism, hope, and happiness to sneak in.

Use it during this Libra season to help you stand in your own convictions, make clear decisions, and maintain a balance between your individual needs and desires and those of others. It helps restore your vital energy and enthusiasm for life so you can get out there and live with the passion, fire, and conviction of your soul!


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Leave a comment below with what resonated with you the most and tap on the heart if you liked this article.. Happy Super Full Moon in Aries!


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