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Before Cancer season comes to an end, the Sun in Cancer opposes Jupiter and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn.

These events are happening on July 14th and 15th: nonetheless, we are likely to feel their effects for at least a couple of weeks – a week before and a week after the exact oppositions take place.


Oppositions: Projection and Polarization


Oppositions are aspects of polarization: we often experience them through relationships and in the context of social interactions, as they involve a certain amount of projection. Projection is not something inherently wrong. We live in a polarized world, and becoming aware of personality traits we don’t fully embody or own through other people can be helpful and even inspiring. 

Sun opposite Jupiter and Pluto

The danger of projection is entirely disowning aspects of ourselves we are not proud of, and condemning them when we see them in others. If we are extremely unconscious of these personality traits, we may even deny to possess them when others call us out.

When we have an opposition, the planetary energy that we are encouraged to become aware of is typically the most unconscious one, but the key to master this aspect is finding a balance between the expression of the planets involved. 

Wherever the Sun is, our awareness goes. The sign where the Sun is transiting each month corresponds to a kind of energy we easily recognize and express. During these weeks Jupiter and Pluto demand our attention and ask us to make an effort to balance the Cancerian energy with its polarity, Capricorn.


The Cancer-Capricorn Axis: Individual Needs vs Societal Obligations


Oppositions often involve a clash between the desires, the feelings and the emotions of an individual and the needs of other people, or the obligations and duties of society. Right now, this last theme is extremely emphasized as we are dealing with the Cancer-Capricorn axis.

The Cancer-Capricorn polarity is all about finding flow between our personal life and our social obligations. The transit of the Sun through Cancer inspires us to focus on self-care, personal, and family time, he invites us to take care of our home and our surroundings. 

On the other hand, all the emphasis we have been having on the archetype of Capricorn is deeply affecting and transforming our societal structures. It is influencing the way we perceive our social function and our duties, how we relate to the external world of laws and governments, as well as our concept of authority.

Dedicating 100% of our time, focus, and energy to either one or the other is not healthy. The opposition between the Sun and Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn reminds us that we need to cultivate both. The invitation is taking care of ourselves and our well being without forgetting our duties and responsibilities.


Sun opposite Jupiter – Authenticity and Accountability


Jupiter, the natural ruler of Sagittarius, is the biggest planet of the Solar System; it is related to abundance, expansion, exploration, and the never ending search for the meaning of life. Jupiter correlates with the Natural Laws: this planet inspires us to be genuine and spontaneous and to follow our intuition.

Jupiter is going to be in Capricorn for the whole of 2020: during this year, he invites us to be authentic in how we show up in the world and take accountability for our mistakes, even though it may hurt our ego. 

Sun opposite Jupiter and Pluto

As the Sun opposes Jupiter, he illuminates everything that’s not genuine and real. We may become conscious of patterns of behaviors we adopt in society that are not authentically reflecting our inner self, or of those shadow traits that we have been expressing unconsciously.

Moreover, as the flaws of institutions, governments, and societal structures are being exposed, we are encouraged to revisit our belief system and reevaluate if it is still valid, after the events that have been taking place recently.


Sun opposite Pluto – Overcoming Limitations with Creativity


Pluto, the natural ruler of Scorpio, is considered the force of evolution: his transits bring forth massive transformation of the sign he is traveling through and the other planets he comes into contact with.

Pluto has been transiting Capricorn since 2008 and won’t be in Aquarius before 2023. During this time, the Lord of the Underworld has been exposing all the flaws of the systems and hierarchies that have been in place for thousands of years, as well as the shadow traits each individual expresses in a social context.

The opposition between the Sun and Pluto invites us to become aware of any compulsive pattern of behavior that blocks further growth, to make conscious choices, and commit to self-honesty. 

Sun opposite Jupiter and Pluto

We may know we have a special purpose to fulfill, but still feel unsure about how to make it relevant in the framework of society. As we come across obstacles and blockages, we may recognize the need to ask for help or join forces with others in order to move forward.

This aspect between Pluto and the Sun has the potential to promote the regeneration of our creative energy, and a complete metamorphosis of our sense of purpose. The Sun represents our life force, our vitality, and the conscious expression of our personality: Pluto shows us the limits of our personal power, yet he also inspires us to creatively transform the limitations we encounter.

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