Scorpio Season 2020 Moon Omens
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On October 22, at 7:00 PM ET, the Sun enters Scorpio, the sign related to death, rebirth, and transformation. Wherever the Sun is transiting, our conscious awareness goes: the yearly journey of the Sun through the Underworld puts the spotlight on our unconscious psychological dynamics, our secret fears, our obsessions, and our existential issues.

During the transit of the Sun through Scorpio, we have the opportunity of seeing ourselves and the world around us through a different lens, and we naturally feel the need to investigate. We ask more specific questions, we dig deeper and deeper: we want to know what’s truly going on, what’s beneath the surface.

Throughout the upcoming month, we have the chance to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us by becoming aware of our subconscious intentions, motivations, and desires.


From Libra to Scorpio: Deepening our Relationships


The Zodiac in its natural order can be seen as the natural progressions of twelve phases, each one representing an essential and necessary step in the evolution of consciousness.

The first sign, Aries, symbolizes the birth of the Self and the separation from Source. Pisces, on the contrary, represents our highest spiritual potential and the return to oneness and unity consciousness. For this reason, Pisces can be considered the very first archetype, the beginning and the end of our evolutionary journey.

While Aries is the sign representing the Self, Libra, the opposite one, represents the Other. Libra season represents a necessary phase of exploration of the social sphere, through which we are invited to learn about life through relationships.

Libra season is mainly a trial and error phase: Libra is a Yang, Cardinal Air archetype, through which we form a variety of connections with very different people in order to get to know ourselves through comparison and contrast with others.

As Scorpio season begins, we naturally internalize our focus, we question ourselves and the world more deeply. With Scorpio, a Yin, Fixed Water archetype, we let go of “talking about the weather” type of relationships and we focus on deepening our more significant connections, exploring emotional bonding, intimacy, trust, and vulnerability.


Scorpio Season 2020: Exploring our Soul’s Desires


Pluto, the planetary ruler of Scorpio, is related to our Soul’s desires, to our deepest unconscious wounds, to our most vulnerable places, our compulsions, obsessions, our unexplainable attractions and repulsions, often correlated with our previous lifetimes and the karmic journey of our Soul. Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 and will be there until 2023-2024; he stationed direct on October 4, after being in apparent retrograde motion for several months.

During Scorpio season 2020, Jupiter will form a conjunction with Pluto, the third and last one of a cycle of three: this planetary event is very relevant because it happens only every 12-13 years. The Pluto-Jupiter alignment is perfecting on November 12. However, since both Jupiter and Pluto move slowly, its influence will still be quite strong on November 16, when the New Supermoon in Scorpio is taking place.

The third Jupiter-Pluto conjunction will speed up the transformation of our belief systems, of our vision, and our sense of meaning, by exposing what has no value anymore, by bringing truth to the surface, and allowing us to become aware of our true desires.

Scorpio Season 2020

The Scorpio New Supermoon of November 16 is the very first New Moon after Jupiter and Pluto have met for the last time and begun their new 12 years cycle. For this reason, it represents an extremely powerful new beginning that kicks off a brand new period of growth for all of us, giving us the opportunity to align with our Soul’s evolutionary intentions.


Rare Blue Moon conjunct Uranus: Sudden Changes and Disruptions


On October 31, a rare Blue Full Moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus takes place. This is a very intense configuration: we are going to feel its influence for a few days before and after the perfect alignment, throughout the rest of the lunar cycle, until the Scorpio New Moon.

The Full Moon conjunct retrograde Uranus, both in opposition to the Sun, will highlight the ways we unconsciously try to create conditions of security in our lives. The Taurus-Scorpio axis is strongly related to our survival instinct and the natural human impulse for procreation, as well as to the human need for soul connection and deep emotional bonding with another.

Power plays and manipulation dynamics can emerge during these days: we may become aware of unconscious behaviors and compulsions, directly linked to the way we try to feel safe, that affect the way we show up in our intimate relationships.

Uranus is related to sudden shocks, disruptions, and unanticipated changes. Unexpected events have the potential to offer us an opportunity to elaborate and process past trauma that we haven’t been able to integrate previously.


Scorpio Season 2020: Rebirth and Transformation


Scorpio season 2020 is going to be about resilience, inner strength, and radical metamorphosis. 

During this period of time, we have the opportunity to leave our old patterns behind. We have the chance to embrace a more profound sense of authenticity, to discover who we truly are, what we truly want, and to transform completely.

Mercury stations direct on November 3 and enters Scorpio for the second time on November 10, increasing the emphasis on the Scorpio archetype, intensifying the depth of our perception and our thought processes. 

Mars, the traditional ruler of Scorpio, stations direct on November 13 after being retrograde since September 9, representing a key factor that will propel us, supporting our movement towards the future and our capacity to take immediate action.

Scorpio Season 2020

The Cosmos will ask us to honor our sensitivity and our vulnerability, to embrace all that we are. Scorpio season is an invitation to stop denying our pain, to acknowledge the depth of our wounds, to explore our fears and our compulsions without being afraid of our darkness, in order to be able to rise from our ashes with a more profound level of self-awareness.

Comment below with what resonated with you the most and tap on the heart if you loved reading this article. Happy and beautiful Scorpio season!

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