article Saturn retrograde in Pisces: Dreams and Reality
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Saturn retrograde in Pisces: Dreams and Reality

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June 17, 2023

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On June 17, 03:48 PM —

On June 17, 1:27 PM ET, Saturn stations retrograde at 7º12’ of Pisces offering us an invitation to redefine our dreams and how we go about actualizing them in the spacetime reality. Saturn’s shift of motion represents an opportunity to slow down and integrate what has been taking place while Saturn was direct in the sign. This is the first retrograde since Saturn entered Pisces: for this reason, it is particularly significant.

Saturn’s shift of motion will be particularly impactful for those of us with natal placements in the early degrees of Mutable signs, as well as for the individuals with Capricorn and Aquarius placements, as these are ruled by Saturn. This transit will encourage them to question their commitments and responsibilities, redefine their boundaries, and restructure their lives in a way that feels better aligned with their values and with how they aspire to be of service.

Saturn retrograde in Pisces: Phase of Integration and Readjustment


Saturn, the timekeeper of the Zodiac, has a 29.5-year cycle and spends roughly two and a half years in each sign. Astrologically, the ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius is associated with structure, the crystallization of form, and with the ability to manifest in the 3D space-time reality. This planet correlates to our relationship to responsibility, commitment, rules, and boundaries, and has to do with the law of cause and effect, with consequences and karma. Saturn initiates us into different phases of our maturation journey, and whenever he transits a sign, we are asked to embrace a more mature and conscious expression of that archetype.

Since March 2023, Saturn’s journey through Pisces has been bringing our attention to our relationship to spirituality, fantasy, and faith, encouraging us to observe where we tend to rely on escapist behaviors, avoid responsibility, have poor boundaries, or seek refuge in fantasy as a coping strategy.

When planets are said to go retrograde in Astrology, it means they are slowing down and appear to be moving backward from our perspective on Earth due to an optical illusion. The symbolism of retrograde is an invitation to turn inward and question the way we have been relating to the energy of the planet we are dealing with. Retrogrades accelerate our individuation process: retrograde planets call for rebellion, redefinition, restructuring, and renewal, inviting us to break free from conformity and from unconscious patterns of behavior resulting from internalized conditioning.


Saturn retrograde: Redefining our Relationship to Responsibility & Service


Saturn is going to be retrograde for five months and stations direct again on November 4, at 0º Pisces. When Saturn is retrograde, it is always an invitation for us to question, review, and restructure the way we relate to our responsibilities, obligations, and commitments.

Saturn retrograde in Pisces invites us to redefine how we perceive the relationship between commitment and service and encourages us to relate to mundane duties and obligations not only as burdens but as an integral part of our spiritual practice. 

This transit will inspire us to reflect on what responsibilities are ours to take and which ones are not. Are there places where we avoid responsibility? Are we indulging in passivity, expecting others to take care of us or save us? Do we always feel like a victim? Or do we identify as a savior who has to take on everyone’s pain?

Both taking excessive responsibility and avoiding responsibility altogether are distorted expressions of Saturn. The planet’s retrograde period in Pisces offers us an invitation to observe and address any distortions that might be present in our relationship to responsibility and commitment.

Mastering Boundaries in the Space-Time Reality


Our relationship to boundaries is going to be another main theme of this transit. While Saturn is all about boundaries, containment, and limitations, Pisces is boundaryless, all-encompassing, and completely surrendered. While Pisces teaches us that separation is an illusion, Saturn reminds us that, nonetheless, we need to be able to navigate the spacetime, dual reality we interface with on a daily basis, and we need boundaries to do so in a mindful way.

During Saturn’s retrograde journey through the sign of the fish, we are being invited to profoundly shift our perspective on boundaries. We will have opportunities to reflect on what are appropriate boundaries for us in different situations, whether our existing boundaries need to be redefined, and what could be more effective ways to communicate our boundaries to others. 


Saturn sextile Jupiter: Investing into our Future while Enjoying the Present


Saturn stations retrograde while is in a sextile aspect to Jupiter in Taurus. This harmonic alignment is supporting an expansive and growth-oriented outlook over our process of maturation and inspires us to restructure our lives with faith and confidence in ourselves.

The buoyant, sensual, and abundant energy of Jupiter in Taurus supports our efforts toward creation and manifestation, while Saturn in Pisces encourages us to be practical dreamers and take mindful, conscious action on our visions.

While Jupiter in Taurus could tend to be oriented towards immediate gratification of the senses, Saturn is always considering the long term: these energies balance one another and blend together harmoniously, inspiring us to invest in our future reality without completely sacrificing our enjoyment of the present.


Saturn retrograde in Pisces: Redefining our Dreams


While Saturn relates to structure, form, and matter, to what is solid and tangible, Pisces correlates to the dissolution of structure and to everything intangible, invisible, and ethereal. Saturn’s retrograde period through the sign of the Fish may inspire many of us to question our perception of what is real and what is not, as well as what we aim to build and how, inviting reflection on what needs to be dissolved to create space for what we truly desire. 

Saturn’s retrograde period in the early degrees of Pisces offers us an opportunity to reconsider what we desire to commit to, consolidate, and take responsibility for. It is an invitation for us to reassess our boundaries and how we go about manifesting our dreams in space-time reality. 

Navigating the 3D realms while also seeing our experiences from a spiritual or transcendental vantage point is another key theme of Saturn in Pisces transit. The upcoming Saturn’s retrograde phase could inspire us to reframe the lens through which we perceive what happens in our lives and offer us opportunities to connect with the higher purpose of seemingly mundane experiences we encounter on our path.


Crystal Pick for Saturn Retrograde in Pisces: Tiger Eye


Tiger eye is a beautiful choice to help bring your dreams into reality, as Saturn’s retrograde in Pisces slows the energy down to help you integrate all the lessons you’ve been moving through.

It’s a stone to help you separate illusion and delusion from clarity and truth, so you can better discern which direction to go and take concrete action steps forward. Tiger eye is solidifying and grounding, bringing the sturdy and structural frequencies of Saturn in to help you harness your power and focus your energy on serving your highest purpose.

When you’re ready to take responsibility for your life, to concentrate on your goals and take action on all the insightful and imaginative Piscean-style ideas floating around in your mind, tiger eye is the crystal to bring fruition to your ambitions and help you step up to self responsibility.

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