article Saturn in Pisces: Spiritual Maturation
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Saturn in Pisces: Spiritual Maturation

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March 7, 2023

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On March 7, 01:37 PM —

While the Virgo Full Moon takes place, another key energetic shift is occurring. On March 7, 08:35 AM ET, Saturn leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces. Saturn changing signs inaugurates a new phase of collective and individual maturation, centered around spiritual responsibility.

Saturn, the Lord of Karma and Time, has a 29.5 year cycle, and spends approximately two and a half years in each sign: when he changes signs, it is a big deal. Saturn leaving Aquarius and entering Pisces will inspire us to question and adjust the way we have been showing up in our spiritual journey, invite us to restructure our relationship to faith, and encourage us to notice where we tend to escape from responsibilities or use fantasy as a coping mechanism.

This shift is most relevant for those of us who were born with personal placements in Mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, and especially for those of us who were born with Saturn in Pisces. In particular, it is key for those of us born between 1993 and 1996, who are going to experience their first Saturn return, and for those of us born between 1964 and 1967, who are going to experience their second Saturn return.

When Saturn transits affect us personally, they mark key stages of maturation that invite us to step up to new levels of commitment and take full responsibility for how we have been living our lives. Around this time, we experience the consequences of our past choices and actions, we are invited to think for the long-term, and commit to the effort it takes to manifest our visions.

Saturn in Pisces: Time of Transition and Closure


The combination of the energies of Saturn and Pisces may feel confusing at first, as Saturn is about responsibly navigating the 3D reality and its inherent limitations while Pisces is all about transcending the 3D reality and the limitations of the mundane. 

On the one hand, Saturn is the planet associated with form, with everything that is structured and crystallized, with traditions, hierarchies, and consolidated systems. He is the time keeper of the Zodiac and marks our maturation cycles, he initiates us into different phases of growth and different periods of responsibility. From a psychological standpoint, Saturn gives us information about our relationship to responsibility, boundaries, and commitment, and our ability to materialize and manifest what we dream of and envision.

On the other hand, Pisces is the twelfth and final sign of the Zodiac, characterized by Yin energy and a Mutable quality. This sign is associated with spirituality, creativity, and compassion, and embodies the qualities of empathy, imagination, and sensitivity. Pisces is associated with Truth with a capital T, absolute truth that transcends physical reality. As we enter the realm of Pisces, we find ourselves at the end of the journey, where everything comes full circle and starts anew. At this point, we are invited to acknowledge the interconnectedness of all things and let go of the need to control life.

Planets transiting through Pisces are always associated with a time of transition. Pisces represents both an ending and a new beginning, and when planets enter this sign there is always a feeling of liminality, closure, and conclusion, as a cycle is ending and the seeds of a new one are being planted.


Being Responsible for our Sensitivity & Staying Aligned with our Values


The two and a half years of Saturn’s transit through Pisces offer us opportunities to dissolve structures that are not aligned with Truth, explore our relationship with boundaries and limitations, and renew our commitment to remaining in integrity with our spiritual values and ideals. Saturn’s journey through Pisces will challenge us to find harmony between our spiritual ideals and the practical realities and responsibilities of human life.

Saturn in Pisces is likely to bring up themes of service and sacrifice, inviting us to notice how these two concepts can intertwine in a way that is disempowering. This transit will highlight the need to take responsibility for creating a structure in our lives that supports and respects our sensitivity. At the same time, it will remind us to be mindful of not using our empathy and sensitivity as an excuse to avoid commitment, escape from problems, reject responsibilities, or be dishonest. Saturn in Pisces will invite us to navigate the practical realities of life while staying true to our spiritual values, and to walk our spiritual path while remaining grounded on the Earth.

Saturn in Pisces: Dealing with Addictions & Prioritizing Mental Health


The ingress of Saturn in Pisces has the potential to bring to light the necessity of prioritizing the handling of emotional wounds and traumas that generate addictive behaviors of all kinds, and addressing the suffering and the mental health challenges at the root of all addictions. Escapism, avoidance, and addiction are shadow expressions associated with the sign of Pisces. Saturn’s transit here can invite us to embrace the discipline needed to address these issues, rather than simply using addictive behaviors as a coping mechanism.

Saturn in Pisces could draw our attention to the need to prioritize our mental health, both collectively and individually, and encourage us to take responsibility for getting to the root of the issues we have been experiencing, rather than relying on temporary fixes.


Restructuring our Relationship to Spirituality and Service


During the upcoming two and a half years, we will have opportunities to strengthen our faith and our trust in the flow of the Universe. We may notice where we might have been too trusting or naive and ended up getting attached to an illusion. This transit can help us find more clarity relative to what we have faith in, motivate us to restructure our spiritual values and ideals, and integrate them into our daily lives with a new awareness.

During this time, we may feel drawn to commit to spiritual practices such as meditation, prayer, yoga, journaling, and mindful movement. By incorporating these practices into our daily routines, we can cultivate greater self-discipline in our spiritual, creative, and artistic pursuits.

During the upcoming months and years, we will have opportunities to overcome spiritual naivety and grow into a deeper connection with our True self, with our True path, with our True calling. Saturn in Pisces invites us to embrace a service-oriented attitude even when being of service doesn’t look as glamorous as we would like to.

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