article Pluto Retrograde in Aquarius 2024: Soul Evolution
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Pluto Retrograde in Aquarius 2024: Soul Evolution

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May 2, 2024

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On May 2, 02:22 PM —

On May 2, 1:47 AM EST, Pluto stations retrograde at 2º06 of Aquarius, beginning a period intensely focused on Soul evolution and personal transformation. Pluto is going to be in retrograde motion until October 11, increasing the pressure to evolve, both on a personal and on a collective level. This shift accelerates the evolutionary pace and reminds us of the need to accept impermanence.

Pluto’s shift of motion is relevant for everyone, but it will impact more personally those of us who have natal planets in the early degrees of Fixed signs and the late degrees of Cardinal signs. The individuals personally impacted by Pluto’s shift of signs are going through a phase of intense deconstruction and emotional turmoil. They are being asked to let go of existing security blankets and dare to follow their true desires despite their fears.

Pluto Retrograde: Soul Growth and Psychological Transformation


When planets are stationary retrograde, they are closer to Earth than they usually are and we feel their energy more powerfully. As they appear to be at a standstill, the invitation for us is to pause and ask ourselves new questions instead of just following inertia.

Retrograde planets dare us to get out of the prisons we have unconsciously locked ourselves in. They push us to break free from the status quo and encourage unconventional problem-solving. When planets are retrograde, their energy is internalized and more available for introspection, shadow work, and inner exploration. 

Pluto is the planet associated with our Soul’s desires and evolutionary intentions, with shadow work, the unconscious, and everything we repress and disown. The modern ruler of Scorpio is associated with the cycles of life and death and rebirth processes. Intense and raw, Pluto cuts through surface-level conversations and challenges us to confront what we don’t want to see or acknowledge.

When Pluto is retrograde, he prompts us to reflect on what is truly moving us, on how our past is impacting our present, and how it still lives within our bodies. This is a time of Soul searching and Soul growth, a time to deepen our understanding of our psychology, of what truly moves us, on what unconscious intentions motivate us. Pluto retrograde is an invitation to pay attention to how Life is asking us to evolveto what needs to change within ourselves, to what is dying and decaying, and what is asking to be born.


Pluto Retrograde in Aquarius: The Power of Togetherness


Pluto has been in Aquarius since January 20 and we are just experiencing the beginning of a journey that is going to unfold for the upcoming 20 years. In the sign of the Water Bearer, Pluto exposes the shadows of groupthink and reveals power and control dynamics within communities and organizations. This transit underlines the dangers of our reliance on technology, bringing to our attention the loneliness epidemic and our increasing alienation from nature, from each other, and from our bodies.

The upcoming Pluto retrograde period offers us an opportunity to look back and reflect upon what has taken place since Pluto has been in Aquarius. Aquarius is a sign strongly linked to collective dynamics, and we can expect significant changes and transformations to take place on a global scale during this time. 

More protests, revolutions, and uprisings are likely to take place as the impact of long-standing social, political, and economic issues becomes impossible to ignore or sweep under the rug. This transit reminds us of the power of collective action, of togetherness, of community. Pluto retrograde in Aquarius is catalyzing a drastic shift in existing social hierarchies and the relationship between individuals and authorities, between people and their governments, and is ultimately a call for radical personal responsibility.

Jupiter Uranus conjunction

Pluto’s final return to Capricorn: Shadows Revealed


Between September 1 and November 19, Pluto briefly retrogrades back to Capricorn for the very final phase of his transit in the sign. This is going to be the last time in our lifetime we experience this combination of energies. 

Pluto’s last retrograde period through Capricorn will continue to expose, reveal, and highlight the shadows, distortions, and unsustainability of the current social, economic, and political paradigms. It will reveal more lies, dysfunctions, and corruption at the root of the institutions and systems we have been trusting and relying upon. This window of time is likely to be characterized by more attempts to regulate the use and development of AI and the most recent technologies as well as cryptocurrencies.

On a personal level, each of us will be called to take the time to honestly acknowledge how our lives need to be restructured and transformed from the inside out. During a time of massive and unprecedented collective and systemic changes, we are encouraged to question our priorities, reflect on how we invest our time and energy, and deepen our awareness of how the way we have been programmed in the past is still impacting our choices in the present. This is our opportunity to begin a new relationship with our inner critic, judge, and punishing voice that contributes to keeping us stuck and prevents us from living meaningful and fulfilling lives.


Pluto Retrograde in Aquarius: Coming Together as a Global Community


Pluto retrograde periods are times of intense emotional and psychological transformation that stimulate us to evolve and challenge our existing limitations. These days and during the upcoming months, old wounds, traumas, and unprocessed emotions will be brought to the surface, offering us opportunities for healing, catharsis, and release. Pluto retrograde facilitates emotional purging, invites us to release old patterns for good, and challenges us to let go of attachments that no longer serve our growth.

Against a backdrop of intense social changes and widespread political tension, Pluto retrograde in Aquarius shines a light on the undercurrents of collective dynamics and reminds us of the inevitable interconnectedness of the modern world. This transit invites us to gain awareness of how underlying power structures manipulate us and distort our perceptions through fear. Pluto’s shift of motion challenges us to question our existing biases, come together as a global community, and connect through our shared humanity, overcoming division and polarization. 

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Crystal Pick for Pluto retrograde in Aquarius: Indigo Gabbro


Associated with the energies of Pluto, indigo gabbro is a powerful stone for cleansing and transformation to help you stay grounded during the storms of change. As Pluto goes retrograde in Aquarius, it’s the perfect time to dive into our personal and collective shadows to clear and release any toxicity and heaviness and unearth the wisdom that lies within the darkness.

Indigo gabbro is both stabilizing and uplifting at once, helping you discover the unconscious habits and patterns that have been swaying you, allowing you to consciously take your power back and direct your energy where you want it to go. It’s a very protective stone to have with you each day to release harmful, dense, toxic energies within yourself, within your energy field, and in the world around you. 

It brings clarity, logic, and discernment to the foreground within the dark and nebulous regions of your being to help you see where you need to transform, rebuild, and rebirth things in your life. It’s a beautiful stone to connect you to your higher knowing and intuition while grounding you into your physical power at the same time, bringing balance to your higher and lower energies and helping you stay centered and calm through any big societal or personal shifts that may occur.


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