article New Moon in Sagittarius: Living Authentically
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New Moon in Sagittarius: Living Authentically

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December 11, 2023

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On December 11, 01:37 PM —

On December 12, 6:31 PM ET, we experience a New Moon at 20º39’ of Sagittarius, an invitation to stay in alignment with what is true for us in the present moment and renew our commitment to living authentically.  This lunation begins a month centered around renovating our connection with our personal truth as well as our dedication to grow and lead an authentic, fulfilling, and meaningful life.

This lunation will be felt more strongly by those of us born with planets or angles in Mutable signs. The individuals particularly impacted by the Sagittarius New Moon are more likely to experience relevant changes and new beginnings in their lives and come across tangible opportunities for personal and spiritual expansion. They will be invited to deepen their connection with themselves and their truth and to explore belief systems that foster their growth and empowerment.

We invite you to watch our hour long video on our YouTube channel together with Nina where she walks us through the powerful energies of this New Moon in Sagittarius.

New Moon in Sagittarius: Thirst for Adventure & Pursuit of Growth


New Moons mark new beginnings and fresh starts. They represent the start of the lunar cycle and are an auspicious moment to check in with ourselves and set intentions for the future. At this time of the month, the Moon is still invisible from our perspective. 

The Moon and the Sun are exactly aligned from the vantage point of Earth, and they form a 0º angle, which is technically known as a conjunction. The Moon joins the Sun at 20º39’ of Sagittarius, and this New Moon begins an adventurous and dynamic lunar cycle, one characterized by an increasing thirst for adventure and a desire to pursue growth in all its forms.

Sagittarius is the philosopher, the traveler, and the seeker of the Zodiac. This sign is associated with physical and spiritual expansion, higher education and experiential learning, exploration of new opportunities and horizons, and connection with the felt experience of truth. The New Moon in the sign begins a new chapter of our quest for truth and meaning, a new chapter of our search for purpose and knowledge, and ultimately reminds us that the search is never over. 

Sagittarius reminds us that learning happens as we go, as we shape and reshape our relationship with our inner selves and with the journey itself. This New Moon in the sign of the Centaur invites us to see life as an ongoing adventure and to acknowledge the wisdom that emerges thanks to the experiences we have along the way.


Living Authentically & Questioning Beliefs


This lunation begins a month centered around renewing our connection with our personal truth and our commitment to grow and lead an authentic life. Throughout the upcoming lunar cycle, we will have opportunities to acknowledge how growth at times implies questioning our own beliefs and recognizing how they contribute to leading us out of alignment. This is a time to ask ourselves in what direction we aspire to grow, how we aspire to expand, and how our perspectives must change for us to do so. 

The Sagittarius New Moon invites a renewal of our system of beliefs and offers us chances to recognize how our assumptions and worldviews contribute to holding us back from evolving and expanding. These days, as Mercury is going to station retrograde in Capricorn in just a few hours, are a very favorable time to explore new mindsets, beliefs, and perspectives and work on restructuring existing ways of thinking and perceiving reality.

New Moon conjunct Mars in Sagittarius: Navigating Restlessness and Urges to Change


The New Moon and the Sun are widely conjunct with Mars. Mars has been prominent during New and Full Moons for several weeks, as he is traveling close to the Sun. His proximity to the Sun and the Moon increases our restlessness, our impatience, our desire for freedom, and our urge to make changes in our lives. 

Mars’ activation reflects an increase in dynamism and courage and supports our pioneering spirit during this time. We have an opportunity to align with his energy to take action according to our true desires and aspirations, step out of our comfort zones, do something that scares us, and confront our fears with faith and determination. 

The conjunction of Sun, Moon, and Mars in Sagittarius reminds us to observe when we feel tempted to act reactively or impulsively and notice what triggers us, and what wounds or fears from our past are being activated. As the sign of Sagittarius is involved, impulsive reactions can also come in the form of flight responses, avoidance, and an attitude of blind optimism. This configuration is an opportunity to reflect on whether we tend to gravitate toward new exciting experiences, pursuits, travels, and projects as a way to run away from issues we don’t feel ready or willing to confront.


New Moon square Neptune: Look Within for Guidance


The Sun and the Moon in Sagittarius are in a square aspect to Neptune in Pisces. Squares are aspects of friction that reflect feelings of inner conflict and tension between contrasting, contradictory urges. 

This configuration points to the possibility of feeling confused and insecure relative to the path to take and the direction to follow. The squares to Neptune highlight challenges in trusting Life and having faith in its unfolding. This New Moon invites us to be receptive to where the flow is taking us and surrender to it instead of fighting against it. At this time, we are likely to find it difficult to clearly define who we are, what we need, where we are going, and what is the meaning of what we are going through.

We can say that Neptune obscures things, Neptune has a way of clouding our understanding; this planet throws a veil over our reality, making it challenging to logically grasp what’s happening and why. However, the purpose of this veil is not simply to confuse or disorient us. Its purpose is to motivate us to look within for guidance and trust our inner voice, instead of relying on our external reality to provide guidance for us. 

Neptune’s prominence on this New Moon is an opportunity to strengthen our connection with our intuition and learn to discern between the true voice of our intuition and those delusions, fantasies, and wishful thinking that steer us further away from the truth. 

Sagittarius correlates to honesty, and the Sun and the Moon’s square to Neptune invites us to be aware of where we are tempted to be dishonest, to be misleading, to lie by omission, and, above all, to lie to ourselves.


Venus opposite Jupiter: Pleasure and Excess


Jupiter is the planetary ruler of the Sagittarius New Moon. His condition gives us more information about the energy available to us at this time and helps us understand how the New Moon is manifesting. Jupiter is in Taurus, in retrograde motion, and opposes Venus in Scorpio. The Venus-Jupiter opposition brings our attention to the energetic exchanges happening in our lives, emphasizing our relationship with money, sensuality, excess, and indulgence.

This alignment highlights the tension between our desire for emotional depth, intimacy, and meaningful relational exchanges, and our appreciation for pleasure, abundance, lust, and immediate gratification of the senses. Around this time, we have an opportunity to deepen our awareness of how we relate to our sexuality and sensuality.

The Venus-Jupiter opposition offers us an opportunity to observe any tendencies toward overgiving and notice whether our generosity may, at times, be transactional. This aspect could also bring financial matters to the forefront and invites a balanced approach to both spending and investing. 

New Moon in Sagittarius

New Moon in Sagittarius: Cycle of Personal and Spiritual Expansion


We are entering a period of personal and spiritual expansion: the New Moon in Sagittarius invites us to plant seeds for the future from a place of solid connection with our truth and have faith that, with dedication and commitment, they will grow. 

This lunation encourages us to renew our commitment to our path and inspires us to navigate life’s uncertainties with resilience, courage, and determination, while reassessing those beliefs that might hinder progress and making room for the unexpected.

The abundant Sagittarian energy encourages us to embrace the process of trial and error without judgment, recognizing that growth emerges from the wisdom gained through experience, experiments, and even what we may perceive as failures. The upcoming lunar cycle offers us an invitation to welcome the unknown, to gravitate toward the unexplored, to stay open to new possibilities, and to appreciate the lessons that come as we progress in our journey.


Crystal Pick for New Moon in Sagittarius: Sodalite


This stone of truth will help you tap into your passion, expand your mind, and align with your highest inspirations during this New Moon in Sagittarius. Sodalite is a crystal to give you the confidence to communicate your personal wisdom, connecting you to your higher knowing, combining intuition and intellect, to help guide your way in life.

A beautiful stone for artists and big thinkers, sodalite enhances creative thinking and inspired ideas and is perfect for helping you seek out new learning, new beliefs, new ways of perceiving the world, and new ways of expressing yourself, in true Sagittarian style. It inspires optimism and faith in your connection with the Universe at large, helping you reach new heights in your consciousness.

When the fire of Sagittarius season is feeling a little too hot, sodalite helps cool and calm that heated energy and helps you release and express your emotions. It brings balance to the mind and emotional body, and clears the soul of guilt and remorse, making it the perfect crystal to help you release the past and usher in the new beginnings and big dreams you’re ready to create during this New Moon!


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  • Today is my birthday, 12/11. A friend shared this with me. This reading was 100% spot on, start to finish. I am currently on a journey that not all with me will continue. Relationships need to end so that I can continue to expand. This reading was the extra courage I didn’t know I needed. Thank you! 🤍

  • This always comes to me like a breath of fresh air
    So enlightening ,
    So empowering and thought provoking
    Thank you
    I love this page and the little reminders to always be ” grateful “


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