article New Moon in Pisces: Trust the Flow
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New Moon in Pisces: Trust the Flow

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February 19, 2023

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On February 19, 01:37 PM —

On February 20, 02:05 AM ET, we experience a New Moon at 1º21’ of Pisces. A few minutes later, at 02:56 AM ET, Venus leaves Pisces and enters Aries. Endings and beginnings are intertwined as, currently, contrasting energies are at play: the invitation of this New Moon is to trust the flow.

We are going through a phase of both dissolution and renovation: feelings of closure and feelings of renewal are both present simultaneously, and this could generate some disorientation. The Pisces New Moon invites us to reflect on what we need to let go of in order to welcome something truly new into our lives. The simultaneous ingress of Venus in Aries inspires us to attribute more value to the wisdom of our instinct and our desires and invites us to be more spontaneous and instinctual in our relationships.

New Moon in Pisces: Endings and Beginnings


New Moons represent the start of the lunar month: they are a moment to plant seeds and set intentions for the weeks ahead. On a New Moon, the Sun and the Moon are conjunct, forming a 0º angle from our perspective. This month, the Moon joins the Sun in the early degrees of Pisces while they are both still conjunct Saturn in the late degrees of Aquarius.

New Moons bring an energy of renewal and renovation, yet Pisces, the last Zodiac sign, has a frequency of closure, culmination, and dissolution. The ingress of Venus in Aries is another renewal and beginning-oriented energy. For this reason, these days we may feel torn and conflicted between our desire to start a new chapter and the need to let go of something we have been holding on to before we can actually begin anything new.

We are entering a complex, liminal period, full of both endings and beginnings: the two are happening together and merging, combining, reminding us, once again, that time isn’t linear, and it has never been. As the Astrological year comes to a close and the new one is about to start, this lunation inaugurates a transitional phase of our lives and invites us to fully trust its unfolding.

We invite you to watch our New Moon in Pisces YouTube video together with our beautiful Nina. Pure wisdom and guidance we all need. We highly recommend you take your time to watch this one.

New Moon in Pisces: Surrendering, Healing, and Trusting the Flow


The Pisces New Moon begins a lunar month centered around surrender, letting go of what isn’t true, and having faith that Life will provide us with what we need. The next weeks have the potential to be a time of great soul growth and unraveling. Many of us will have opportunities to embody a more profound connection with faith and refine our awareness of what Life is asking us at each moment.

Healing will be another central theme of the upcoming lunar cycle, that will culminate in a Full Moon in Virgo, happening simultaneously with the ingress of Saturn in Pisces, on March 7. Around this time, health matters and their energetic roots could come to the forefront to be seen clearly and addressed. We may have a new awareness of what the next step on our healing path is, and acknowledge what we need to let go of if we truly commit to prioritizing our health and healing.

New Moon conjunct Saturn: Spiritual Maturity, Integrity, and Personal Responsibility


This New Moon is conjunct with Saturn, the planet of structure, responsibility, and maturity. The lunar cycle that is starting now will be centered around an exploration of our relationship to Saturnian energy: the invitation for us is to notice which ones of the structures we created are no longer True and need to be dissolved and released.

Spiritual maturity, personal responsibility, and integrity will be central themes of the following weeks. During the upcoming lunar cycle, we will be invited to follow the Truth and commit to trust where this leads us even if, rationally, we don’t understand it yet, and we have no idea of where we are headed. We are likely to see and feel more clearly where we are out of alignment and have opportunities to make different choices.

During the upcoming days and weeks, we will be reminded of the importance of letting go of what is no longer in alignment to create space for the new to come in, and of the importance of trusting the void, the not knowing, and the chaos. The Pisces New Moon could highlight our avoidant tendencies, our temptation to neglect and look over things, and our inclination to escape from confronting ourselves, others, or the Truth itself.


Venus enters Aries: Investing More in our Desires


Just a few minutes after the Pisces New Moon is exact, Venus leaves Pisces and enters Aries, where she is going to remain until March 16. This shift is particularly relevant for our relational life, our finances, our self-worth, and our value system, all realms ruled by Venus.

During the transit of Venus in Aries, the orientation is to value space and independence, we are drawn to prioritize our self-actualization journey, and we are not happy with compromises and agreements that don’t honor our individual needs and desires. Throughout the upcoming weeks, we may feel more drawn than usual to take impulsive decisions surrounding the management of our finances and resources, and more inclined to take financial risks. We may feel inspired to explore what happens if we invest less energy into our relationships with others and more into our relationship with ourselves and our desires. 

Venus’ ingress into Aries invites us to have difficult conversations and acknowledge the role of disagreements and conflicts, when navigated maturely, as catalysts of real intimacy. This transit invites us to stop seeing confrontations as mere ruptures and start seeing them as opportunities to get closer to ourselves, our desires, our needs, our wounds, and our weaknesses, and better understand those of others as a result. Around the time Venus joins Chiron and Jupiter, on March 2 and 3, we will have opportunities to witness and heal wounds connected to rejection, and learn more about how they still affect the way we show up in relationships.

New Moon in Pisces

Venus conjunct Neptune & Venus sextile Pluto


Venus is very active during this lunation. The Goddess of Love, beauty, and art is conjunct Neptune, the modern ruler of the New Moon, currently in the late degrees of Pisces. The Venus-Neptune conjunction has been active for the past week, fueling our creativity and our fantasy, inviting us to dream big, inspiring forgiveness and compassion, and encouraging us to love ourselves and others unconditionally. The alignment of Venus and Neptune in Pisces invites us to commit to looking beyond how things appear, dare to look beyond illusion, beyond how we would like our reality to be, and find freedom in embracing the awareness of how it currently is. 

Venus is also forming a sextile to Pluto at 29º Capricorn. This aspect encourages us to deepen our relationships with ourselves and others, go beneath the surface, have uncomfortable conversations, and expose uncomfortable truths. The Venus-Pluto sextile invites a renovation of our value system and deep reflection on what is most valuable to us and why.


Our Invitation for the Days Ahead


During the upcoming weeks, we will have opportunities to strengthen our relationship with faith and refine our ability to unconditionally trust Life and the divine intelligence behind it. The dissolution of something we believed to be true could be a necessary step for us to move forward, particularly if we have been feeling in a state of stagnation for a while.

Experiences of disillusionment can be extremely liberating. If we feel the urge to escape, numb, or avoid our problems by distracting ourselves, it is valuable to spend some time in reflection and inquire deeply about what emotions we are afraid to feel. The closure and dissolution of something we know, something we are attached to, and something we have projected purpose upon could come with fear, meaninglessness, and confusion, and it could also catalyze feelings of freedom, trust, and liberation. 

These days, we will be reminded of the depth of our sensitivity and of the value of learning to release control and inhabit emptiness without needing to fill it with something, without needing to numb or distract ourselves, without relying on intensity and drama to feel alive. Our challenge in this spot is to keep in mind that we are always unconditionally supported and held, and commit to remaining present with what is, with the space that is being created, rather than rushing to find something else to hold on to.

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