article New Moon in Gemini – Fun, Positive & Loving Moon
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New Moon in Gemini – Fun, Positive & Loving Moon

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Moon Omens

May 20, 2020

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On May 22nd at 1:39pm EST we will experience a New Moon, as the Sun and Moon come together in the sign of Gemini.


New Moon in Gemini: An Activation


Let’s imagine that the planets are not doing anything to us, but that they are inviting us to flow with their currents and open up to their celestial celebration. It’s as if someone is knocking on our doors, inviting us to come outside and play. This is a fun loving New Moon that has a lot of positive potential. 

new moon in gemini

Although the Sun and Moon appear to be distant and far out in the sky, what if they echo shifts that are occurring within us? What if the cosmos was an extension of our energy? What if we are made of stardust?

“The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.” Carl Sagan

In that case, this New Moon is an activation.


New Moon in Gemini: Living Lightly


It’s bridging our subconscious and conscious awareness. It’s inviting us to illuminate our beings and fully radiate who we are. This is a time to live lightly. Our realities can be dense so this is not always easy. What does it mean to live lightly?

It means remembering that we are made of energy. It means charging and nourishing our energetic selves. We step into our energized selves when we listen to the subtle, yet strong, nudges from our consciousness. It means becoming aware of how the energy around us is affecting us. It means making choices that support our energized selves.

This activation wants us to take a look at our lives. It wants us to become aware of whether or not our choices enhance our energy, or deplete it.

This is an ongoing assignment and not something we need to perfect. Remember this energy is easy going. We don’t need to force harsh expectations or judgements upon ourselves.


A Fresh Start


This New Moon in Gemini is wiping the slate clean and asking us to start fresh. Like a wifi router that is lagging or not working properly, the best thing we can do is unplug and reset. That’s usually all it needs to get back up and running again.

Let’s take these moments to unplug. To pause. To reset. This New Moon is the unplugging. It won’t last forever but it offers a much needed space for solace.

As the New Moon passes we are asked to take an honest look at what we plug back into. Do these outlets allow energy to flow into our beings? Do they leave us nourished? Do they support us in living lightly?


Mindsets and Attitudes


Gemini energy is associated with intellect, logic and rationality. This energy often plays out in our mindsets and attitudes. Our minds are getting an operating system update during this time. We may not want to think about things the way we used to. We may learn something new that changes everything. We may decide to open our minds and be willing to rethink and shift our perspectives. All of this will enhance our energy and beings.


New Moon in Gemini: The Little Things


Gemini energy is associated with the details. It’s the how’s and the why’s. This is an ideal time to take a look at the details of our lives and whether or not they energize us. Taking a look at our habits, routines and lifestyles. Are they charging our batteries or draining them?


Gemini is the little things and this means that small choices can make a big impact. Although things like routines and habits can be overwhelming. Remember every little bit helps. This could look like drinking more water or ever taking more conscious breaths.


What We Put Into Our Bodies


Another way we receive energy is through our food. Food is here to nourish us and give us life but oftentimes it can be heavy and weigh us down. Is our food colourful? Are we eating foods that grow under the Sun, like fruits and veggies? These foods support our light bodies. Or is our food dense and drab? Are we eating colourless or processed foods? This is a time to observe the impact of what we put into our bodies.


Communication and Information


Gemini energy is connected to communication and information. It’s crucial to become aware of our sources of information and how they leave us feeling. Does our info only come from the external world? Are we giving ourselves space to listen to our hearts?

New Moon in Gemini: Venus Retrograde + Mercury


During this New Moon Venus retrograde (read Venus Retrograde article) and Mercury are coming together in Gemini. This is all about how we communicate within our relationships. What are we telling ourselves? What are we hearing from others? Are we clearly communicating? Or are we making assumptions and holding expectations? Honest and vulnerable communication is key.


New Moon in Gemini: Mars in Pisces


Mars is transiting Pisces during this New Moon in Gemini which means compassion is mandatory. Mars is the planet of action and as it transits the soft space of Pisces we are asked to be gentle. We may feel all sorts of emotions and not know what to do with them. Sometimes we need to take space before acting and Mars in Pisces is reminding us that there is no rush.


New Moon in Gemini: North Node in Gemini


The North Node has recently shifted into Gemini (read North Node in Gemini article). The homework is to remain curious. To ask questions and get inquisitive with ourselves and others. This New Moon in Gemini is begging us to open our minds. If we have stubbornly made up our minds we might miss out on a lot of opportunities.

Communication, compassion, and curiosity are the secret ingredients for the New Moon in Gemini. 


Fresh Air


There is a chance of overthinking throughout this New Moon in Gemini. This stimulating intellectual energy that can throw us off or leave us feeling confused. We have to stay aware of our own thoughts and do not participate in something that doesn’t feel right. We can take a step back from what feels cluttered or suffocating.

new moon in gemini

The Gemini New Moon is like a refreshing breeze. It’s time to open the windows and let some fresh air circulate through our spaces. Because this energy can be such a trip for our logical minds it is key to reach out for support if we feel we need it. Getting our thoughts out of our heads can feel like opening that window. Maybe we talk to someone we trust, or we do a brain dump and write everything out on paper. When we give our thoughts some space to air out, this energy can feel more manageable.

Our minds could feel like an internet browser with a thousand tabs open. Our job is to either close those windows, or bookmark them to come back to later.


An Open Invitation


Throughout this New Moon in Gemini set the intention to connect to that energized version of yourself. How do they feel? What do their routines look like? What are their habits? How do they fuel themselves? Where do they get their information? Are they compassionate and curious?

There are no right or wrong answers, there is only a willingness to expand alongside our ever changing Universe. This activation is an open invitation, but we must RSVP yes.


Global New Moon Meditation Invitation


new moon meditation a

We are going to be hosting a Live Global New Moon Meditation on our YouTube channel and we invite you to join us. May 22nd at 1:39pm EST. At the peak of the New Moon on our YouTube channel:



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