article New Moon in Capricorn: Commitment to Integrity
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New Moon in Capricorn: Commitment to Integrity

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December 22, 2022

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On December 22, 12:00 AM —

On December 23, 05:16 AM ET, we experience a New Moon in Capricorn, the last New Moon of the calendar year, offering us an invitation to renew our commitment to being in integrity. The Sun and the Moon meet at 1º32’ of the sign, beginning a lunar cycle centered around the necessity to evaluate, adjust, transform, and renew the way we have structured our reality. This lunation also starts a new chapter of our maturation journey and our process of emotional self-knowledge, self-mastery, and self-regulation.

There is a lot of energy for initiation right now. Besides being a New Moon, Cardinal signs are strongly represented, and this modality is all about initiation: Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus are in Capricorn while Jupiter and Chiron are in Aries. Jupiter is at 0º Aries while the Sun and the Moon are at 1º Capricorn: the activation of the early degrees of the signs represents another indicator of new beginnings, radical shifts, and turning points.

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New Moons: Planting Seeds & Setting Intentions


New Moons are about new beginnings. These events invite us to plant seeds, set intentions, and clarify our visions for the future. When the Moon aligns with the Sun, joining him on the same degree of the same Zodiac sign, we release the energy of the past lunar cycle and start a new one. The Moon, however, is still invisible from Earth. This points to the value of the New Moon as an opportunity for introspection and reflection, as a chance to center ourselves before the momentum starts to build up and we are invited to take action on our intentions.

This month, the Sun and the Moon meet in the last Earth sign of the Zodiac. Capricorn has to do with the crystallization of form, with time and space, with limitations and boundaries, with the norms and rules that structure our reality. The Capricorn archetype is associated with the commitment, discipline, and mastery that are necessary to build anything that works in the long term.


New Moon in Capricorn: Awareness of the Impact of our Actions


As we reach the stage of growth corresponding to Capricorn, we acknowledge that we are part of something greater than our separate selves and this implies an awareness of our responsibilities. This lunation is bringing our attention to our relationship with the 3D reality, with our commitments, duties, with professional matters, and it is reminding us of the impact of our actions.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, also referred to as the Lord of Karma: through this archetype, we experience the law of cause and effect, and we learn that all of our actions generate a reaction. At this stage of growth, we become aware of the existence of consequences. We have a chance to learn to relate to consequences beyond judging them as being good or bad, positive or negative: we can witness them as manifestations of energy that have emerged as a result of a previous choice and that give us opportunities to learn something.

This New Moon is an invitation to reflect on what we desire to crystallize and what structures we desire to build and commit to for the long-term. During this upcoming lunar cycle, and particularly after Mars stations direct on January 12 and Mercury stations direct on January 19, we will have opportunities to get clearer on our life direction. 


Exploration of Boundaries, Walls, and Protection Mechanisms


The Capricorn New Moon will give us opportunities to reflect on our relationship with time and space, with aging, and with all the limitations we encounter. Capricorn correlates to the boundaries and limits that create a container for the structures of our reality.

Through this archetype, we explore healthy expressions of boundaries as well as distortions of boundaries. This sign is connected to inner walls and other defense mechanisms, to all barriers we create as a way to protect ourselves and prevent hurt. The current lunation can be an opportunity to notice the difference between boundaries and walls, to notice when we close off and when instead our boundaries create a reality that allows us to give and to receive love in a way that is truly authentic and nurturing.

These days, we will have chances to pay attention to the protection mechanisms that unconsciously come up when we fear being too vulnerable or being fully seen.


Sun and Moon square Jupiter: Immediate Gratification vs Delayed Gratification


The Sun and the Moon in Capricorn are in a square aspect to Jupiter in the early degrees of Aries. When the energies of Capricorn and Aries are both prominent at the same time, we experience a conflict linked to their natural square. The Cardinal modality and especially the Cardinal Fire of Aries require initiation: Aries wants to initiate impulsively and spontaneously, following instinct and desire without a second thought. 

Yet, Capricorn holds an awareness of consequences that makes us very conscious of the weight of our actions, of our choices, and of our commitments. For this reason, when Capricorn energy is powerful, we are cautious about what we initiate, we want to test the waters before we jump, and we need time to feel secure we are making the right decision. Moreover, Aries demands immediate gratification, while Capricorn is all about delayed gratification. 


New Moon square Jupiter: Exploring our Desire for “More”


The Sun and Moon in Capricorn square Jupiter can generate insecurity and back-and-forth dynamics marked by a tendency to make two steps forward and one step back. Jupiter is a fiery planet that has a lot to do with spontaneity, authenticity, exploration, and adventure. Jupiter in Aries is courageous and daring: this transit pushes the accelerator and inspires us to take risks, believe in ourselves, and have confidence in positive outcomes. 

The Capricorn New Moon square Jupiter indicates a contrast between tendencies towards optimism and excessive confidence and tendencies towards pessimism and excessing caution playing out throughout the upcoming lunar cycle. This configuration will offer us chances to reflect on our relationship with our desire for “more” and its roots, while bringing our attention to whether we tend to overcommit and overwork, taking on more than we can realistically manage, and never feeling satisfied. The current lunation has the potential to be an opportunity to start relating to our time and energy more consciously.


New Moon in Capricorn: Understanding our Conditioning & Redefining Success


Saturn is the ruler of the Capricorn New Moon and his condition gives us more information about the current lunation. Saturn is in Aquarius, his ancient domicile. For the last year and a half, this transit put the spotlight on our deconditioning journey. The Saturn-Uranus square is still felt even if the two planets are now 6 degrees apart from the exact aspect. 

On this New Moon, the presence of Saturn reminds us of the importance of understanding how the conditioning we have internalized is impacting us, and invites us to redefine success according to our personal ideals and standards, rather than society’s ideals and standards.

During the upcoming lunar cycle, we will have chances to gain a clearer awareness of how the programming we have been exposed to is still affecting us, influencing our desires, our actions, and our choices. This lunation has the potential to motivate us to redefine our idea of success as well as our ambitions and vocations, as a result of a shift in perspective and a new awareness of what is authentic to us and what is a result of past wounds and of the conditioning we have absorbed from our environment, from society, from our family, and from our culture.


New Moon in Capricorn: Materializing our Visions


The Capricorn New Moon invites us to ask ourselves what type of impact we desire to make, what kind of value we want to offer to the collective, what we aim to build and create with our life force and what are the reasons behind it. This is a great New Moon to set intentions surrounding the manifestation and materialization of our visions in the 3D reality, focusing on tangible matters and future dreams.

The involvement of Jupiter in the configuration supports our faith and promotes an optimistic approach to intention setting, increasing our confidence and our connection with the higher meaning of any challenges we may encounter.

The current lunar cycle will culminate in a Full Moon in Cancer, a lunation that will bring our attention and focus on where we are at in our emotional maturation process. The upcoming Full Moon, happening on January 6, is likely to reveal to us emotional, family, and attachment issues and dynamics we are ready to become aware of and address. This new lunar cycle will offer us opportunities to deepen our emotional self-knowledge as well as our capacity to both self-regulate and co-regulate.

Comment below with what resonated with you the most and tap on the heart if you enjoyed this article!

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