article New Moon In Pisces During Mercury Retrograde, February 2020
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New Moon In Pisces During Mercury Retrograde, February 2020

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February 21, 2020

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On February 23rd, we will be blessed with a New Moon in Pisces, ushering in soothing vibrations and exciting opportunities. With this New Moon occurring during Mercury Retrograde, we will feel a heightened sensitivity to all that is around us and will feel our normally hard exteriors soften. We are reminded to be pliable.

Each New Moon ushers in a time of rebirth. As we conclude one lunar cycle, we enter a time of grand new beginnings. We are being given the chance for a fresh start. This is a powerful time for intention setting as we will see with complete clarity where our heart is guiding us. 


The Powerful Energy of Pisces


Pisces energy awakens a gentler way of being. It sparks feelings of altruism and receptiveness and shows us that not only is it okay to be in tune with our softness, but that there is also incredible power in this. This dreamy energy will bless us with heightened sensitivity to the energy around us and an incredible perceptiveness to our surroundings. This Pisces New Moon is powerful. As we surrender to the Universe, we will be overcome with the acceptance of self and deep self-love. This is a New Moon filled with hope.


New Moon Sextile Mars – Newfound Boldness And Self-Confidence


With the New Moon sextile Mars, we will receive a much-needed boost in confidence. With Mercury Retrograde still looming overhead it can become easy to get overwhelmed with heightened energy during this time as old memories and lessons are brought back to the surface. This New Moon sextile Mars is here to squander our fears and self-imposed limitations and instead give us the strength and courage to move forward with boldness. We are being reminded to chase our passions unapologetically.

new moon sextile mars moon omens

What we desire most, what we envision our lives to look like, is right around the corner. This alignment gives us the self-assertiveness to take the necessary steps to complete the difficult work ahead and manifest our grandest desires. We will not shy away from challenges or let anxiety take hold. We will instead embrace directness and ask for exactly what we need. It can be so easy to get caught up in thoughts of self-doubt. We often feel pressured not to ask for what we need out of fear of being perceived as selfish or bossy.

The Universe is here to assure you that you deserve every bit of what you envision. Don’t be afraid to assert yourself and realize the true value of your soul. You are likely to impress those around you with your newfound boldness and self-confidence. Allow the white light of positivity and innate power to radiate through your being. Doing physical activities like sports, exercise, etc. will be incredible tools for helping you to channel your power during this alignment.


The Sun Sextile Uranus – Freedom And Authenticity


The Sun sextile Uranus is here to bless us with pleasant surprises and awe-inspiring experiences and encounters. This alignment further reinforces the idea of freedom – of being able to be our true and authentic selves without apology. The lesson here is to be willing to release our preconceived notions of ourselves and our mental limitations. Go into this New Moon with an open mind, heart, and spirit and don’t be afraid to try something new and exciting.


Allow change and embrace what comes about with open arms. You will naturally feel yourself drawn to more social activities which can lead to some chance encounters. Go into every interaction during this New Moon with full authenticity. The Universe will never ask for you to be anything than who you are. With this increased self-awareness, you will come to recognize the innate beauty and power of being able to be yourself without masks, constraints, lies, and limitations standing in your way. This is an incredible time to receive flashes of insight. You are in the midst of profound cosmic downloads of wisdom.


Mars Trine Uranus – Time To Break Free


Mars trine Uranus asks us to break free of routine. We so often find ourselves stuck in the same patterns, the same routines, the mundane. When this happens, we sometimes become numb to the world moving around us and become almost robotic, simply going through the motions. Now, while routine certainly has its place in our lives and can offer amazing stability and an anchor for our beings, we must be wary of letting it define our existence.

Mars trine Uranus asks us to break free of these restrictions and to allow ourselves to live. Do something this week that scares you. Take a leap of faith and believe in what you’ve been afraid to commit to. We are being blessed with a unique opportunity to experience emotions, activities, and relationships in a new way. It can be so easy to get caught up in our routines that we fail to acknowledge all that is around us.

Take some time to see the good and the bad and allow your heightened instincts during this time to guide you down the correct path. Don’t be afraid to take risks. It is only by trusting our intuition and the divine guidance that surrounds us that we can experience true freedom. Remain open-minded and allow self-expression to reign supreme.


Magic And Fortune Comes From Within


With the Sun coming to its midpoint sextile Uranus on the day of this New Moon, we will see a Minor Grand Trine occur between these three major aspects. This aspect pattern showers us in abundant energy and heightened abilities. Our expressiveness, skillfulness, and competence will all be increased tremendously, allowing us to see the very best in ourselves and where our true potential lies.

magic and fortune moon omens

This New Moon will bring out the best of this aspect pattern, making manifestation easier than ever before. Good fortune is on our side as we are presented with new opportunities that we have been praying for. We are reminded that it is not the material things that matter most, but rather the spiritual journey that we are all on and the progress and growth that we are experiencing.


The Powerful Energy Of New Moon In Pisces During Mercury Retrograde Is Not Something To Shy Away From


February is a month dedicated to magic and this New Moon is here to uplift our souls. We are being blessed with divine white light energy, softening any harsh energies that are still lingering. We are reminded to take time to pause, listen, and reflect as we walk along our true life’s path in pursuit of our Higher calling. This is a powerful time for committing to personal goals that utilize the positive energy that Pisces brings.

new moon in pisces moon omens

We are being reminded to not allow the stress and anxiety that we often feel to overtake us. We must consciously put aside time for peaceful and rejuvenating activities like meditation or yoga so that we may rest and recharge. It is so easy to get caught up in the busy and nonstop nature of society. Recognize that you are not a machine and grant yourself permission to slow down and take a break.

Mercury retrograde is not something to shy away from, it is extremely powerful energy and it is meant to be embraced. Together with New Moon in Pisces it offers an opportunity of a lifetime to dive deep within ourselves and bring out major changes we have been putting aside.

We are being reminded not to doubt ourselves and trust our intuition more than anything. No one knows us better than ourselves. We are divine beings and we are always being supported as long as we stay true to ourselves. Big changes that are aligned to our life paths can be scary to make, but all we have to do is to take a first step and trust that everything will unfold exactly how it should.

If you haven’t already ➜ Tap here to read full article on Mercury Retrograde and what it means for you.

We have also created a Guided Mercury Retrograde & New Moon In Pisces Meditation And Journal, we invite you to invest in yourself and dive deep together with us. ➜ Tap here or on the image below to access these powerful tools.

New Moon Mercury Retrograde

This month, the Universe is guiding us to get in touch with our inner worlds. We spend so much of our time in a rush. This is a time for being, not doing. Allow the outer world to fade away as you get in touch with the seemingly slight pulses of the Universe that are often the start of grand ripples. Revitalize your being and release the death grip that you have been trying to have over your life. It is ok to let go. You are being supported by the Universe and inspired to have faith in all that is to come.

Comment below if you are ready for this wonderful energy! And remember – Mercury Retrograde is not something to run away from; it is just like New Moon, a powerful divine energy to be embraced!

Infinite love & blessings,

The Moon Omens Team



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