article Neptune direct in Pisces: Heightened Perceptions
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Neptune direct in Pisces: Heightened Perceptions

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December 11, 2022

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On December 11, 04:09 PM —

On December 3, 7:15 PM ET, Neptune stations direct in Pisces after being in retrograde motion since the end of June. This shift indicates heightened perceptions, a deepening of our sensitivity, maximized intuition, and increased potential of receiving messages and insights through the oniric realms.

Neptune is stationing direct at 22º35’ of Pisces. This event will be felt more strongly by those of us who, in our natal chart, have personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) or angles (Ascendant, Descendant, MC or IC) around this degree of the Mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

If transiting Neptune is currently close to a planet or an angle of our natal chart, this shift of motion marks a turning point in the dissolution of our old ways of relating with the archetypes involved.

Neptune in Pisces: Spiritual Expansion, Transcendence, & Flow


Neptune is retrograde for approximately five months every year, has been in Pisces since 2011 and is going to leave the sign only in 2026. This transit has been bringing our attention to our spiritual expansion, magnifying our sensitivity and our awareness of subtle dimensions, energetics, and nuances of reality.

Neptune is associated with psychic sensitivity, intuition, and our capacity to experience and feel what others are feeling and experiencing. This planet correlates with the totality of life and our connection to the cosmic womb and the collective emotional body. Neptune correlates to the spiritual dimensions of art and the ability to access states of flow that allow us to transcend the immediacy of our current conditions and the limitations of the physical body.

When Neptune is retrograde, illusions, delusions, and deceptions tend to be revealed. This planet has an interesting quality as it is linked to both our highest degree of creative inspiration and our capacity to access unconditional love and to experiences of deception and disillusionment. However, disillusionment has the purpose to bring us closer to the actual Truth, which is what this planet is ultimately about. While Jupiter, the traditional ruler of Pisces and Sagittarius, is associated with personal truth, authenticity, and belief, Neptune has a connection with the universal or absolute Truth that emerges when the veil of illusion gets lifted and we finally See.

Neptune Direct in Pisces: Aligning Inner and Outer Realities


When planets station direct after a retrograde, we begin a phase of integration and digestion of the insights we got while the planet was retrograde. Neptune stationed retrograde at 25º of the sign of the Fish: until he reaches that degree again, we will be navigating the post-shadow phase of the retrograde cycle that just ended.

neptune direct in pisces

The post-shadow is the time to implement adjustments that allow us to align our external reality with the changes that have been taking place inwardly. As Neptune travels for the third and last time between 22º and25º of Pisces, we gradually reach a better understanding of themes and issues that came up during the retrograde and before the retrograde, when Neptune transited in that area of the Zodiac for the first time.

Neptune square Venus, Mercury, and Mars: Working on Radical Self-Honesty


Neptune is stationing direct while in a T-square configuration with Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius and retrograde Mars in Gemini. These alignments have been active for the whole week, the Mars-Neptune square has been ongoing for months and is now separating, while the Venus-Neptune square is exact and very potent at this time.

This configuration is likely to show up most relevantly in our relationships, especially in romantic ones. The Mutable T-square highlights the importance of being honest with both ourselves and others, in particular by taking care of the way we communicate our needs, feelings, desires, and expectations, and being mindful of the impact of unconsciously projecting on others. We may notice whether we may feel tempted to withhold information, exaggerate, or embellish facts as a way to try to move towards a desired outcome.

Themes often associated with Neptune that may be emphasized by the current T-square are feelings of victimization and savior complexes. These days, we may have opportunities to notice where we tend to feel victimized by life or by our reality, and pay attention to how we respond to these feelings, what stories are playing out in our head, and what subconscious beliefs they are informing us about.

Similarly, we have an opportunity to observe where a desire to rescue or save others arises. If that’s the case for us, we may ask ourselves what is beneath these impulses, when in our past they originated, and whether there is some feeling or personal issue we may be trying to avoid or bypass by directing our focus and attention onto what others feel or need.

Neptune direct in Pisces: Completion and Dissolution


As Neptune stations direct and begins to move forward again, we may start to see more clearly the path forward. Neptune transits inspire us to let go of the need to define ourselves and dissolve identities, ways of being, ways of thinking, and ways of relating that represent a result of our conditioning, wounds, and coping mechanisms. Transits of Neptune often bring completion and conclusion to a phase or chapter of our lives. They invite us to remain present as we experience the uncertainty of not knowing what comes next and to surrender to the space of liminality between the release of the old and the birth of the new.

When Neptune is prominent astrologically, the invitation is to explore constructive and empowering ways to honor, connect with, and channel our increased sensitivity, our empathy, our yearning. We have an opportunity to explore how to develop a conscious relationship with our idealism, with our capacity to see the highest potential in everything and everyone and express the energy, the longing that wants to move through us without attaching it to a specific outcome, fantasy, or person.

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