article Mercury Retrograde in Cancer: A Safe Space to Feel
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Mercury Retrograde in Cancer: A Safe Space to Feel

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June 17, 2020

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Mercury stations retrograde on June 18th, at 14°45’ of the sign of Cancer. This transit, happening three to four times per year, is going to last three weeks, until July, 12th.

We say that a planet moves retrograde when it appears to be moving backward from our perspective on Earth. In fact, Mercury does not change the direction it’s moving towards.

Mercury is the smallest planet of the Solar System, the closest to both Earth and the Sun. When there’s a shift in its energy field, it affects our electromagnetic field in more apparent, visible, and evident ways, if we compare it to the retrograde of planets further away from us.

For this reason, Mercury retrograde has gotten a bad rep. Some people consider it just an annoying transit: it’s been associated with communication issues, technological problems, the internet going down, the malfunctioning of our electrical devices, and other small issues of our everyday life.

Nonetheless, we should not forget that, like any other transit, Mercury retrograde has an evolutionary purpose: it offers important opportunities for our personal growth.


Mercury Retrograde: Revisiting our Learning Process 


In Astrology, Mercury is considered the ruler of two signs: Gemini and Virgo. They are both mutable signs, extremely detail-oriented, versatile, adaptable, and great in multitasking. While Gemini seeks to understand life, gathering as much information and data as possible, Virgo seeks to apply the knowledge accumulated in practical and useful ways.

For this reason, Mercury rules the process of learning: it represents the way we absorb information, the learning method that best works for us, and what we naturally pay attention to.

mercury retrograde in cancer moon omens

When Mercury moves retrograde we are called to revisit, review, and reflect on how we integrate the information we gather. This transit is a great chance to learn new things and to change the way we process or apply the knowledge we have. 


Letting Go of the Obsession for Details


Mercury represents how we manage details and handle the tasks of everyday life. It helps us establish order out of chaos: this planet allows us to make sense of reality and understand it rationally, using logic and our left brain.

It can be hard to focus on details during this retrograde, especially when Mercury is moving through a water sign like Cancer. The invitation is to look at the bigger picture first and take care of details later, without getting frustrated if things don’t go as planned immediately. As a collective, we are going through a pretty chaotic period: trying to make sense out of everything using rationality and logic has been quite hard.

Mercury retrograde is an invitation to switch off the left brain and let go of our obsession for details for a few weeks. This transit inspires us to remember that we don’t need to be always in control, it’s OK not to know what’s coming next.


Rediscovering the Power of Words


Mercury is associated with the way we communicate, particularly to the words we use when we speak or think. 

The Gemini side of Mercury represents the way we communicate with the world: it’s correlated to how we share what we know with others, and to seeking meaningful exchanges and conversations. The Virgo side of Mercury on the other hand represents the way we talk to ourselves: it is associated with critical thinking and self-analysis.

Communication is a central part of life, of any social exchange and the learning process: asking questions and answering questions helps us deepen our understanding of any topic. Reflecting on the knowledge we have is a necessary step, that allows us to figure out how it can affect the world, how we can use it constructively.

mercury retrograde in cancer

When Mercury goes retrograde, its function is internalized: we are invited to think well before we share our thoughts and opinions with others. This transit inspires us to reflect on what we know and what we don’t know yet before we speak.


Mercury retrograde in Cancer: Empathic Communication


During the next three weeks, as Mercury appears to move backward through Cancer, a particular emphasis is placed on our family life and on the way we communicate at home.

Cancer is a naturally empathetic and compassionate sign: it inspires us to speak with loving kindness, taking into account the feelings of the person in front of us. Mercury retrograde inspires us to let go of excessive critical or judgmental attitudes, to put ourselves in the shoes of others.

moon omens

The same applies to the way we think and speak to ourselves: as we move into Cancer season, taking care of our own emotional well-being becomes a priority. Rather than being hard on ourselves, we are invited to be nurturing and sympathetic, to take the time we need for self-care and let go of impossible expectations of productivity or performance.


A Safe Space to Feel


Creating a safe space to feel whatever comes up becomes crucial during this transit. We may be drawn to reflecting on the past, we could have the opportunity to fully heal old wounds from our childhood or to connect with our families in deeper ways.

Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed by your emotions, repressing or denying them does not help. When we allow ourselves to fully feel what we haven’t been able to feel in the past, we liberate ourselves from a huge burden and give permission to others to do the same.

Comment below what you are most excited about for this Mercury Retrograde! And please share this article with others via the sidebar, thank you! Sending love & blessings your way 🙂


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