article Mercury Retrograde 2019 & Toliman Energy Portal
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Mercury Retrograde 2019 & Toliman Energy Portal

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November 11, 2019

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Mercury Retrograde 2019 Starts on 10/31 – Toliman Energy Portal 

October 31st marks the start of Mercury Retrograde and the opening of the Toliman Portal as Mercury stations retrograde conjunct Venus on Toliman, the star that lies in the wound on the thigh of the Centaur. This cosmic shift will end on November 21st.

This Mercury Retrograde marks the final retrograde of the year and closes out what was a tumultuous month of October. This is a time for major detoxing as we free ourselves of that which no longer serves us and break through our own limitations. Prepare for regeneration, reflection, rebirth, and resurrection as Mercury forces you to shift in new ways.

Those of us who are highly sensitive to energy shifts have felt the changes in the atmosphere for the past two weeks and been struck by their intensity. October has been an incredibly challenging month filled with celestial storms that pushed us to our limits. Our emotions have been going through cycles of being extremely high to drastically low, and these cycles have been jarring because of how quickly and how many times we have felt these polar opposite emotions. We were left feeling drained, pulled and pushed, and with a sense of loss of control. We may still be feeling some of this, but for the most part the roller-coaster of emotions from this past month are settling down.

Mercury Retrograde can bring about misunderstandings and miscommunications, with a lot of people getting caught in the shifting energy and becoming susceptible to negativity. We can fall victim to patterns of ignoring problems that we think will be solved on their own or will continue to remain hidden. October forced us to come face to face with our problems, those in our relationships and lives and even those conflicts within ourselves. Mercury Retrograde is our final lesson. We are stripped down of all the walls and barriers that we put up and forced to be honest with ourselves. This is a time for complete vulnerability as we process the lessons that we have learned this month.

We must care of ourselves while continuing to care for those around us. The vulnerability that Mercury Retrograde stirs up can cause irritability and frustration from those we are closest to. Do not get caught up in the chaos and instead take more time to understand and connect with others and see the blessings that present themselves. 

Mercury Retrograde can make us feel like our lives are out of alignment sometimes and can cause arguments to increase. However, it also raises our awareness of where our priorities lie and just where our focus and energy are going. This celestial energy is here to teach us what needs to leave our lives. 

We are about to undergo a major transformation as we shed old layers, release the negativity that has been cluttering our lives, and receive all of the wisdom that October had to offer. Everything is starting to make sense. These last few super energetically charged weeks forced us to go through a major period of deep soul growth and things are finally coming together. We are about to experience a major transformation in our lives, and we have never been more ready.

Remember that cosmic waves and planetary alignments are only temporary. Through each celestial storm, roller-coaster of emotions, and opening and closing of energy portals, it is important and absolutely essential to remain patient and kind as we treat ourselves and others with love. 

Mercury Retrograde signals the final transformation into rebirth and self-discovery. All of the wisdom and energy of the Universe flows through us and Mercury is here to remind us of this. All of the challenges this past month brought come to an end as we enter into a portal of vulnerability and brutal honesty with ourselves. Mercury will force us to shift, re-emerge, and finally rise to new heights.    

Tips for a smooth Mercury Retrograde: 

  • Release all energy that is not yours to carry
  • Listen to your intuition and gut feelings
  • Be on the lookout for triggers, lessons, and hurdles
  • Don’t take people’s irritability personally
  • Take a step back and reanalyze
  • Remain flexible
  • Set your own vibration
  • Don’t fear the retrograde energy, embrace it

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