article Mercury in Taurus: Grounded Communications
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Mercury in Taurus: Grounded Communications

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April 8, 2023

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On April 8, 05:15 PM —

On April 3, 12:22 PM ET, Mercury leaves Aries and Taurus. This shift indicates that, during the upcoming weeks, the pace of our thinking will slow down, our communications will be more grounded, and we will be drawn to ponder on how to move towards conditions of greater stability and security. 

Mercury is going to remain in Taurus until June 11, longer than usual, as on April 21 Mercury is going to begin its retrograde journey through the sign of the Bull, which lasts until May 15.

This transit will impact everyone, but will be most relevant for those of us who were born with personal placements in Fixed signs. Those more strongly impacted by Mercury’s transit through Taurus and its upcoming retrograde will be drawn to reflect more deeply on their values and priorities and will have opportunities to redefine their perception of stability and security.

Mercury from Aries to Taurus: Consolidating our Ideas, Perceptions, and Opinions


In Astrology, Mercury rules over communication, thinking, learning, problem-solving, and discernment. The ruler of Gemini and Virgo, named after the mythological Messenger, is the planet connected to critical thinking, logic, rationality, and intellectual organization and classification of our surroundings.

Mercury’s transit through Aries inspires assertive and passionate communications, courageous decision-making, and quick problem-solving, and ignites a desire to take action on our ideas. During this time, we tend to be more mentally restless than usual and prone to speak our minds without filters.

Mercury’s ingress into Taurus slows down the pace of our thinking and inspires us to take more time to reflect and ponder before we speak. This transit represents an opportunity to practice communicating in a grounded way and consolidate our understanding of the world around us.


Mercury in Taurus: Thinking for the Long-Term


Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac, a Yin, Earth, and Fixed archetype. It illustrates the stage of evolution through which we consolidate and structure what we began thanks to the passionate and instinctive energy of Aries’ Cardinal Fire.

This sign is ruled by Venus and is associated with pleasure, sensuality, abundance, and receptivity, as well as our survival instinct and our capacity to generate conditions and foundations upon which life can blossom and thrive.

Taurus is stable, reliable, and consistent, and Mercury’s ingress into the sign inspires us to focus on practical, tangible, and pragmatic matters. During the upcoming days and weeks, we may feel drawn to think more than usual about the management of our finances, material resources, and possessions, and make decisions in these areas. We will reflect on our values, on what we prioritize, and be inclined to think for the long term.

Mercury in aspect to Pluto, Mars, Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn


As Mercury enters Taurus, it immediately squares Pluto at 0º Aquarius. The Mercury-Pluto square deepens and sharpens our perception and our intuition, attuning us to the undercurrents of what is being said. This alignment can indicate underlying power dynamics in our communications and intense conversations that offer us the opportunity to completely transform the way we think about an issue or perceive an experience.

On April 5, May 12, and May 19, Mercury aligns with Saturn in Pisces forming a series of harmonic sextiles. These aspects mark a favorable moment for planning, organizing, and structuring our time, according to our long-term visions. Around this time, we may have an easier time focusing, learning, and retaining information.

Mercury is also going to form three sextiles with Mars in Cancer, before, during, and after its retrograde, on April 8, April 24, and June 21. The series of Mercury-Mars sextiles invite us to practice assertive and direct communication and to express our thoughts, feelings, needs, and desires in a clear way and yet without being abrasive.

After completing its retrograde, Mercury perfects its conjunction with Uranus, on June 4. The Mercury-Uranus conjunction increases our restlessness, supports intellectual dynamism, speeds up the pace of our thoughts, and catalyzes downloads and out-of-the-blue, innovative ideas. This conjunction has the potential to indicate that we may solve problems in unexpected ways and inspire us to break free from disempowering thinking loops that generate stagnation. 

Mercury forms a sextile to Neptune in Pisces on June 9, and this inspiring and poetic aspect will support all pursuits connected with an artistic and creative use of words, voice, and language. The Mercury-Neptune sextile will expand our intuitive capacity and invite a compassionate and empathetic outlook on our experiences.


Mercury in Taurus: Revisiting Values and Priorities


As the Messenger enters the sign of the Bull, the rhythm of our thoughts and our communications will slow down. We are likely to be inclined to hold on to familiar perceptions, values, and opinions, rather than seeking new ones or experimenting. While Mercury is in Taurus, we are drawn to think about what we value and what we prioritize, and as Mercury goes retrograde in the sign our values and priorities may change substantially.

Mercury’s upcoming retrograde period could mark a time of significant shifts in our way of thinking and perceiving practical matters and financial issues, which may give us chances to build different foundations for our lives.

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