article Mercury in Taurus 2024: Practical Thinking
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Mercury in Taurus 2024: Practical Thinking

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May 14, 2024

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On May 14, 02:14 PM —

On May 15, 1:05 AM EST, Mercury enters Taurus and leaves Aries after an extended stay in the sign. Mercury is going to remain in Taurus until June 3, inviting us to think pragmatically and explore practical solutions for any issue we may be facing.

Mercury’s ingress in Taurus is particularly relevant for those born with personal placements in Fixed signs, as well as Gemini and Virgo, which Mercury rules. This transit will invite them to be grounded in their thinking, practice clear and concise communication, and embrace common sense and practicality in their decision-making processes.

Mercury from Aries to Taurus: Common Sense and Practicality


Named after the mythological Messenger, Mercury is the planet connected with logic, rational thinking, inductive learning, discernment, communication, commerce, and problem-solving. When Mercury changes signs, it marks a shift in our orientation toward thinking, communicating, learning, organizing our days, and perceiving reality. 

Mercury’s transit through Aries offered us opportunities to see the world with new eyes and invited us to practice direct yet tactful communication. This transit, together with Mercury’s retrograde cycle and the three Mercury-Chiron conjunctions, brought chances to heal wounds connected with self-assertion and renew our relationship with anger while encouraging us to recognize disempowering habits that impact the way we think and speak to both ourselves and others. 

Mercury’s ingress in Taurus will bring more opportunities to integrate the insights we got and how our perception shifted while Mercury was in Aries. This transit encourages deliberate decision-making, thorough thinking, and a cautious approach to communication, in contrast to the quick and impulsive style of Mercury in Aries. As we are dealing with a Fixed Earth archetype, Mercury in Taurus emphasizes the value of common sense and keeps us grounded.


Mercury enters Taurus: Grounded Thinking


This transit invites us to embrace a pragmatic and practical approach to decision-making, solving problems, and collecting data. While Mercury is in Taurus, we tend to look for information that confirms rather than challenges our existing perception of reality. 

This transit fosters a preference for clear, concise, and simple language and inspires us to seek tangible evidence that supports our ideas and plans. The pace of our thinking and communication is likely to slow down significantly compared to the previous weeks, as during this transit we will need more time to process information and articulate our thoughts. 

Mercury in Taurus reminds us to be patient, encourages us to think before we speak, inspires us to study thoroughly, and to really take the time to listen, to reflect, and to understand how something works.This transit supports our memory, our planning and organizational skills, our ability to be consistent in our intellectual endeavors, and our capacity to be efficient and productive in our daily lives. 


Mercury square Pluto and conjunct Uranus


As Mercury enters Taurus, we are already experiencing the energy of the Mercury-Pluto square, exact on May 17. Mercury in Taurus squaring Pluto in Aquarius will show how our tendency to hold on to existing mental frameworks and ways of perceiving life prevents us from attuning to the future and adapting to the speed of collective evolutionThis configuration indicates a tendency to gravitate toward an obsessive style of thinking and a desire to get to the bottom of everything, uncover secrets, and discover hidden motives and intentions. Intellectual power struggles and mind games can be a distorted expression of this energy.

On May 31, Mercury crosses Uranus at 24º of Taurus. Their conjunction will speed up our thought process and help us liberate ourselves from mindsets and thinking habits that keep us stuck and stagnant. This aspect supports our ability to tap into future trends and be unconventional in bringing our visions down to earth. Around the time of the Mercury-Uranus conjunction, we can expect to experience an increase in mental restlessness, intellectual dynamism, and visionary power. If we don’t find outlets to channel this energy intentionally, we may mistake it for anxiety and scatteredness.

Mercury sextile Saturn and Neptune in Pisces


On May 27, Mercury forms a sextile with Saturn in Pisces. This configuration supports our ability to focus, organize, and structure our days in a way that serves our long-term dreams and visions. The Mercury-Saturn sextile encourages all learning pursuits. Around this time, our ability to memorize, remember, and integrate information will be supported.

On June 2, Mercury in the late degrees of Taurus forms a sextile with Neptune in the late degrees of Pisces. This aspect supports poetic and artistic expression and inspires us to use words creatively and with compassion. The Mercury-Neptune sextile indicates an increase in our intuitive capacity and invites an empathetic outlook on our and others’ experiences.


Mercury in Taurus: the Power of Focus


While Mercury is in Taurus, we tend to avoid changing our minds dramaticallyand we are more inclined to preserve existing opinions, habits, and thinking patterns. Stubbornness and intellectual resistance to change, novelty, and new ideas can arise or be enhanced during this time, as Taurus is naturally inclined to hold on to the known and consolidate what already exists, which could hold back Mercury’s natural curiosity and desire to learn.

Nevertheless, Mercury’s ingress into Taurus reminds us of the power of focusing on one thing at a time, of taking the time we need to reflect and think before we act, speak, or make a decision. During the upcoming days and weeks, we will have opportunities to be more structured in our learning endeavors, improve our time management skills, and be more practical in our communications. This transit can be an invitation to identify thinking patterns and ways of seeing our reality that keep us stuck and stagnant and reflect on how our definition of stability and security needs to be upgraded during these times of change.


Crystal Pick for Venus enters Taurus: Rose Quartz


The perfect crystal for Venus meets Taurus energy, rose quartz helps you connect to your heart and subtle senses, develop self-intimacy and trust, and renew your relationship with yourself and others. It will help you slow down and sink into more gentleness, compassion, and kindness, to release the tension, pressure, and fire of Venus in Aries energy, and settle into the earthly arms of Venus at home in Taurus.

Rose quartz is associated with Taurus as it’s incredibly supportive in helping you develop self-worth and a sense of inner security and self-love, so you can tap into that Taurean sense of appreciation, comfort, and beauty from within yourself. As you work on developing your material resources in life to bring in more earthly stability, rose quartz helps you develop your inner resources and emotional stability to help guide you in your actions.

An incredibly soothing and healing crystal, especially for your heart space, you can use rose quartz during this transit to help you release any repressed and unexpressed emotions you may be holding onto, so that you can bloom open into more love and openness, towards yourself and in all your relationships. It holds encouraging and compassionate energy to gently spur you into more acceptance, belief, and trust in your own light, worthiness, and power. 


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