article Mercury enters Scorpio: Unraveling Mysteries
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Mercury enters Scorpio: Unraveling Mysteries

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October 22, 2023

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On October 22, 11:22 AM —

On October 22, 02:49 AM ET, Mercury leaves Libra and enters Scorpio. While we are navigating the Eclipse window, Mercury’s ingress into Scorpio offers us opportunities to gain a deeper intellectual understanding of the transformation we are undergoing. This transit ignites our curiosity and our desire to dig deeper, unravel mysteries, and uncover what is at the root of our experiences. Mercury is going to remain in Scorpio until November 10.

This transit will be more relevant for those of us who were born with personal placements in Fixed signs. Those of us personally impacted by Mercury’s journey through Scorpio will have chances to profoundly transform their mindset and perceptions. They will be invited to gain more emotional and psychological self-awareness and deepen their understanding of reality, of themselves, and of other people.

Mercury from Libra to Scorpio: Naming the Unspoken


Mercury is the planet of communication, rationality, problem-solving, and critical thinking. In Astrology, Mercury is associated with the left hemisphere of the brain, with the way we logically make sense of what happens to and around us.

Mercury informs us of how we perceive reality and how we share with others what we see, think, and feel. The ruler of both Gemini and Virgo, Mercury has to do with how we communicate what we perceive, but also with how we manage, organize, and handle the chores of everyday life.

While Mercury was in Libra, we were encouraged to refine our ability to truly listen to others and understand them without the filter of our own biases and assumptions. This transit reminded us of the role of relationships as a learning arena and invited us to find better harmony between assertiveness and diplomacy.

Mercury in Scorpio is not politically correct, not concerned with diplomacy and tact: this transit invites us to share the uncomfortable, ugly, raw truth, even when it hurts. While Mercury travels through Scorpio, our mental focus goes on unveiling mystery, naming the unspoken, and reading into the undercurrents of every situation.


Mercury enters Scorpio: Uncovering Secrets & Revealing Taboos


While Mercury is in Scorpio, a Fixed Water sign, we can expect a tendency to be more secretive, and more careful about what we say and to whom. This combination of energies highlights a general inclination to speak less and think more, to ponder more carefully how we say something and why.

These days and weeks, we could feel a stronger need to uncover secrets, reveal uncomfortable truths, and break the stigma about taboos. This transit promotes an introspective and analytical focus and represents a very favorable time to focus on therapy, inner exploration, and shadow work.

Mercury in Scorpio invites us to dive deep into our psychology and emotions and to strive to understand the true motivations, intentions, and desires that generate our and others’ choices.


Mercury in aspect to Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars


During its journey through Scorpio, Mercury is going to align with Saturn and Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, Mars in Scorpio, and Pluto in Capricorn.

As Mercury enters Scorpio on October 22, it immediately trines Saturn at 0º of Pisces. The Mercury-Saturn trine is a favorable aspect for all learning pursuits that require retaining information and memorizing data. This alignment inspires us to evaluate our priorities, plans, and responsibilities and organize our time accordingly, structuring our days productively and effectively, yet without overextending ourselves.

Mercury crosses Mars in Scorpio and opposes Jupiter in Taurus on October 29. This combination of energies supports our ability to feel confident in the validity of our ideas and thoughts yet it can indicate a tendency to be overly righteous and express our beliefs and opinions too aggressively. Around this time, we may ask ourselves what is at the root of an urge to try to overpower others verbally or of the need to always be “right”.

mercury enters scorpio 2023

Mercury in aspect to Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto


Mercury opposes Uranus in Taurus on November 4. This aspect reflects an increase in our mental restlessness and could correspond with feelings of agitation and impatience. The Mercury-Uranus opposition speeds up the pace of our thoughts, supporting intellectual dynamism and catalyzing downloads and out-of-the-blue ideas. This alignment inspires us to think outside the box and to break free from disempowering mindsets and thoughts that keep us stuck and stagnant. 

Mercury trines Neptune in Pisces on November 6. The Mercury-Neptune trine invites us to explore the spiritual meaning of our experiences and inspires us to rely on non-linear, intuitive ways of expressing and alchemizing our feelings and emotions. This alignment facilitates empathic, compassionate communication, nurtures our imagination, and supports poetic and artistic expression.

On November 8, Mercury in Scorpio forms a sextile to Pluto, Scorpio’s modern ruler, currently in the late degrees of Capricorn. This alignment sharpens our intuition and our ability to sense the undercurrents of what is being said. The Mercury-Pluto sextile facilitates our awareness of underlying power dynamics and reflects a desire for deep, intense conversations and exchanges that have the potential to transform how we think and perceive reality.


Mercury in Scorpio: Beyond the Obvious


Mercury in Scorpio encourages profound introspection and self-exploration and offers all of us an invitation to ask more questions, get beyond the surface of the obvious, and access a more profound understanding of ourselves, others, and our reality.

This transit highlights a desire for radically honest communication, but also a simultaneous fear of it. Being emotionally honest implies being vulnerable, and most of us have had experiences where our vulnerability has been used against us, where we have completely opened up to someone and we have felt hurt or betrayed. 

The impulse to try to manipulate other people, their perception, or information itself in order to gain power and control or feel safe is a shadow aspect of this transit that could emerge strongly, both on a personal and on a collective level.

Trust will be another central theme of Mercury’s journey through Scorpio. The upcoming days and weeks will offer us new chances to gain better awareness of our trust issues, in particular of any challenges in trusting ourselves, our discernment, and our intuition.


Crystal Pick for Mercury in Scorpio: Smoky Quartz


As our collective mind moves into the realms of the underworld with Mercury entering Scorpio, smoky quartz will help keep you clear, grounded, and protected. As our unconscious desires, buried emotions and shadows come to the surface over the coming weeks, smoky quartz will help you let go of toxic, dense, heavy emotional loads while allowing clarity and lessons to rise to your mind, bringing discernment and understanding.

This is an emotional transit and smoky quartz can help you stand strong, determined and decisive, grounded in your body, in your root, allowing you to feel the feelings but also let them move through you, out of you, back into the earth to be composted. It’s constantly activating and moving energy, breaking up and dispersing whatever’s been accumulated, stuck, or dense within you, circulating, clearing, and removing what must go.

This creates a protective layer around your whole aura, throughout your energetic field, like a filtration system that weeds out the toxic energies and allows you to stay focused on how you feel, what you want, and what you need so you can create true, deep healing within your own mind, body and soul throughout this upcoming Scorpio season! (read our Scorpio season 2023 article here)

To help you align with Mercury in Scorpio energy we have created a very powerful Scorpio Season Workbook which is designed to assist you tapping into potent energies of this season.

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