article Mercury In Pisces: Energy Speaks Louder Than Words
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Mercury In Pisces: Energy Speaks Louder Than Words

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Moon Omens

March 14, 2020

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From March 16th until April 12th 2020 the planet Mercury will be transiting the constellation of Pisces. This energy will be asking us to review the recent Mercury retrograde which occurred between February 17th and March 10th.


Mercury, the Planet of Communication


Mercury’s symbolism is connected to communication. It’s how we speak to ourselves and what we say to others. This includes everything from our thoughts and ideas to our spoken or written words. We can think of Mercury as a super computer; constantly compiling data, drawing details and assessing the situation.

Mercury is concerned with what we think about a situation. We experience Mercury’s energy any time we are trying to understand life through a logical lens. Have we ever tried to plan our meals or decide where to take a vacation? Have we ever weighed the pros and cons of a situation? That’s Mercury’s domain.


Mercury Runs the Modern World


We live in a world that is obsessed with logic and rationality. We work to solve problems and find conclusions. We assess the facts and risks before making a decision. In a lot of ways our Mercurial minds run the world. Earth’s current climate is intimately connected to data, information and technology.

This is neither good nor bad, it simply is. But what this does mean is that our minds, ruled by Mercury, are probably running on overdrive. We’re checking notifications, reading articles, seeing posts and targeted marketing campaigns throughout our days. We’re sharing ideas and inspiring others through our words. We’re feeling helpless trying to figure out the future. Our minds rarely get the chance to just stop and turn off.


Taking Time Away, Is Okay


Checking out and turning off is a big theme of Mercury’s transit through Pisces. This is because Pisces energy is not rational or logical. Pisces energy is here for the mystery, the mysticism, the adventure and the dream. Pisces energy is not pinpointed or exact; it’s actually a little all over the place. It needs to be free to flow and play. To sleep and dream.

Since Mercury is going to be transiting this sleepy sign it is not a time to try and figure everything out. It’s not a time for extreme judgements or even decisions. Of course, we never want to put our lives on hold because of a planetary cycle. However, if we are not feeling a clear direction, instead of forcing ourselves to make up our minds, we are better off taking some time away.

mercury in pisces

Have we ever stared at a math problem trying desperately to understand the answer but it just isn’t clicking? Maybe if we take some time away from it and come back refreshed we have a better chance of solving the problem.

That time away, that space to refresh, that room to breath is what this cycle is all about.


Energy Speaks Louder Than Words


This transit is also about understanding that communication is much more than just verbal. We are always communicating through our energy. This is a time where we might find ourselves “in the feels”. This is good! It’s better to embrace our feelings than try to push them away. As we embrace our emotional experiences we become able to move forward as a force in the world.

What are we saying with our energy? How are we showing up vibrationally? What vibes are we sharing with the world?

These are all areas to focus on while Mercury is in Pisces. Even though this phase will last approximately 1 month, the wisdom we gain during this time can last us a lifetime.

Things might not make a lot of logical sense and if we are trying to run in a straight line we could feel frustrated. The point here is that life is cyclical, not linear. Forward and faster isn’t always better. There’s a power in embracing the circle of life and slowing down the pace.


Mercury in Pisces Means Creative Solutions Abound


The potential for creative expression during this time is huge; especially if we allow ourselves to get in touch with our emotions. If we are feeling something deeply, and chose to create from that space there’s no telling what we will bring into form. Whether we have the idea to create a pot of soup or paint a mural is relevant. Creation looks different for each person and this is not a time to compare. It’s a time to embrace whatever inspiration is moving through us, even if it doesn’t make any sense to our minds.

mercury in pisces moon omens

It’s when we chose to create that we are bridging the physical and non physical worlds. We are harnessing the full potential of our power. That idea to make a pot of soup was simply a thought, but through our actions we bring it into form. Not to mention, we then get to share the soup with those in our lives. When we act on the inklings of our intuitions we are essentially changing the physical world.

It’s these creative solutions that are shifting the collective.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” ~ Albert Einstein

The thing is, many of the problems we are facing individually and collectively have been created by our logical minds. We’ve gotten ourselves into some corners living through a shallow logic lens. This is why Mercury in Pisces has so much potential.


Mercury in Pisces Wants to Look Beyond the Surface


It’s inviting us to appreciate all of the iceberg that is under the surface. To open our minds towards the full expanse of what it means to be alive. Sure, this cycle may not make a lot of sense, but the opportunities are unlimited.

The key is to remember not everything as it seems. Physical reality is the tip of the iceberg. Underneath everything we perceive is an energetic world. From that energy we can regenerate, move in new directions and bring about creative solutions.

All we have to be willing to do is think differently. As we do this we’ll wonder what took us so long to embrace the path of not-knowing. Before we know it we will be best friends with the unknown and see that here is where the real magic lives.

Comment below if you can feel this beautiful shift happening in your life already. Are you excited as we are?! 🙂 Thank You for being with us Moon Omens Soul Family, we are sending infinite love and blessings your way!

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