mercury in pisces
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On March 15, 06:27 PM ET, Mercury enters Pisces, joining the Sun, Venus, and Neptune. Mercury will be in Pisces until April 2 or 3, according to the timezone we are in. During this time, Mercury will invite us to transcend intellectual boundaries and expand our perception of reality.

While the planet of communication and logic travels through the sign of the Fish, we are encouraged to allow our intuition to lead us, release our attachment to rational thinking patterns, and tune into subtle energies, feelings, and sensations. Mercury in Pisces is dreamy, elusive, and poetic: this transit will affect the way we perceive reality and make sense of our experiences.


Mercury in Pisces: Embracing Non-Linearity


In Astrology, Mercury symbolizes how we mentally organize our reality, how we make sense of our environment, how we solve problems, how we self-analyze. Through the Mercurial function, we try to find out the way the Universe works through the use of logic and rationality. Mercury corresponds to the way we gather information, to how we learn and apply our knowledge.

Pisces instead is about the collective emotional body, unexplainable feelings and sensations, subtle energies and perceptions that more often than not can’t be rationalized or verbalized. The ruler of both Gemini and Virgo, Mercury is traditionally considered to be in both its detriment and fall in Pisces.

What this means is that Mercury simply doesn’t work as we would expect when it travels through the sign of the Fish. While Mercury is all about the left brain, logic, rationality, and data, Pisces is about the right brain, creativity, emotions, intuition, and feelings.

Mercury in Pisces may not do well with linear thinking and inductive processing, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing: this transit reminds us that not everything in life has to be explained or understood through logic. Mercury in Pisces offers us an invitation to embrace non-linearity and deductive reasoning and to trust our intuition more.


Mercury sextile Uranus, squaring Mars and the Lunar Nodes


During its journey through Pisces, Mercury will form a conjunction with Neptune, square the Lunar Nodes and Mars, and create a sextile with Uranus and Pluto.

On March 21, Mercury will sextile Uranus in Taurus: this aspect stimulates our capacity to think out of the box, be unique, and communicate in original and innovative ways. Mercury sextile Uranus is a future-oriented and visionary aspect: it supports our mental flexibility and our capacity to creatively adapt to unexpected changes of plans and circumstances that require a quick shift in our perception of reality.

Communication is likely to be a significant area of attention as Mercury in Pisces squares Mars in Gemini, exactly on March 24. This aspect can reflect some tension in our verbal exchanges, as an increased sensitivity meets a tendency to use sharp and direct words quite impulsively, in a way that can be easily perceived as invasive and blunt. Paying extra attention to being tactful and polite is advised during these days.

Mercury squaring the Nodes of the Moon in Gemini and Sagittarius, most active between March 20 and March 28, may bring up wounds from the past relative to feeling silenced, that our voice doesn’t matter, that we don’t have the right to have an opinion and express it. This alignment invites us to go back in time to retrieve the parts of ourselves that we shut down in order to feel loved and accepted by others.


Mercury conjunct Neptune and sextile Pluto


While in Pisces, Mercury will join Neptune, the modern ruler of the sign: their conjunction, exact on March 29, represents a wonderful influence on our creativity. Mercury conjunct Neptune inspires us to use words poetically, stimulates our capacity to create beauty, encourages us to express our emotions artistically, and to communicate what is going on in our inner world in an evocative way.

This aspect may also reflect a sense of mental confusion, brain fog, scatteredness, and disorganization, which we are especially likely to notice if we need to concentrate on tasks that require analytical and logical thinking. During these days, make sure to communicate your intentions clearly and ask others for clarifications if needed, to prevent misunderstandings.

On April 2, Mercury will sextile Pluto in Capricorn. This supportive aspect will deepen our perception of reality, increase our capacity to focus, investigate, and research those topics we are passionate about. The Mercury-Pluto sextile is associated with mental sharpness and strong intuitive capacities, which allow us to penetrate to the bottom line of anything we are truly interested in and understand it through a more profound lens.


Mercury in Pisces: Transcending Intellectual Boundaries


Mercury in Pisces activates the right brain and stimulates our intuition, our capacity to know something without really understanding how, our ability to make sense out of things and solve problems in a way that is not linear. Excessively trying to control our thought processes and the way we elaborate information is not likely to be helpful at this time.

Attuning to frequencies and sensations that inspire and motivate us, practicing activities that allow us to find flow states, and investing time in what stimulates our inspiration and creativity is likely to generate more ease in all other areas of our life.

mercury in pisces

Mercury in Pisces invites us to transcend intellectual boundaries and promotes a connection between our minds and the collective emotional body. This is a wonderful transit for artists, writers, poets, and all creatives, as our capacity to verbalize and express emotions that anyone can relate to and identify with is maximized and expanded.

If we manage to detach from our addiction to rationality and logic, Mercury in Pisces can help us connect with an entirely different way of thinking, living, and perceiving reality, which can be equally valuable.

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