Mercury in Libra
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On September 5, at 3:47 PM EST, Mercury enters Libra, leaving his home sign Virgo. Mercury will transit through the sign of the Scales until September 27, inviting us to create win-win solutions that make everyone involved happy and satisfied.

During the upcoming weeks, the Cosmos will invite us to seek harmony, balance, and compromise in all our relationships and social interactions. Diplomacy, tact, and negotiation are the keywords: this is a great time to work on establishing healthy and respectful communication habits.


Mercury: Communication, Rationality, and Critical Thinking


In Astrology, Mercury is considered the planet of communication, rationality, and critical thinking. He is related to the left hemisphere of the brain, to the way we make sense of what happens to and around us.

Mercury corresponds to our perception of the world, and to the way we share with others what we see, think, and feel. The natural ruler of both Gemini and Virgo, this small planet represents the way we manage details and handle the tasks of everyday life.

Mercury corresponds to the way we learn, process, and integrate new information; he correlates to the words we use when we exchange our thoughts and perspectives with others.


Libra: Cardinal Air


Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac: a Yang, Cardinal, Air archetype. As a Cardinal sign, its function is to initiate something new, that has never been done before. The mission of Libra is to initiate relationships with others, ideally based on conditions of balance, fairness, and justice. Being an Air archetype, it correlates to intellect, rationality, and interconnectedness; it is naturally changeable, logical, and idealistic.

Libra is the opposite sign of Aries, the archetype representing the birth of the Self. Aries is all about immediate action, spontaneous instincts, impulses, and desires. If we consider the natural order of the Zodiac, we can say that from Aries to Virgo the focus is on developing and discovering our sense of Self. Others enter the picture only through Libra, which kicks off a phase of evolution, culminating with Pisces, involving social interactions.

The function of Libra is to create relationships based on equality: for this to be possible, we need to take into consideration other people, their needs, and desires without forgetting about ours. Indecisiveness and procrastination can be shadows of this archetype. These traits emerge as the result of worrying too much about others’ points of view, necessities, and opinions, and not giving enough importance to the spontaneous impulses emanating from our consciousness.


Libra: The Yang side of Venus


Venus is the planetary ruler of both Libra and Taurus. Taurus corresponds to the Yin side of Venus, correlated to the relationship we develop with ourselves, our bodies, our resources, and our values. On the contrary, Libra is ruled by her Yang side.

The Venusian energy, in this case, is directed outwards, towards the external world and other people. The Libra side of Venus is famous for its social grace, politeness, and natural elegance, while the Taurean side of Venus is more primal, earthy, and instinctive.

Mercury in Libra

Venus, Taurus, and Libra correlate with beauty and art, with our aesthetic sensitivity. The transit of Mercury through the sign of the Scales represents an auspicious period for artists, writers, poets, and anyone who enjoys experimenting with the creative use of the voice, of words, or with any artistic activity involving the hands, the body part ruled by Mercury.


Mercury in Libra: Reconciliation of Opposites


Mercury in Libra strives to create conditions of equality and fairness, accord and symmetry, endlessly looking for the reconciliation of opposites, negotiating for agreeable deals that satisfy everyone.

If we harness the energy of this planetary event, we have the opportunity to communicate our self-identity to others in a way that allows them to easily understand who we are and where we are coming from.

Yet, in our search for peace and justice, we need to be aware of the danger of being too polite and developing people-pleasing tendencies. During this transit, be mindful of not sacrificing your needs and desires for others, seek the real middle ground. Don’t expect everyone to like you: it is not possible. Be yourself, don’t worry too much about how others see you: ground in self-honesty and authenticity.

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Mercury in Libra: Creating Win-Win Solutions


Mercury in Libra enhances our capacity for team effort and our ability to work together as a group. He supports our analytical skills as well as our sensitivity to each other: during this transit, we can easily create synergy and mutual empowerment.

As Mercury keeps traveling through Libra, we will feel naturally drawn to cultivate more tact and kindness in our verbal exchanges, seeking compromise and win-win solutions. Our perception of the world will include increasing awareness of others’ needs and desires: it is going to be easier to see things through another person’s eyes.

Mercury in Libra

Mercury in Libra represents a wonderful chance to hone our communication skills and to create a more profound understanding with others, based on empathy, equality, and a sense of belonging. This transit invites us to cultivate leadership qualities based on the awareness of everyone’s needs, capacities, and desires.

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