article Mercury in Scorpio: Into the Depths
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Mercury in Scorpio: Into the Depths

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September 28, 2020

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On September 27, 3:41 AM EST, Mercury enters Scorpio, inviting us into the depths of our minds. The purpose of this transit is to deepen our perception of the world around us, of other people, and ourselves. 

The journey of Mercury through Scorpio is going to be interesting this year. Mercury will station retrograde on October 13 or 14, according to your timezone, and leave Scorpio on October 27 or 28, coming back to Libra for a few days. The planet of communication and logic will turn direct on November 3, enter Scorpio for the second time on November 10, and remain there until December 1.

Mercury will be in Scorpio for a longer timeframe than usual: the lessons of this transit will be deep and powerful, and they have the potential to change our perspective of reality completely.


Mercury: Left Brain and Self Analysis


Mercury is our left brain: this planet helps us put an order in our mind, classify and understand the reality around us, acquire the practical and technical skills we need to explain something to others or to do something in a certain way.

Mercury represents the way we handle all aspects of our lives, how we gather and collect data and information, how we process and apply what we know, and make it relevant to a specific task. Mercury processes and breaks down the data, allowing us to integrate it: for this reason, this planet corresponds to how we absorb new information and connect it with what we already know.

Being Scorpio a Yin sign, the journey of Mercury through Scorpio is going to activate mostly the Yin side of this planet, which rules Virgo, directed inwards towards self-analysis and critical thinking. Intense self-inquiry and ongoing effort to understand the underlying psychology behind everything we see and experience are big themes that will come up throughout the upcoming weeks.


Mercury in Scorpio: Powerful Words


When the planet of communication, critical thinking, and logic travels through the sign of the Scorpion, he invites us to observe the situation thoroughly. Mercury in Scorpio is naturally suspicious and prefers studying people and circumstances from a distance before speaking or making a move.

Our words will be more concise, precise, and powerful: Mercury in Scorpio is not about small talk and embellishments. It is about going straight to the point without wasting a minute and a word. For this reason, it is an energy that can easily be perceived as quite blunt or too direct.


Deepening our Relationships


How to trust people fully? How to feel safe? How to be intimate? How to be truly vulnerable? These are some of the questions that Mercury in Scorpio will invite us to reflect upon.

The fact that Mercury will travel back to Libra during his retrograde phase is a strong indicator of the fact that this transit will have a very relevant effect on our relationships. It will affect especially our most intimate ones, and the way we communicate with our partner, friends, family, and colleagues. It is essential that, as Mercury goes back to Libra, we consciously open up to constructive feedback and we actively listen to others’ viewpoints.

mercury in scorpio

The planet of logic and critical thinking is going to encourage us to develop a more profound perspective of the world, of ourselves, and other people. Mercury will invite us to reflect on the motives and the real intentions behind everything we think and say. We will be encouraged to intensely question both others and ourselves in order to deepen all our relationships.


Mercury in Scorpio: Obsession and Paranoia


During this transit, we may have the ongoing sensation that we don’t have enough information to trust someone, to make a conscious decision, to apply our knowledge in the way we desire.

The depth of our perception may cause drama even if the circumstances we are experiencing are not chaotic in themselves. For example, we may have the feeling that we can see through people and that everyone is lying to us even if this is not the case. There can be an obsession with verifying the information and the data we have, and a general sense of unsafety and mistrust may permeate all our interactions with others.

While Mercury is in Scorpio, it is essential to cultivate discernment and find ways to ground our energy in order to avoid ending up in a downward spiral of paranoia and believing that everyone is plotting against us. Venus in Virgo can represent a supportive influence that may assist us in this: the sextile between Venus and Mercury happening on October 12 will help us develop discernment, healthy boundaries, and common sense.


Mercury opposite Uranus: Disruption and Resolution


Mercury will oppose Uranus in Taurus for three times during his journey through Scorpio: the exact alignments will happen on October 7, October 19 or 20, and November 17.

These oppositions are likely to bring to our conscious awareness unconscious attachments linked to our survival instinct and our fear of change, that can reflect distorted expressions of our natural need to feel safe and secure. 

mercury in scorpio

Mercury opposite Uranus is a transit that has the potential of disrupting our nervous system, and it may force us to adapt to sudden changes. If we are able to find quick solutions to what comes up and rebalance our inner state, we can gain a stronger sense of autonomy, agency, and self-worth.

This alignment can help us see through our limiting beliefs, perspectives, and point of view. Mercury opposite Uranus can open our minds to creative possibilities that were previously hidden from our awareness and may help us solve issues that have been bothering us for a long time.


Mercury in Scorpio: Beneath the Surface


During this transit, we need to know what’s beneath the surface. We may constantly feel the necessity to dig deeper and ask more questions. Mercury in Scorpio needs total honesty and integrity: this energy is very inquisitive: constantly asking why and never satisfied with the answer. 

Research can become an obsession: Mercury in Scorpio invites us to ask specific and direct questions to get to the bottom of any issue. The purpose of this alignment is to invite us to look beneath the surface, to understand the real motives and intentions behind everything we think and do, and the psychology behind other people’s behavior and choices.

The highest expression of the energy of Mercury in Scorpio has the potential to open us up to real intimacy, based on complete transparency, honest communication, vulnerability, and mutual trust.

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