article Mercury enters Leo: Confident Communication
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Mercury enters Leo: Confident Communication

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July 11, 2023

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On July 11, 07:28 PM —

On July 11, 00:11 AM ET, Mercury leaves Cancer and enters Leo, offering us an invitation to practice communicating confidently and thinking creatively. Mercury is going to be in Leo until July 28.

This shift is most relevant for those of us who were born with personal placements in Fixed signs. Those individuals personally impacted by Mercury’s ingress in Leo will have opportunities to cultivate their creative ideas and talents, embrace a confident and expressive communication style, and gain new insights about their self-expression journey.

Mercury travels from Cancer to Leo: Flamboyant Communication


In Astrology, Mercury is the planet connected with our thinking patterns and communication habits and represents a filter through which we perceive and make logical sense of reality. Mercury informs us of our learning style and of our relationship with the rational mind, with information, data, and facts. 

Leo, the fifth sign of the Zodiac, correlates to a stage of evolution when we become aware of ourselves as individual and unique beings. We establish a connection with a sense of purpose and with our creative energy, we recognize the power of artistic expression and play, and the value of sharing our light with the world.

Transits of Mercury reflect collective shifts in perception, communication, and mindset, and inspire us to see our reality from a new perspective. While Mercury was in Cancer, the tendency has been to interpret our reality through the lens of our emotions and our past experiences. We had chances to observe the link between our emotions and our thoughts, recognize how they both influence each other, and notice when we tend to project our past into the present.

Mercury in Cancer invites soft, kind, and considerate communication. Mercury in Leo instead adds a colorful, flamboyant, and dramatic tone to our speaking style. Mercury’s ingress in Leo encourages us to think creatively and embrace a more expressive and confident approach relative to sharing our ideas with the world.


Mercury enters Leo: Thinking Creatively, Speaking Confidently


In these upcoming weeks, ​we may find ourselves more open to sharing personal information, thoughts, and ideas, and we may feel more drawn to seek ways to increase our visibility, both online and offline. Mercury’s transit through Leo encourages us to observe our relationship to self-expression and self-promotion and invites us to embrace opportunities to shine and be seen.

During this transit, we are invited to communicate with confidence, nurture our creative potential, and share our ideas with the world. This transit encourages us to let our voices be heard, express ourselves in ways that inspire, and reclaim our place in the spotlight.

Mercury in aspect to Jupiter, Uranus, Chiron, and Venus


During its transit through Leo, Mercury is going to align with Jupiter, Uranus, Chiron, and Venus.

Mercury squares Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus on July 17 and 23, respectively. The Mercury-Jupiter square boosts our optimism, opens doors to new possibilities, and encourages us to dream big and take risks. However, around this time, we may be more drawn to rely on exaggeration and lies, and mistake our assumptions for the truth. Excessive self-confidence could get in the way of our sincere desire to learn and grow.

The Mercury-Uranus square can correspond to a time of increased mental stress, restlessness, and anxiety. While our ideas are likely to be particularly innovative, visionary, and future-oriented at this time, it is important to keep in mind to periodically slow down, calm the mind, and drop into the body.

Mercury in Leo trines Chiron in Aries on July 22. This alignment facilitates healing experiences surrounding feelings of being misunderstood, being unheard, and being unable to communicate clearly. We could have opportunities to heal something relative to our relationship with our voice, our ability to share and assert our opinions, and our confidence in the value of our creativity and ideas. 

On July 27, Mercury joins retrograde Venus in Leo, emphasizing the significance of honest and clear communication during a period of intense reassessment, renewal, and redefinition of our relationships and values. While we revisit past connections and reconsider our needs and desires in relationships, new insights and a deeper understanding of ourselves could become available. The conjunction of Mercury and retrograde Venus will remind us of the importance of expressing ourselves openly when it comes to matters of the heart.


Mercury enters Leo: Invitation to Express Ourselves Freely


Around this time, we may be mindful of excessive self-involvement, pride, and unconsciously dominating conversations, as these can be shadows of this particular transit. If we identify with our opinions, it can be easy to take every disagreement personally or interpret any critique as an attack. There can be a fine line between communicating boldly and communicating arrogantly, and it’s important to be aware of it.

Nevertheless, Mercury in Leo’s journey is a favorable time to refine our capacity to speak persuasively, cultivate our creativity, embody leadership skills, and channel our intellectual energy into any creative activities we may be passionate about. 

The fiery energy of Leo will infuse our thoughts and words for the next few weeks, encouraging us to communicate with confidence, passion, and creativity. This transit inspires us to express ourselves freely, without fear of judgment, without holding back, without making ourselves smaller. Mercury in Leo empowers us to embrace our individuality and reclaim our right to enjoy the spotlight and to be heard.


Crystal Pick for Mercury in Leo: Lemon Calcite


As our mental energy moves out of the past and into the present as Mercury enters Leo, Lemon Calcite is a cheerful crystal to calm and refresh your mind, help you release negative and dense thoughts, and bring you a more optimistic outlook.

This Leo-associated stone is yellow like the sun and carries the same expansive and uplifting energies, bringing you light when you feel down, confidence when you feel insecure, and hope where you’ve felt lost. It brings clarity of mind and heightens your discernment to make empowered decisions and focus your energy on what brings you the most joy and inner sense of fulfillment.

Like a burst of lemony goodness, this stone brings zest, energy, and vitality to your life, increasing your sense of self-worth and happiness so you can shine your light out to the world with Leo-style flair!


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