article Mercury enters Capricorn: Aligning Words & Actions
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Mercury enters Capricorn: Aligning Words & Actions

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December 11, 2022

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On December 11, 05:27 PM —

On December 6, 2022, 5:08 PM ET, Mercury leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn. Mercury’s shift of sign offers us an invitation to align our words and our actions. It is a chance to restructure our thinking patterns, communication habits, way of perceiving reality, and learning style. The Messenger’s transit through Capricorn is an opportunity to connect with pragmatic ways of solving problems, organizing, and making sense of our inner and outer experiences. 

Mercury is going to remain in Capricorn until February 11, longer than usual, and this is due to its upcoming retrograde in the sign, starting on December 29 and ending on January 18. In Capricorn, Mercury will support our ability to organize our minds, develop a stronger mental discipline, and better structure the way we approach intellectual tasks, learning, and planning. This transit is also going to promote awareness and maturation in how we communicate with others and share our ideas and thoughts.

Mercury from Sagittarius to Capricorn: from an Idealistic to a Down-to-Earth Outlook


In Astrology, Mercury is the planet associated with the rational mind, the left hemisphere of the brain, logic, and analysis. It is linked with our way to learn, communicate, think, perceive our reality, solve problems, and discern the information that is relevant from the information which is not.

Mercury in Sagittarius inspires us to make sense of our experiences and find their meaning through philosophical ideologies, cosmologies, and spiritual guidance systems. Mercury’s transit through the sign of the Centaur has offered us an opportunity to acknowledge how our beliefs have been changing after Eclipse season and invited us to realign with our personal truth, with our authentic voice.

We are likely to notice a shift in our thinking style around this time. After the expansive and optimistic mentality facilitated by the transit of the Messenger through Sagittarius, the ingress of Mercury in Capricorn inspires a much more pragmatic, realistic, and down-to-earth outlook on reality. As Mercury enters Capricorn, we have an opportunity to gain mastery over our thoughts and restructure the way we are used to thinking, talking to ourselves, and perceiving our experiences. We will have chances to notice habitual communication patterns that it’s time to outgrow and explore more mature ways of speaking our truth and sharing what’s on our minds.

Mercury trine Uranus & Mercury sextile Neptune


During its journey through Capricorn, Mercury is going to trine Uranus in Taurus and sextile Neptune in Pisces three times. The Mercury-Uranus trine is exact on December 17, January 8, and January 30. It indicates a high potential for innovative ideas, insights, and downloads easy to practically apply, that can potentially contribute to generating tangible solutions to existing issues. This aspect supports out-of-the-box thinking and inspires us to dare to be original and eccentric without worrying about what others may think or say. As it is happening in Earth signs, it inspires us to explore how to bring our visions and ideas down to earth.

The sextile between Mercury and Neptune, perfecting on December 24, January 2, and February 6, increases poetic and artistic inspiration, refining our intuitive skills and our connection with the thoughts and feelings of others. This aspect inspires artistic expression through written and spoken word, supports our imagination and fantasy, and offers us opportunities to access and express ourselves from a more subtle level of awareness.

Mercury will conjunct Venus and Pluto as it Stations Retrograde


Mercury stations retrograde on December 29 at 24º of Capricorn while in exact conjunction with Venus. At that time, Mercury and Venus are both going to approach a conjunction with Pluto at 27º of the sign: even if the alignment isn’t exact yet, it is indeed going to be felt.

This triple conjunction of Mercury, Venus, and Pluto, particularly relevant as Mercury is standing still from our perspective on Earth, is likely to facilitate deep insights and awareness surrounding our relationship patterns, and possibly uncover subconscious beliefs and ways of thinking that influence the way we show up in our connections as well as our way to manage our resources and finances. This aspect is an opportunity to reflect upon the true intentions, motivations, and desires behind the way we choose to communicate and express our thoughts and feelings. 

Communication dynamics in relationships are likely to be in the spotlight, and the proximity of Pluto to both Mercury and Venus suggests that we have the potential to access a deeper understanding of subtext, body language, and unsaid undercurrents of our interactions. What happens around this time is likely to be clarified, solved, and deeper layers revealed or seen under a new light when Mercury crosses Pluto in direct motion, on February 10.

Mercury enters Capricorn: Aligning Words and Actions


Mercury’s transit through Capricorn will bring our attention to the way our mind is structured and to how the conditioning we have been exposed to has influenced our way of thinking, communicating, and making sense of what happens to us. We will have opportunities to work on our mindset, improve our capacity to be mentally disciplined, and be more organized and efficient in our work, planning, and daily organization. We are likely to be more selective and cautious regarding the sources of the information we get, and make our own research before believing something. 

This transit is likely to inspire reflection upon our moral and ethical values, and realign with them if needed. Mercury in Capricorn will bring the spotlight on the importance of remaining in integrity, keeping our words, and matching what we say with what we do.

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