article Mercury enters Capricorn: Walk your Talk
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Mercury enters Capricorn: Walk your Talk

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December 1, 2023

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On December 1, 07:46 PM —

On December 1, 09:32 AM ET, Mercury leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn, offering us an opportunity to work on our mental discipline and a reminder to remain in integrity, walk our talk, and take responsibility for the impact of what we think and say.

This transit is especially relevant for those of us born with Cardinal placements. Those personally impacted by Mercury’s ingress into Capricorn are more likely to experience a shift in their thinking habits, communication patterns, and perception of reality. They will feel inspired to be more strategic in their communications and more aware of the weight of their words. They are also likely to feel the need to restructure their ambitions and long-term visions, especially once Mercury turns retrograde on December 13.

Mercury from Sagittarius to Capricorn: Taking Responsibility for our Words and Thoughts


Named after the Messenger of the Gods, Mercury is the planet astrologically associated with our thinking style, communication patterns, and overall mindset. Ruling the left hemisphere of the brain and logical reasoning, Mercury is connected with transportation and short-distance travel, as well as with how we solve problems, tackle daily tasks, and discern between what is useful and what is not. Transits of Mercury mark shifts in how we tend to perceive our reality and logically interpret our experiences: they inform us of shifts in mindset, perception, and communication habits.

Mercury’s journey through Sagittarius offered us an invitation to stretch our minds to new dimensions and increased our desire to learn and explore different intellectual horizons. This transit inspired an expansive and optimistic outlook on life and stimulated our desire to access the higher meaning and purpose of our experiences. While Mercury was in the sign of the Centaur, we had an opportunity to observe our relationship with our beliefs and our personal truth and refine our ability to speak authentically.

Mercury’s ingress into Capricorn brings a more serious and sober vibe. The focus is no longer on expanding and experiencing, but rather on building and manifesting. This Cardinal Earth sign is concerned with creating something of lasting values from a place of integrity and personal responsibility. Mercury’s transit through Capricorn reminds us to be responsible for the thoughts we think, the words we use, and the ideas we entertain, as they have a tangible impact on our reality and the reality of others too. During this transit, we are invited not to choose our words lightly and to consider staying silent if we don’t have anything meaningful to add to a conversation. 


Mercury in Capricorn: Refining Mental Discipline


Mercury’s ingress into Capricorn invites us to embrace a realistic and grounded perspective of reality: it inspires us to work on refining our mental discipline and improving our ability to choose the thoughts we entertain. During this transit, we have an opportunity to deepen our ability to focus on what is truly relevant in the moment. We are reminded that the way we invest our attention, time, and energy ultimately determines our future. This transit is an opportunity to embrace a down-to-earth attitude and bring our attention to what matters in the here and now.

An Earth and Cardinal sign, Capricorn is about mastering the 3D reality and becoming aware of how to work with its boundaries and limitations. While Mercury is here, we have an opportunity to improve our ability to materialize our ideas into form and create something tangible that lasts through time. Capricorn’s emphasis on time management colors Mercury’s energy, offering a chance to enhance our organizational skills and get serious about bringing our ideas into reality. 


Mercury in Aspect to Jupiter and Saturn & its Upcoming Retrograde


Mercury is going to enter Aquarius only on February 5, as it is going to station retrograde in Capricorn on December 13. Mercury briefly comes back to Sagittarius on December 23 and enters Capricorn again on January 13, offering us an opportunity to spend time redefining our long-term visions, restructure our thinking and communication habits, and release beliefs and assumptions that aren’t supporting our growth.

Mercury is now entering Capricorn while in a sextile aspect to Saturn in Pisces, an alignment that will happen again on December 21 and January 18, when Mercury is respectively retrograde and direct. The activation of Saturn, the planet ruling Capricorn, emphasizes the invitation to materialize our ideas into form and bring our visions into reality while approaching communication with responsibility and maturity.

Mercury is going to trine Jupiter in Taurus three times, on December 8, December 18, and January 19. These alignments offer us an invitation to expand our intellectual horizons and integrate theoretical learning with our direct experiences. The Mercury-Jupiter trines remind us that, sometimes, the best way to deepen our knowledge of something is to teach it to other people.

Mercury in Aspect to Mars, Uranus, the Lunar Nodes, and Neptune


On January 27, Mercury crosses Mars in Capricorn, bringing the spotlight on how we assert ourselves and how we act on our ideas. This conjunction speeds up the pace of our thoughts and increases our desire to make things happen in reality, not only in our minds, motivating us to take practical steps to move in the direction we envision.

On January 28, Mercury trines Uranus in Taurus. This alignment supports creative and innovative thinking and inspires us to expand our intellectual horizons and experiment without fear of failure. Ideas and insights that emerge around this time have the potential to catalyze unexpected progress, growth, and innovation.

On January 29, Mercury squares the Lunar Nodes in Libra and Aries, offering us opportunities to work on past wounds around being silenced or unheard and fears surrounding speaking up for ourselves. This alignment invites us to practice honest, vulnerable communication and could help us see where we still hold ourselves back from speaking our truth.

On February 2, Mercury forms a sextile to Neptune in Pisces. This configuration supports poetic and creative expression, increases our ability to communicate empathically, and inspires us to explore non-linear channels of expression and communication, such as music, dance, and the arts.


Mercury enters Capricorn: Keeping our Words & Walking our Talk


Mercury in Capricorn invites us to embrace a practical mindset and brings our attention to how the social, cultural, and familial conditioning we internalized in the past is still affecting our way of thinking and communicating. During the upcoming weeks, and especially while Mercury is retrograde, we will have opportunities to create new mental structures, question existing thinking and communication patterns, and make a conscious effort to rewire our minds rather than continue to operate on autopilot.

Mercury in Capricorn transit inspires reflection on issues of ethics and morality and encourages us to make sure we are keeping our word and walking our talk. A potential drawback of this combination of energies could be getting overly pragmatic, overly absorbed in our ambitions and the practical aspects of reality, and forgetting about the wisdom that arises when we go with the flow, trust, and learn to listen to Life’s whispers.


Crystal Pick for Mercury enters Capricorn: Ocean Jasper


Ocean jasper is a grounding stone to help you stay flexible in life and not get too stuck or constricted in your thinking while Mercury is transiting Capricorn. It calms stress, anxiety, and overzealousness, helping you let go of the reins of control a little bit and open up to allow the current of life to pull you where it needs to. 

As the water goat, Capricorn energy in its highest iteration combines practicality and rationality with instinct and a deep trust in its intuitive intelligence. Ocean jasper holds this same combination of earthly wisdom and divine flow to help you find a center of balance between striving forward and leaning back, between going after what you want and allowing yourself to receive it.

Ocean jasper can help you ground and release the unhelpful thoughts and align back with the innate rhythm and timing of your body. It pulls your attention and focus to the here and now, helping you find calm, balance, and stability from within. 

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