article Mars enters Scorpio: Exploration of Desire, Power, and Sexuality
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Mars enters Scorpio: Exploration of Desire, Power, and Sexuality

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October 12, 2023

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On October 12, 01:14 PM —

On ​​October 12, 12:04 AM ET, Mars leaves Libra and enters his ancient domicile of Scorpio, offering us an invitation to explore the nature of our desires, recover our connection with our power, and relate with our sexuality consciously.

Mars is going to remain in Scorpio until November 24. This transit brings a boost of energy, determination, and willpower and supports our capacity to remain determined, driven, and focused on our goals and desires.

Mars’ transit through Scorpio will be more impactful for those of us born with personal placements in Fixed signs and especially for those with their natal Mars in Scorpio, who will be experiencing their Mars return. The individuals personally impacted by this transit will have opportunities to access high levels of motivation, libido, and courage. They will feel more driven to act on their desires and take risks to follow what they are truly passionate about.

Mars enters Scorpio: Boost of Determination and Courage


In Astrology, Mars correlates to how we initiate and how we go after what we want. This is the planet connected to our impulse to begin new things, to assert ourselves, and take action. A Cardinal archetype, associated with the start of unfamiliar processes, Mars has to do with our relationship to instinct, aggression, and physicality.

Mars’ journey through Libra inspired us to fight for justice and to practice asserting ourselves diplomatically and fairly. This transit offered us an invitation to find harmony between our desire for independence and our desire for connection and to practice not losing touch with our desires and needs while considering those of other people too. 

Scorpio is a Fixed archetype and Mars’ ingress in the sign supports perseverance and endurance: this combination of energies adds more persistence to the Martian impulse. In Scorpio, Mars has an increased capacity for sustained and prolonged effort. 

However, because Scorpio is a Water sign, our efforts need to be supported by an emotional connection to the object of our desires: something has to touch us emotionally to motivate us to act on it and pursue it. Scorpio is also a sign associated with transformational processes, and with Mars traveling here more energy can be channeled toward psychological maturation and inner work.


Mars enters Scorpio: Exploring the Nature of our Desires


Mars is connected to our conscious desires: these are the desires, impulses, and urges we are immediately aware of as they emerge. In Astrology, Mars is considered to be the lower octave of Pluto: while Mars is connected to our conscious desires and instinctual urges, stemming from our ego, Pluto is connected to our Soul’s desires and evolutionary intentions, the deepest ones, which are unconscious.

Mars’ transit through Scorpio, ruled by Pluto in modern Astrology, is an opportunity to explore the nature of our desires. This transit invites us to ask ourselves whether we are investing our energy into satisfying urges and instincts that provide immediate gratification of our senses and ego, or whether we are investing our energy into desires and Soul urges that may not make much sense rationally yet move us on a much deeper level.

Mars’ journey through Scorpio brings our focus to our relationship with sexuality, sexual energy, sexual exchange, and sexual desire. This transit reminds us that emotional energy and sexual energy are connected, and encourages us to live our sexual life with awareness, respecting our instincts, yet without letting our instincts control us.


Mars in aspect to Saturn, Jupiter, & Uranus


During his transit through Scorpio, Mars is going to cross the Sun, align with Saturn and Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, and Pluto in Capricorn.

On October 13, Mars perfects a trine to Saturn. This harmonic aspect supports our ability for sustained effort, our productivity, and our ability to invest our energy according to our long-term visions and desires. These days are a favorable time to focus on projects and pursuits that require consistency and commitment over long stretches of time.

Mars opposes retrograde Jupiter in Taurus on October 28. This alignment can correspond to a higher degree of  self-confidence and optimism, but also recklessness and impulsivity and to a tendency to take unwise risks. The Mars-Jupiter opposition offers us opportunities to observe our relationship with exaggeration and excess, especially with regard to sexuality and pleasure.

On November 11, Mars opposes Uranus in Taurus. The Mars-Uranus opposition increases the possibility of experiencing sudden, unexpected, and radical changes around this time. As both Mars and Uranus are planets that demand independence and freedom, we can say that during this period many of us will act on the urge to rebel from commitments and situations that feel constrictive and limiting. This opposition reflects an increased restlessness and creative tension that, if channeled constructively, has the potential to inspire new discoveries and experiments. Explosive, impulsive, uncontrolled reactions represent a destructive expression of this energy.

Mars in aspect to the Sun, Neptune, and Pluto


On November 17, Mars trines Neptune in Pisces. This harmonic aspect supports our ability to align our actions and our spiritual values, inspiring us to go with the flow and move in the direction of our desires without using force.

Mars joins the Sun in Scorpio on November 18 and their conjunction increases the focus on our psychological and emotional transformation journey. The Sun-Mars conjunction correlates to high levels of physical energy, assertiveness, and courage. This is a favorable time to work on our leadership skills and on pursuits that require courage. Expressed in an unconscious way, this energy can indicate a higher propensity for egoic conflicts, power struggles, and unnecessary aggressive reactions.

On November 21, Mars forms a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. The Mars-Pluto sextile facilitates the alignment of our egoic will with our Soul’s desires and evolutionary intentions. This aspect supports our willpower, determination, and ability to stay focused and motivated, inspiring us to do what needs to be done in order to use our energy to build something meaningful, tangible, and long-lasting.


Mars enters Scorpio: Exploration of Desires, Power, and Sexuality


During the upcoming weeks, we will have opportunities to discover our true intentions and motivations, what is really fueling our will and our desires. Mars in Scorpio invites us to uncover the root of our urges and our cravings and question why we have certain passions and desires. 

This transit will present us with many opportunities for empowerment. Mars in Scorpio is a time to recover our connection with our personal power, to heal wounds surrounding feelings of disempowerment, to gain a deeper understanding of power dynamics, and to make sure we are using our power consciously. The same can be said about our sexuality and sexual energy. 

This transit represents a time to have an honest look at how we may be tempted to manipulate through seduction or misuse our sexual energy in order to get others to indirectly meet our needs. Mars’ journey through Scorpio will give us chances to gain awareness of the difference between forming a connection and exchanging energy with someone in a mutually beneficial way and extracting energy from someone manipulatively, for our own benefit.


Crystal Pick for Mars enters Scorpio: Obsidian


This Scorpio-associated stone is incredibly grounding and detoxing for dense, heavy emotions, and a perfect companion to help you dive into the world of inner transformation that Mars in Scorpio will bring. Obsidian is a volcanic glass with a reflective sheen that helps you see yourself more deeply, see into your unconscious realms, and connect with your inherent and instinctual desires.

As the waves of your emotions may crest and fall during this transit, obsidian can guide you back to the inner island within you where you can find security and nurturing, and gain perspective around your feelings, calming stress, overwhelm, and inner turmoil. It can help you connect back to your inner power and break old cycles and patterns of trauma, pain, repression, and resentment.

As Pluto’s influence during this transit brings karma to the surface, obsidian can help you stay grounded and clear to see your unconscious wounds more clearly, break ancestral and past life tethers and ties, and connect with all the power you carry right here and now, in this life, in this present moment. It’s a beautiful stone of courage and wisdom to carry you through your own personal transformations with intuitive insight, inner strength, and confidence in your direction.


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