article Mars Conjunct Neptune in Pisces – Soul Searching
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Mars Conjunct Neptune in Pisces – Soul Searching

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June 12, 2020

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Mars is going to exactly conjunct Neptune at 20°56′ of Pisces on June 13: this cosmic alignment happens only every two years. When conjunctions take place, the energies of the planets involved merge: they work as one.

The conjunction is happening in the sign of Pisces, the natural home of Neptune. Pisces invites us in a realm of timelessness: this sign is about trust and surrender to Love, to Spirit, to the perfection of the present moment. Inherently, in Pisces there is no action: this is why the presence of Mars here offers us an interesting challenge.


Mars conjunct Neptune: Dancing Underwater


The feeling of Mars-Neptune contacts could be compared to dancing underwater. As we float, everything looks blurry, sounds are distorted. There’s an underlying confusion in the sensory realm yet at the same time we feel protected and nurtured. Underwater, we experience softness, gentleness, a freedom of movement that would not be possible otherwise.

mars conjunct neptune

Mars is pure impulse, desire, and action. It is sharp and direct: this planet represents instinctual forward motion. Its energy is individualistic: it teaches us to deal with danger, to take risks, to stand up for ourselves. Mars is how we get things done, how we meet our needs independently, it pushes us to become stronger and autonomous.

Neptune can be defined as the cosmic womb. It is not a planet we can understand with linear thinking: it represents the collective unconscious, our collective emotional body. It is related to mysticism, to transcendence, to infinite and unbound potential. Neptune rules psychic sensitivity, dreams, and empathy. It is pure unconditional love and represents the core essence of everything in existence.


Soul searching


Who am I? Where am I going? What does my Soul truly desire? What is my personal definition of success? What fulfills me and makes me feel alive? These may be some of the questions many of us are trying to answer right now.

When the fire of Mars meets the water of Neptune, what we get is a lot of steam. In the fog, we may not see much of our surroundings or have a clear idea of what is in front of us: we are invited to trust and have faith in the Universe. Where we are is exactly where we should be.

In these conditions, we can easily experience a sense of disorientation and confusion regarding our desires and our life direction. We have been witnessing events beyond our cerebral understanding, which increase the emotional chaos we are all going through as a collective. Feeling lost in these times of uncertainty is natural: it is not something to be ashamed of.


Mars conjunct Neptune: Navigating an ocean of emotions


Chaos and confusion can be constructive, they can be catalysts for creativity. If we understand these energies, we can transmute and alchemize them for our higher good.

mars conjunct neptune

Pisces and Neptune are the natural rulers of art, music, dance, poetry and imagination: any tool that allows us to express our emotions creatively can be key to making the most out of this transit. 

Mars allows the integration of the physical body in the game: through movement, we have the opportunity to release stagnant energies, channel our anger constructively, and process repressed emotions. Moreover, it reminds us of the importance of self-respect, of saying no when needed: Mars allows us to assert ourselves, to put healthy boundaries in place.


Getting rid of distractions


The feeling of lethargy we may be experiencing can help us become aware of what is draining or distracting us. Mars and Neptune are forming a square to the Sun in Gemini: this aspect reminds us of the importance of being mindful of what is polluting our energy field and decreasing our frequency. It invites us to discriminate the amount and type of information we consume, to reflect on what we believe in.

The harmonic sextile between Mars and Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn reminds us to ground in the present moment and avoid too much daydreaming, as it can be a way of escaping what’s happening around us.

Good judgement and critical thinking are crucial during this transit, as we tend to be more impressionable and susceptible to deception when the Neptunian energy is strong.


Aligning our dreams with reality


Neptune is the most mystical planet of the Solar System. Neptune transits increase our fantasy and sensitivity: these days, our dreams can be particularly vivid, our intuition heightened. This is the best time to keep a dream journal next to your bed or record your dreams as soon as you wake up: they may contain important messages from your subconscious.


The Mars-Neptune conjunction in Pisces represents an invitation to align our dreams with reality, and release what is not resonating with our Soul’s desires. This transit can inspire us to connect to our inner flame and share our passion with others. Is there anything you are passionate about that you can offer as a service to the world?


Mars conjunct Neptune: Transcending duality


Within the collective emotional waters, we are one, we are all interconnected. We have recently been clearly shown how our actions have the potential to impact the world, however, we should not forget to take responsibility for what’s happening inside of us, too.

The necessity for cooperation is emphasized during this moment of history: we are invited to let go of judgment and support one another. The Mars-Neptune conjunction can be an invitation to transcend duality and build bridges between our individual needs and the needs of the collective.


Manifesting the life of our dreams


A strong temptation with this conjunction is being too passive. When we have planets in Pisces, we can easily get lost in the spiritual realms without actively engaging in the creation of our reality.

This transit offers us an opportunity to free ourselves from any feeling of victimization or impotence. When we become aware that we are co-creators of reality, we easily align with the frequency of the life we want to manifest. Ultimately, the Mars-Neptune conjunction is a powerful reminder of the fact that we have all we need to make our dreams come true.

We hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful. Please share with others and comment below with what resonated with you the most. Are you feeling these energies too?


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